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MOTW 44.06

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 10, 27 (Year, month, day)
Ok, I hope Panschk is ok with me posting this MOTW early, I want to get a head start on it so we don't get behind again. I set the deadline for next friday.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Undying LandsNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture8
(4)The Accomplice 2Holy)Sin(Melee Obs Picture1
(2)Arctic ScaffoldAntaresMelee Obs Picture1
(4)MirageflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Lemuria Devil--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(4)EndorphineGriGMelee Obs Picture9
The competition is closed!

who added my map? its really not finished in my opinion, so let other map win the motw
(2)Undying Lands ftw!
ftw = wtf with dyslexia?
ftw = For Teh Win
not dyslexia, it should be disgraphia by the way
lol :)
I added Amulet. it's semi-innovative, but i like it and its features :)
I don't think Amulet is bad, the only thing that really sticks out that irks me as a Z player is the 3rd expo with the rocky ground around the base limiting the creep.
well, you still have the option of going ONLY for the gas, and skip the minerals, which are exposed anyway. and remember, this rocky ground also limits photon cannons and turrets ;)
You said it. The expo is exposed, so you will need some defence buildings, no matther what race you are.
Terran doesn't really need that many turrets, just 1 or 2 for a basic defence, then the tanks can go all over the place. However, Protoss and Zerg need buildable ground for a solid defence.
the main and nat are very safe, i probably wont make all neutral gasexpos safe as well. if there's also too much static defence, we've got a deadlock
No Vote for me.Every map is TvZ imbalance at its finest.But if you like to rape Zerg, then Arctic or Accomplice should fit you.

Well then good luck & have no fun zerg players.
not biased vote, i really like it best of those
hm undying lands i suppose
My first vote ever for MOTW goes to "Undying Lands". I've had the chance to test this map twice (ZvT both games) and it plays very nicely. I don't think it's imbalanced, there are many possible strategies a player can choose from for every matchup (even mirror matchups). However, I'd still like to see some changes to the mineral wall so that units can enter and exit a bit easier (maybe place a low mineral so that once its removed units can exit vertically and not horizontally like it is now)

"Endorphine" looks good, but it doesn't change the fact that it plays like many other maps we've already seen before. Plus it's kinda narrow at some key points, especially in the middle.

Amulet seems interesting, but due to the fact that I haven't tested it yet, I'll keep my eye out for it next week. Anyone who wants to play on it plz msg me on europe, my acc now is NameTaken[CkG] or send me a PM on the site.
what level of skill are you on?
i played some games on BWMN maps recently, and thus decided i will stop mapping until i have 10 (good, only the worthy) replays for each map submitted so far. some need some tweaking before, though.

long story short: if you arent ubergosu or uberchobo, i'm in. i mainly use zzz.zzz.zzz as account on europe at the moment
I agree with what you're saying about the replays. If we want to really promote this site and the maps we produce we have to stop making 400 maps per day and start testing our maps extensively. I'm not saying all the maps but mainly the very well executed and original ones. And most importantly everyone should be aware that we should all work together and help each other with the process of mapmaking and testing, instead of what is currently going on.

I also think "op bwmn" should be active all the time, or at least have a bot in there. (tomorrow's tour is happening, right?)

I'm mainly a 2v2 player, but for 1v1 I've reached kinda easily B rank on PGTour a few times.
My favourite here is artic scaffold but he says not finished ><
unfinished, because its not play tested among gosus :)

okay, again grigmap.. no, its cant become motw.. nothing special and a bit hard vs terras
endorphine is well done actually
Plz, no (2)Undying Lands... I just want to have the time to play some games on it to proov why it shouldn't be...
well what are you afraid about? tell us instead of just whining before its too late
I'm not sure if anybody noticed but Endorphine has a stupid ass nuclear silo. Get rid of it. It is a free nuke silo. Just rename this map "Please nuke rush me."
LOL free nuclear silo ftw, will be very interesting gameplaywise :D
Well I can't delete endorphine for being protected because it's not. Anyone have a reason I could remove it for?

Really this can't be motw. Where do you flank at?
imo dont remove that from the comp yet, there are no fake-aka votes which is no-no
undying lands looks really interesting with the semi-island concept that is very easily broken (one of them is like 16 right?)
yea 24. i played on it and i was able to FE 12 hatch normally. its interesting because the terran can open up his then just m/m rush you. lol.
and what exactly is the difference to mm-BO standard style...?
updated the min blocks on undying lands. now the gameplay/flow should be alot smoother. It allows faster mining to get to the nat or to move out.

i really wish lgi would tell us why this map is ready to become motw if it gets the votes. atm, it just sounds like bs.

i dont hafta say much about how it plays. any map i feel highly about always gets reps including maps i havent made. And you can tell by maps like mother love, beloved lands, and a select few others that all have good playtesting reps on them (that is if you watched them). now given that no1 seems to watch reps, i havent and dont post reps b.c atm they are a waste of time and u all have your strict opinions about each map anyway.

tbh, endorphine is not a bad map, tho there clearly should be changes made.
***...why this map is not ready to become...***
there is no diffeerence, thats why you have to scout i guess
mother love and beloved lands have never been maps i considered outstanding actually...that may be personal, but they're just "above average" in my eyes.
well my comment wasnt saying that they are crazy experimental maps or outsanding and need to be tested... but the maps that i feel have potential have the enuff reps to prove their worthiness. Mother Love is pretty standard but the both BL and ML have innovative designs that needed to be tested. and i have tested then.
Endorhpine got a vote from wrongside...

I played Artic Scaffold a couple times, and it plays really well. Unfortunately I wasn't trying at all in those games, so perhaps the feel is off, but the games were nice and I didn't notice any errors in those games.
I think if the naturals have a free nuke silo they should also have free pylons or creep.
Guys PLEASE get realistic, terran will use that silo 1/100 times. Would you tech to covert ops just so you can make a ghost and utilize those 200 mins/gas that was otherwise wasted? of course not.
Be real, you still need to tech to get ghosts.
creep.. :D dont give such awesome ideas to grig :D
wrong artanis. hes going to put Ghosts randomly in the map that you can MC so you can MC scv and ghost then make CC and attach silo. toss with nukes too easily...very imbalanced yo.
LOL your mains will be full of creep so you can't build :) I'd vote that for motw^^
Just get rid of the stupid nuclear silo. This map still isn't good enough for MOTW. Grig just has a thing of making maps short of MOTW, but after 3 weeks getting 2nd place MOTW he gets pity votes.
Creep next to the spot where you build an expo.
"sorry guys, fast expo is only for zerg yo"
that'd be a sweet idea actually.
LoL. Ok guys. I remove nuclear silos.

undying 6 endorphine 7 -.-
endorphine would need the changes i marked in GMCS
dang even 5 pool turned into a JPeg lover
at least there's something beside his own maps that he's loving -.-
too many fake-aka votes or just biased-votes, we should ignore them all, they cant vote on a non-grig map even if his are truly standar one. remember DF first version? they said innovative, but they keep on voting on it when it has turned to standard. thats so nice :)

sry guys, but you cant rule the bwmn by collecting as many member from your friends as you can
thats bullshit flo and you know it. i never vote for my own maps, because i dont think there good anyway. i just pick the one that i had the most fun playing/most balanced
i know it better
ham Content-Transfer-Encoding
o rly
Mhhh.I think Undying is too complicated and endorphine is just...imbalanced 8[
potential and TSL are the only mapless voters here.

wtf@odd spam ><

I can't post motw right now, but when I can I will post undying lands as it. I don't really want it to be motw, but unless someone can come up with a good reason why it shouldn't be / which map should be (not endorphine, it's unplayable for zerg imo) then that's motw. I would be happy to make Artic Scafold motw, but you guys didn't vote for it. Feel free to change your votes through comments or whatever. If you're voting just to prevent endorphine from winning then please vote for what you really want. I won't post endorphine as motw ever in its present form.
ok I can post motw now. Anyone object to undying being motw?

Note that i give me vote for (4)Endorphine only for the nomber of votes... I want (2)Arctic Scaffold as a MotW.
(2)Undying Lands is just not balanced. Looks good, it has some new fresh ideas, but the balance is most important when making a map MotW.
That's right. Well that's 2 people for artic scaffold. There was a second but it looks like he changed his vote.

Any others for Artic Scaffold? Or anyone who has a good reason for it not to be motw? Any big supporters of Undying? I want to hear from you all! :)
hmm its just two votes vs the 8/9. maybe if it were 4 and 6 it would be right to ignore the others' votes, but now.. well i dont know
honestly i just pick undying lands because its head and shoulders above the others for fun factor. arctic scaffold is nice but i cant see anything REALLY excited happening.

Antares, I know. So far Undying is still the motw winner. If I see more interest in another map then I will make that motw, but as of now it's undying. I'd post it now, but I think that several of undying votes were cast just to prevent endorphine from being motw, and I don't want people to vote because of that. So I'm giving them a chance to change their vote. If you guys are really worried about the vote, Undying was winning by sunday night and already won that. Endorphine has no chance of being motw unless panschk comes and feels sorry for grig again for some reason and makes his map motw out of pity.
ah Grig updated Endorphine, it looks a lot better imo. How do you guys feel about the competition now that endorphine is updated? I'd say it stands a chance of competition now. Although I still don't care for the map much, what do you guys think? Artic Scaffold, Undying, or the new Endorphine?
undying still..endorphine for me, is like a boring incubus
ok anyone who wanted a different map took too long to talk, better luck next time.
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5pool voted (4)Endorphine
AiurZ voted (2)Undying Lands
Antares voted (4)The Accomplice 2
Cucdas voted (4)Endorphine
For2Motion voted (4)Endorphine
GRC-DeathLink voted (2)Undying Lands
Greg voted (2)Undying Lands
GriG voted (4)Endorphine
herb voted (4)Endorphine
Holy)Sin( voted (2)Undying Lands
LaO-Artanis voted (2)Undying Lands
LGI voted (4)Endorphine
lnept voted (2)Undying Lands
LostTampon voted (2)Undying Lands
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Arctic Scaffold
potential voted (4)Endorphine
trcc voted (2)Undying Lands
TSL voted (4)Endorphine
wrongside voted (4)Endorphine
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