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deadline to enter maps: 2006, 10, 16 (Year, month, day)
This is the official MOTW 42 competition. Hurry up :]

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)go away3.2nonameMelee Obs Picture4
(2)Mother LoveNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture4
(2)Undying LandsNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture0
(2)AdventGriGMelee Obs Picture6
(4)Shining Metal StarScoutWBFMelee Picture0
(4)Northern Keep 1.1MillenniumArmyMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Desert RedolenceRSCup.SpitFire[7x]Melee Picture0
(4)Dust of the Wind 1.1MillenniumArmyMelee Obs Picture0
(2)XenonShaManTMelee Picture0
(2)Construction 1.2MillenniumArmyMelee Picture3
The competition is closed!

omg I assume panschk did this since he flickered on the online thing on the left, my idea of cramping two into one competition was so much better.
I will add noname's map to this too then, but my idea is still better :O
plz remove the protection from advent, so i would vote for that
Sorry but i remove protection only is map win one MOTW.
ok I removed DF and advent because I checked, and they are both still protected.
Ok :))))) And you remove all my maps from this site? :)))
as of now I am favouring go away for this. Mother Love, I don't like. Undying lands, I do, but the lack of replays in an experimental map as well as a really small picture. You say you have replays, but I see no replay pack of reps of the map in the files section, and you said reps are too big for uploading normally =/ What'd you do, save them in first person anyway?
Nasty I want to see your reps!
Nightmare add some replays on them for the players. We all make maps and sometimes its hard to get testers. Or add these maps to the Comp tournament. Maybe we should have a comp tournament 1 or 2 days before MOTW voting starts so there are a few replays on them that people can look at. (Even though we know half the people just look at the IMG's of them and vote on what is prettiest.)
well mother love has a bunch of reps and I and some others played it a lot for a tournament of team wiznest, where mother love was the only map.

I will upload a game on undying lands. I haven't playedgo away yet.

Um do you guys not want to add more maps? Is the legacy of paradise lost over?
I remove the protection from Advent.
Well, everyone tells him his map is good then MOTW comes around and no one votes for it. Probably a bit discouraging. He is probably working on some major changes so it will impress more.
good does not = great btw. Voting hasn't started yet anyway.
ok still going for noname's map...
@ night,

never was one -_- plus im still working on it
thanks, who ever uploaded my most retarded map for MOTW. everyone look at tangela for a hearty laugh
ok I'm filtering these maps out, too much crap here. lnept it's ok to take out tangela then?
construction is nice.
millenium is such a nice mapper, I don't care for dust of the wind however.
problem with northern keep is use of default ramps and thusly having what is imo a serious positional imbalance of the southerners aving to walk farther to their nat.
spines you should pimp northern keep with your nice inverted snow ramps
dirz is such a t map ._.
personally I think xenon is a joke but kept it in because someone else might like the map...
spitfires map is a t map too, but not to the magnitude of dirz.
advent is ok, but not my cup of tea.
entheogenic, I'm liking is less now; hurts z in early zvt, and p in pvz (early on, later on I don't see any trouble)
undying lands, I already expressed my disinterest in this map
mother love, no thx.
noname's map is nice, but I'm leaning toward millenium's construction 1.2
Dunno why you kept shining metal star. Was there small selection? I don't see that being MOTW. I like Dust of the Wind and go away. None of the other maps do anything for me.
Dust of the Wind feels very unsafe when you are at the center. It's really open when you go there... But i like this as a zerg player because i can attack from many sides whitout anything to slow me down on the way when my army is split.
remove dirz, its already motw
advent or construction oO

both great maps
there are some equally good ones. good to see mother love is submitted again :PPP
will you guys play Mother Love before you vote for it?
Yep, i still haven't play it... I can't find the time but the map looks fine for me even in theorycrafting, because i've played such maps. Anyway later will read the map threat to see what issues there is...
theres no issues. its just most of the map is useless. that cliff into expo thing basically just turns into an island. the middle is very odd with the giant bridge then those tight paths off to the side. then you go to the middle and top and its like 2 expos right next to eachother
I'm not voting for advent because of the WTF placed neutral units. Grig has those in every map of his and they are all in randomly stupid places. This map is a major turtle map and I don't like it at all. If a player secures the natural then they will go turtle crazy. Just destroy the alien tank thing then you got yourself a minonly. Then get a shuttle and min through that minblock. Blam, you can have 3 expos in 10 minutes. This will make games rediculous vs Terran. The island expo looks like it can be floated to with a CC just land it a little above/below the minerals and mine out the minblock. I just checked and a command center easily fits close to the min block. The min block is useless and this map has too many automatic expos. Really all players will do is secure their natural, then they will expo the minonly and island. Even if a player wants the corner expos, them are easily defended too. This map is just asking for turtle players. No one will want to play this more than twice because if it isn't ended with a simple rush then its going to be one hell of a long game.
I think dust is a good choice because it is laid out nicely, the big space in the middle hurts Terran but so does Luna and Luna is one of the most played maps today.
I didn't realize Xenon had them little ramps on it. Just noticed it. There are better ways to make ramps onto high jungle terrain.
holy sin that's so stupid. Most pro maps have either racial or positional imbalances. bwm is making positionally and racially balanced maps, I don't care what everyone likes. Everyone are a bunch of noobs who only play one or two maps.
At least on this map you can build in the middle unlike luna so at least terran can defend better against drops.
I chose mother love, although advent looks nice too. The main bases are just much too small on that map to actually play it :(
honestly, go away is probably the best map. enter the dragon, but more balanced.
I update Advent. Increase main bases.
looks better now:)

Anyone has played one of the contenders? I hate having to base opinion only on JPG-looks :/
well ive played mother love and it is seriously pretty awkward to play on
Advent still has the problem of 3 easily secured expansions then there are 1 or 2 more that are so close that they wouldn't be that difficult to defend as well. The only expos that are actually fought over are the 2 minonlys in the middle of the map. The min blocks still annoy me because they serve no purpose if the CC can still land on the island. Is that communication tower at the expansion connected to the main covering a vespene geyser? This map doesn't play well. It is too hard to finish a decent opponent because they have all the resources they need and can turtle if their army gets lots in an attack.
I update Advent and repair small min blocks in islands.
lnept is right
for advent maybe close off the very middle a little? It is pretty exruciatingly open now.
okay, but where can you build 10 gates or 10 factories in Advent's Main bases??

Mother Love plays fine, i dont think the point of MotW is necessarilly if u like the map; its more based on playability and fairness. Has any1 played on Advent as much as I've tested Mother Love with several players and several tournaments?????
stupid guys, when do you all ever learn that those constructions are NO PROOF
grig you just proved how tight it is. When building your base you need to leave room for units to move, and room for your army to move around in your base in case you get dropped. If that base got dropped they would lose many pylons and gates as well as their nexus and probes because their army could never get up the ramp. If you're gonna do things like this, build a base the way a human would actually build it please.
no room for good teching possibilities while trying to macro a good amount of gateways. Not to mention Terran players would have an even harder time because depots > pylons in size and then at least 3 machine shop addons are necessary to any factories placed inside the base.
its not that i dont like mother love. of course its playable. but as I said, it plays awkward. you acquire this after you have played on all kinds of maps. (especially after playing every blizzard map there is)
yeah the sizes could be equal, but the shape is very different, on advent you can hardly build any factories to the backside, because you cant really rally your units then
mother love's main design is fine, other wise i would have changed it.
nitemjoo, pick a motw so i can post it on
lol if I pick then I pick the one I want, which is construction. Mother Love is nice map but it felt awkward in game. A lot of it is space, like in many maps =/ Advent has open middle too, and small awkward mains. Construction has decent mains, and a nice backdoor concept.

As of now, if it's really up to me I would pick construction. But I'm not calling anything until I play some games in it, which I'ma do now. Please, if you have complaints about construction, please voice them now.
my take on this, is when posted on people will be like " LMAO KORHAL #2"


other then that i dont have any objections to it lol. jpeg is good looking enough at least. i personally thought the best map was go away though.

and nasty, just because you think the design is good, does not mean it is
AIMMatt128 (8:15:34 PM): construction is cool
AIMMatt128 (8:15:34 PM): so
AIMMatt128 (8:15:39 PM): but its for z
AIMMatt128 (8:15:40 PM):
AIMMatt128 (8:15:42 PM): and t
The64man (8:15:52 PM): why not p?
AIMMatt128 (8:15:49 PM): p get raped hard in it
The64man (8:16:02 PM): ?
AIMMatt128 (8:16:01 PM): just the expos idk how to epxlian

chard the bfer (8:12:44 PM): advent looks...
chard the bfer (8:12:50 PM): like another map
The64man (8:13:02 PM): good/bad
chard the bfer (8:13:09 PM): and so does contruction
The64man (8:13:23 PM): good/bad
chard the bfer (8:13:43 PM): those minerals supposed to block expo? ><
chard the bfer (8:14:04 PM): construction might be 2 small....
The64man (8:14:23 PM): playing will tell that
chard the bfer (8:16:15 PM): advent has i think to many expo/minerals
chard the bfer (8:17:08 PM): and perhaps 2 much gas on construction
chard the bfer (8:17:41 PM): theres 6 places with gas besides ur main n expo ><
chard the bfer (8:20:03 PM): and with that much gas u dont have much room
chard the bfer (8:20:17 PM): so yeah take out 2 of the gas
chard the bfer (8:21:10 PM): like the ones closest to the expo's
The64man (8:21:28 PM): at which base?
chard the bfer (8:21:52 PM): at both, like bottom left gas n top right gas
chard the bfer (8:21:54 PM): not the cornors
The64man (8:22:16 PM): so the dark platform bases
chard the bfer (8:22:19 PM): yeah
The64man (8:22:28 PM): well
The64man (8:22:35 PM): if you do that then there's very little gas
The64man (8:22:42 PM): only your main and nat
The64man (8:22:46 PM): and islands
chard the bfer (8:22:45 PM): and 2 other gas
The64man (8:22:53 PM): I think it's better the way it is
The64man (8:23:02 PM): no
chard the bfer (8:23:01 PM): no, because it gives players to much of ez safe gas
chard the bfer (8:23:04 PM): for def
chard the bfer (8:23:12 PM): because if u only have the gas n the middle
chard the bfer (8:23:15 PM): and the cornors
chard the bfer (8:23:24 PM): hte middle is ez to get to
chard the bfer (8:23:25 PM): but
The64man (8:23:32 PM): the only gas left would be in the nats thuogh
chard the bfer (8:23:32 PM): maybe not so ez to keep
The64man (8:23:39 PM): then it would be hard for zerg
chard the bfer (8:23:34 PM): and the islands
chard the bfer (8:23:39 PM): ez to keep but hard to get to
The64man (8:23:49 PM): maybe make gas onlys in the middle?
chard the bfer (8:23:49 PM): no theres 6 gas joel
The64man (8:23:56 PM): like
chard the bfer (8:23:53 PM): and im saying take 2
The64man (8:24:19 PM): well then you have a lot of minerals with few gas
The64man (8:24:23 PM): = t>z
The64man (8:24:27 PM): and p>t
chard the bfer (8:24:39 PM): then remove the bottom left n top right dark ground base w/e
chard the bfer (8:24:43 PM): or
chard the bfer (8:24:47 PM): remove there ramps
chard the bfer (8:24:49 PM): like
chard the bfer (8:24:54 PM): where the expo is
The64man (8:25:45 PM): hmm
The64man (8:25:49 PM): that's sounds ok
chard the bfer (8:26:10 PM): advent needs so minerals out
chard the bfer (8:26:32 PM): like make the cornor expos
chard the bfer (8:26:35 PM): just gas only
chard the bfer (8:26:43 PM): and the expo closest to those
chard the bfer (8:26:45 PM): mineral only
The64man (8:26:55 PM): in which map?
chard the bfer (8:26:53 PM): advent
The64man (8:27:17 PM): ah I see
chard the bfer (8:27:26 PM): id say other way around but i see those minerals blocking the ramp
chard the bfer (8:27:38 PM): mother love is fine
The64man (8:28:49 PM): mother love feels awkward in game
The64man (8:28:53 PM): a lot of it is empty space
The64man (8:28:56 PM): distances are far
chard the bfer (8:28:50 PM): true
The64man (8:29:01 PM): there's a lot of hiking
chard the bfer (8:29:13 PM): i didnt say id like to play it >< but there isnt much u could do and keep the look of the map
The64man (8:29:31 PM): felt like p>z even though so open, but p doesn't need to use the middle, the money is on the outskirts
chard the bfer (8:29:26 PM): t might have ez gas expo over other races
The64man (8:30:07 PM): I found z>t but that's probably because the z's I fought were lower skill, the p's higher, and my zvp sucks
chard the bfer (8:30:21 PM): like pretty much i was playing it pvt id shuttle to the gas expo cause id think the t would cc lift to theres
The64man (8:30:39 PM): lol
The64man (8:30:40 PM): ^+^
The64man (8:30:41 PM): ^_^
wtf no comments? Then Construction is motw. Speak now or forever hold your peace. I played more than five games on Contruction, and all of them were short (I need good people to play), but they all played well. I like the map. There is plenty of room in the middle.
Korhal cloning win or not? Please rename Construction - Dolly the Sheep :))) Only 3 votes for Cloning vs 4 votes for Mother Love vs 5 votes for Advent. Advent has open middle too, and small awkward mains? No! Advent is not open middle and mains no small. I vote for Advent - now 6 votes.
i have to say i'd rather see advent as motw. construction does look a like like korhal, plus there's a lot of wasted space. not to mention some parts just look ugly.
go away noob ^^
antares , finally a sensible answer lol. advent is just a wierdass nice looking piece of garbage
just like all the rest of the crap you emos elected in the other motw's.
Just like all the rest of the crap you emo elected in other motw's?


i think #1: your being a jerk for stating that what we or I have selected was bad when to be honest they were the best ones to pick.

#2 im not emo and thats not exactly the best thing to say if you dislike what is going on. Maybe you should try being alil bit more gm? perhaps???

#3 crap maps is what u call the recent MOTWs.. All i gotta say is: if you compared your maps to the recent MotWs, then ur maps would be 'the crap' instead of the maps selected. And if your trying to say that there were better maps in the recent competitions, then theres a reason they werent chosen. Its cuz they arent up to par for any reason.
1) cal me a jerk if you will, but then also call the rest that. im not the loser who picked those crap maps. better no motw then a bad one imo

2) maybe you should stop calling everyone that says soemthing u dont like bm? a little, perhaps???

3) i don't submit my maps for the motw unless someone else tells me too. neither do i make maps to win a motw. its just stupid trying to make a map for the motw.

as for the reasons certain other maps werent chosen? simply cause some random fuckstick doesnt like the one that made the other choice. you people dont choose maps for what they look like, what new ideas they present, etc etc, you just chose them for the people making them. end of discussion.

so ye, emo.
bwmn falls apart, we need you panschk and oldschool-ones!
stfu plz 5 pool dumb nerd
Antares, who is oldschool? I've been here more than a year. Nasty, no reason to be bm in response to a bm comment. Also, his paradise lost was very close to being motw even when he said he did not want it to be motw.

5pool, do shut the fuck up about the motws. Many of the motws are very good maps. So some of them are not amazing, and some are not worthy of being called motw, but do not disrespect the maps which are worthy of being called motw. You do a disservice to bwm by insulting the better maps.

The vote means little, it simply shows which maps have some interest.

Go Away is now recieving votes, I am open to this being motw as well.

You assholes call construction a korhal clone. It is in the sense that it's a 2 player space map, but other than that it is very different. This map plays very differently than korhal. This map for one has fairly easy to defend bases, which helps zerg. It also has a much larger middle which leaves room for flanking, unlike in Korhal. Korhal was a little anti zerg imo. It's still one of my favourite old maps. Not only that, but half the maps on the site can be called lt clone. Not because they resemble lt at all, but because they have a nat, mineral only, and maybe two island bases. Well if that's what makes a map a clone then construction is not a korhal clone. This map has 14 bases, korhal had 12. The main similarity is that the majority of the bases are on the sides, not in the middle. The only bases in the middle are the nats. Ok, but if you look at all the maps in the world, quite a few share this similarity. You can much more safely take your nat because the second entrance it mineral walled. It gives a little more time, but that's all that's needed to set up your nat and get a defense working. I do not doubt that the author had korhal in mind, but it is not a clone. And if it a clone, it's better than the original as it lacks racial imbalances. Also, support why you don't want the map or do want another map. Calling it a clone of a good map doesn't make it bad. Also, play these maps. Tell me what happened in the games. How did it play, how did it feel.

lnept I want your opinions on this motw decision.
i already said go away or construction, but go away would go down better with the community. I dont think Korhal is a clone, but kids look at jpeg 10 seconds, and go LOL CLONE CAKE!
honestly advent is executed great, but the expo passages are just way too tight.. that = terran ownage. the middle is fine just the rest of the map needs some fixing. also i believe the mains are even smaller or more awkard (perhaps) than advent. as for the rest of the map, its very basic. it wouldnt be any worse or better than the rest of the maps that are considered canidates
as for the choices of maps, none of the maps are tested enough. as fr my reason to chose advent over const / go away: grig keeps updating his maps. any mapper thats dedicated to keep updating his maps has the right to win a motw.

about the motws i was dissing. sure, there were some fun ones, but i was only refering to the bad ones i've seen here so far. and no, i've not been here that long.

and the votes? sure they show interest. but if you keep treating them as totaly unimportant, then why keep the voting system? i dont like to submit maps for the motw anymore (not my own that is) cause winning is in the eye of the admin. the way it shouldnt be.

you cant present yourself as a community if you just execute the will of a few chosen ones.
The middle change on advent is kinda bizzare. I liked the other one more.

I still think Go Away is the best choice for motw this week. It plays well and has no major flaws.

Construction looks 2nd best imo.
i meant both advent and go away in my last post*****
5pool about the vote, it does matter. But I really don't want a bunch of spam accounts to come and decide motw.

As for testing, I have tested construction and mother love.
go away now beats construction in the vote.
I don't need Construction to be motw, it's a good map, but doesn't offer anything new. I think go away's layout is more unique. Although noname could have finished the decoration for the mains^^
ugh im tired of good looking jpegs getting the win. have any of you even fucking played advent !!!!
not I
Advent is boring to play. It has massive turtling. Anybody read my posts about how easy it is for terran to secure 3 expos early game? It plays bad. Go Away and Construction were #1 and #2, I have no idea how advent stole this motw.
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5pool voted (2)Advent
AiurZ voted (2)Construction 1.2
Antares voted (2)go away3.2
Control voted (2)Advent
Cucdas voted (2)Advent
flothefreak voted (2)Construction 1.2
For2Motion voted (2)Advent
GriG voted (2)Advent
Holy)Sin( voted (2)go away3.2
LGI voted (2)Mother Love
lnept voted (2)go away3.2
LostTampon voted (2)go away3.2
mDiX voted (2)Mother Love
NastyMarine voted (2)Mother Love
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Construction 1.2
panschk[FP] voted (2)Mother Love
ScoutWBF voted (2)Advent
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