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:: MotW 45 ::

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 11, 04 (Year, month, day)

Here we go again ;)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Innocence FadedSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(4)Temple of EdenListoricMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Dawn of Epsilon 1.3Djin)Xuul(Melee Obs Picture0
(2)Nightlight 1.3boongeeMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Exorcist1.1[7x]SpitFireMelee Picture0
(2)Artillery Of SunRSCup.SpitFire[7x]Melee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

My vote goes to innocence faded _probably_

1-2 test games might help, I actually don't think the ramp issue is that big a deal.
well, innocence faded is not that big work...more than 50% is just plain middle, just filled with a symmetric design
Well i put my ugly map in the MOTW 45. Like it or not, it's fine to me. I put it here, because mayby this is the best map i've ever played in my life, and because poeple like it a lot! :D
Imo the ramp issue isn'T big, but no problem to solve anyway, so that must be fixed imo.

My vote goes to Temple of Eden, this map took me quite long to finish and its basic and fresh at the same time. My best work so far.
Is it me or everyone is boycutting my maps in the motw so far for like 2 month :P
You gotta add them too :P
Well some of your best maps already were motw. Of course Signal would still be a worthy motw, but it is probably too "old" for most ppl to make it. And your newer maps are not that great imo (toundra has potential, but it is not finished yet, and only more or less finished maps will make motw)

In doubt, just add them yourself, it's not like I search the whole database for candidated, I just pick some that I like from the top of the newest update list :D
I though we could not add our own maps =P
Who will ever notice it anyway ^^ Btw ToE for MOTW, gogogo :)
Well i play most of the maps wich are for 4 players and my vote goes for (4)Temple of Eden . And with the new fix, it's even better.
yea i like it too
yah, it's the best so far.
added artillery of sun.
so we have a candidate really being ahead with ToE

we don`t want it to be boring, do we? ;D
yeah, i see maps with 6 expansions per player as MOTW candidates as well
:P just kidding ;) looks good.
I always can't believe how some people try to see disadvantages in things by any means, no matter if it's just "not the standard way"...
actually yes. That map has only 1 exp more than space pirates, and noone whined about amount of expansions on that map.
Well, i don't want to argue about the amount of expos here, but i want to comment on that to state my opinion.

Snooky suggusted to delete 2 expos at Spacepirates and we all noticed that there are many expansions, still in the limits imo and very well placed.
Spacepirates has 5,5 and Shangri-La has 2,5 expansion per player, 5 if you play 1on1, with bigger dimensions. Jaculus for example has 4,5 expansions per player with the same dimensions.

I don't see any "disadvantages in things by any means", but i see that 6 expansions aren't needed on this map "by any means". Imo Spitfire is a very good mapmaker, but this map -imo- is by far not as good as Aegis or Amber, still a good map.

That just to "defend" myself after i made a -imo- funny comment that is clearly visible as a joke. :/
Imo many expansions roxxx. More interesting to play, even if they are of lesser value :)
I think this is one of his better. aegis was not fun to play because it was too big.
Yeah, you also liked Jaculus a lot. Fast paced maps just own ^^
Actually I dislike gameplay on Aegis o_O
But on Artillery it was a lot of fun to play =]
imo exorcist and innocence faded are the best here
I think I will vote for Temple of Eden.The other maps (except mine) are either imbalanced,boring or look like an other well known map.

Well at least I dont vote for my own map^^
Dunno which to choose =]
IMHO Artillery Rocks =)

Really good map
And the winner is?
my vote goes to Artillery of Sun

sry lis, I was sure I'd vote for yours, but those 2 maps are head-to-head, and AoS is a bit more original, even if your's more beautiful^^
"AoS is a bit more original" <- ?

Sure, a double island expansion, highground expansion between the naturals with horizontal ramps, a cliffable double min-only with hidden gas is surely not as innovatice and original than a desertmaps that has nothing new except an outrageous amount of expansions per player on a okey looking terrain. Great choice.

I'm really pissed atm, have personal problems and stuff, but that is really the most redicioulus post you ever made.

I won't write the article this week anyway and i don't want to participate in online things at all anymore... my life just suxx deeply and i wish you all the best in the naer future, but i just won't do something for the next weeks... im just so "outburned" and helpless atm... ah fuck shit, keep on mapping...
Exorcist is by far better than Artillery of Sun...
Lis, anything you wanna talk about? :P
I'm already taking consequences, still thx for the offer ;) i'll come back to it someday on :o)
AoS does not look like MOTW-material to me. Just not very beautiful.
So if summersky isn't going to have motw again, then it should be Temple of eden all the way;)
leave me my opinion, will ya?
Nobody likes my maps.Seems like I'm a sucky mapmaker ...
no, not sucky mapmaker, imo you are a creative mapmaker. :) You should make many maps and, you realize 'how to make' balanced map.
imo core of life is creative map, but not imbalanced map.... cheer!
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