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▓ MotW 2006.11▓

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 03, 10 (Year, month, day)

The sky opens and down from the unreachable olympus, the godlike mappers descend, carrying their flawless creations (with working obs versions) down to earth...

Prometheus only gave fire to mankind, but those mappers will make a larger donation: they will provide all human broodwarplayers with new maps -
maps created in long and exhausting processes, filled with the essence of their spirits.

They will deliver their sacred gift to the BWMN temple, leaving them to the hopefully graceful inferior broods.


NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)VelocityArden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
(2)Tidal WavesNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Lemuria Altar--v|mOsQMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Chaotic Pilgrim--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(2)Pulse Of RageSpitfireMelee Picture0
(2)Trench WarfareflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(5)Sungaze 1.1MillenniumArmyMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Patience my son, for you will have your sacred Obs Version (working)
but you wont get a dolla outta me
Should I submit Pulsation?
go ahead. can't think of anything that would conflict with it

It just looks so great:)
damn i never get a break damnit lol
time for another try ~~
submitted sungaze just cause i felt like it
When are ppl gonna start to discuss shit? lol
aight well i guess ill go and vote then... :

1)Tropical Heat
2)Tidal Waves

Tropical Heat Wins by 1 vote!!!!
Well....... It's very hard for me to vote, because....... My girlfriend wants her map to be on the top, but here is my real vote...

1) (2)Osom (I am just proud of this map)
2) (4)Darina's Feelings
3) (2)Velocity or (2)Pulsation 0.95

Now don't get me wrong. I always vote for the maps that i think they deserve to be MotW. I don't look if it's mine map or other map. That's why i vote last week for trcc's map, but this week i really like my new submited maps.

Sorry if the line "Yeah, everyone vote for his own map" is in your head, but this is just my vision for the best MotWs this time.
Puls//Twarf again =]
--v mOsQ
(2)Lemuria Altar
lgi who is ur g/f? she's got an account on this site?
She don't have acc, she only read staff in here...
Ow, does she understand something in BW?
That's really cool when your g/f knows stuff about your strange hobby! jaja ^^
She is learning now. And she is getting better in BW staff :) . From the start her comments on the pics were "Oh, nice carpet" or something like this :P . Now she knows where is the high ground, expos, mains, bridges... nearly everything :)
1. Velocity
2. Tidal Waves
1) pulsation
2) twarf
3) darina
-Trench warfare
i still think spitfire's map is the best, so my vote would be:

1. pulsation
2. trenxh warfare
3. darinas feelings
looks like pulsation :}
lol no fucking way, its too etd for me

Velocity(not really my favorite but have to even it out)
Tidal Waves
there is no EtD in pulsation
it's only same tileset and size, but the map itself is like, 150% different
oh he changed the map, i c.

i meant the other version was kinda etdish with the high ground expo in low ground in etd and the expos a lot further away. i still do not like the map. just not my taste
what the hell is wrong wit my maps!!! they never get picked or even reconized as a canidate!! i think i jus might quit lol!!!!!!!!!!! -_-

what do ppl feel about tidal waves???
tidal waves is really cool, but there is nothing that makes it "great". above average, but not the top imo

and don't use multiple question/attention marks i don't like that :P
exclamation marks****
uh, ya, right
Nasty, compare previous MotW's to yours. They have that certain intangible feeling to them that puts them over the edge.
well most of them anyway...
it seems to be a struggle between pulsation and velocity.
I say Velocity
Hard decision i like both the same.

Pulsation or Velocity?

I really cant pick
Both maps are nice, but id go for velocity,

i dislike a bit the tile ramps on pulsation :S
So is velocity the winnar?
make it velocity, it's a good map imo.
I second Velocity.
argh pulsation > velocity!
i think pulsation has the better gameplay
plus, velocity has its weak parts concerning the looks
and: velocity would be the 3rd space-motw in a row.

make it pulsation. makes much more sense than velo imo
puslation has no obs version though :(
actually, i simply dislike the fact that spit took etd and changed it into pulsation. :/ (what actually doesn't matter, still i personally dislike it)
I don't like tree things in Pulsation

- It's simple and standart
- There is one very little part of the cliff wich is on the way on the bottom location in front of the ramp.
- It's boring, to play standart maps with one straight way. You can't expect anything unusual. You just play the same and the same stratagy that you know even before you start play this game, because you might watch some replays with this strategy before you use it...

You are all map makers here. Haven't you got the great feel when you discover something new in gameplay? And this is very often feel in me, because i play a lot of user maps, and most of them are new and fresh, and this gives me the advantage to discover new things and gameplay. It's just great! Don't you want to feel this feeling? Again? And again and again?!

Or you want again to feel the feeling inside you that is telling you "oh, crap it's the same shit like last time, now what i got? One more win/lose lol"
i also dont enjoy seeing this "expo with gas one side, mineral on the other side" then give you a gigantic choke lolercopter
lis: you took lost temple and changed it into ToE

lgi: wtf? your third aspect is nothing but plain bullshit.
nonetheless if pulsation gets motw it would be pretty sad day for

you could make MOTW if it matters that much..wont change anyone's opinion on the map
and how the FUCK are lost temple and ToE even closely similar? they dont even have the same number on expos, its 4 corner map....explain this?

spitfire takes the 2 bridges with middle idea and just make big bridges...
Dear, flothefreak.

I start play this game since 1998. From 1998 to 2001 i got near 18 000 games in Headoff with over 50 diffrent acc. From 2001 to 2002 i had near 2000 games in U.S.West and U.S.East (together). From the middle of 2005 till now i got over 1000 games and 900 of them are on user maps (THX GOD ( ).

After this experience since 1998 till now, i can say that the bullshit that i write for me ARE NOT BULLSHIT. It's just how i feel the things around me while i play this game!
flo - Spit exactly opened etd, and changed it into pulsation - if you ever looked at both pictures, you would have noticed that. Even if only the startpositions are _exactly_ the same now, and the whole map has changed, i _personally_ don't like it... freak. X)
the only thing i have to say is
"similar look does not equal similar gameplay at all". if i took LT and just ereased all ramps, it would fucking look like LT, with the EXACT same base shape and every fucking detail. but for the gameplay, it's just changed from black to white.

i will answer to inept as soon he has learned about stilistic devices.

and if LGI knows the strategy he uses on a map before the game starts, and he has only one strategy to play on a random map, then he hasn't played SC since 1998. even on LT you see 1000 kinds of strats, after several years, and hundreds of viewed replays, you fucking DONT know exactly which particular strat you will use. you can decide generally rush/tech/eco-build, but no more. which is exactly what you can on so-called "standard maps". i suppose you do DA only in PvZ when playing on darinas fragment? -.-
I don't say that it doesn't play different.
still it's no clone then :P
wanted to make this clear.
Hurry up with the damn MotW.

It's only a MotW for gods sake. Not a tournament, not a competition, no prizes or anything. Let's just get this thing moving and not fall behind as we already are doing.

Not everymap is going to be liked/loved by everyone. Not everyone's going to be happy, but face it, that's life. It's unfair but you gotta get use to it.
we need a fucking motw
It is still velocity for me.
I still love Darina, i even want to merry her!
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