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MOTW 46.06

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 11, 11 (Year, month, day)
MOTW sorry it's late gogo

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Path of VictoryLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Rains Of EquatortrccMelee Picture3
(4)Wish...ScoutWBFMelee Picture1
(4)Muse 1.5Nightmarjoo and SpinesheathMelee Picture0
(4)MirageflothefreakMelee Obs Picture4
(4)Land Before TimeNastyMarineMelee Picture0
(4)Garden Of AiurNastyMarineMelee Picture0
(2)RocketlneptMelee Picture0
(4)Space Donut5pool & LGIMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

1-map ftw.
lmao what choices
hey 4 muse?
my new map coming FTW!!!
delete the 1st compound since idk how to add my updated one with having both
I wouldn't add compuond this soon; it has great potential imo, but you should at least fix the minerals at first ;)
garden of aiur is nice, but bridge for main choke = gg

path of victory is too simple

I don't like rains of equator

mirage has its issues compound is a joke

nat gas in land before time is in the way

wish... is a scout map, and therefore can't be motw, so sayeth the 4th commandment of bwm ><

endorphine has awful mains

muse is just pro as hell
NastyMarine maps ftw!
hey nightmarjoo you get usede to write like koreans? :P
I add some colors...
Muse is not pro,it's pos imba!
what you mean the ramps? I'm trying to fix it...
I like xenomorph
Xenomorph has the same problem as muse.You can block the entrance as terran and kill the expansion.
I even don't need to talk about your point of view, you are just an idiot...
uh xenomorph is the same thing you complained about in my map Chromosome. 2 paths to enemy. I cant see any else of the map being used. nats are too close.
awww shit I have an updated compound =/
aww fuck it's voting time. I was hoping someone would add another map ;(

LGI I think lnept's first comment makes sense about the two paths, they're equal becauseof the symetry, so units may use either path. Scout's comment and lnept's second are retarded though.
nasty will you not fix garden of auir's main choke?

I think space donut's open expos hurts z more than the openness of the map helps them, although that hurts everyone... I wouldn't want to play that map =/

I like LGI's remix of illusion better than the original, but since it's just an edit essentially I don't want to make it motw.

Um as of now idk what to vote for. I like Illusion(LGI), garden of auir(w/o bridges), but really not the others too much.
Nightmar this calls for test games!Message me today on!^^
For me it was between Illusion and Xenomorph. After reading the comments, the criticism of Xeno made sense, so I went with Illusion.
@inept, i agree, but BWMN still makes MotW maps whit the same issue, so why don't i take advantage of this? :))))

P.S. It's intresting the effect about the two paths on my maps, and on other maps. But YES THIS IS LGI's map :)

P.P.S. Someone says testing? Which map of mine do you want me to test. Now i am in clan and they took me there as their map maker and they all wish to play my maps, so i can give you some replays.
Grrr i dont like the remix of illusion :(
i like rains of equator
lol wow everyone voted a different map. Compound: no. Wish, playable yes, but not exceptional, which motw should be. Endorphine no. Illusion is ok, but a rather similar map was already made motw^^ Mirage no. Rains of Equator, I don't like that nat.
rocket or mirage, rocket or mirage, rocket or mirage..
er before you vote rocket, I would have to change a couple of things. :p

Wish or Wish,Wish or Wish... You can DECIDE! ^^ or just make Sleeping Sun MotW :3
rocket or mirage? Antares is high tonight? ><
Mirage is a nice map, but imo it has some racial imbalances. I think it makes z and t too strong against protoss The map is not ground army friendly as esrella is, which forces air/drops. zvt is probably balanced in the map so long as the game isn't too long; that middle expo will be hard to defend as zerg, and the mineral onlys to easy to be tanked.

Rocket is just unattractive as hell. It looks playable atleast =/
Rocket - Two ways issue, stfu.
what do you call 'high'? drunk or what? :)

i dont think mirage is so imba, fast economy, but pvz = both, tvz = both, pvt = neither. if p or t would do that, the other drop the hell out of him. (i think, zerg early expanding is defendable on islands too), this economical power (which always favors zerg is nicely compensated by being a real island map (so z cant spread so fast).

rocket.. yea two ways LGI, but i dont see many problems here, well inept should make sure that our units wont get splitted (i think you refer to that).
yea i have played it before. i just need to change a couple of things, such as mineral lines and get rid of those small ramps, because when you tried to defend up, units tried to go up small ramps.
Antares theory crafting on mirage is hard, play it and you'll see what I mean.
yea hard thats sure :)
endorphine is removed or what? :D
finally i voted for mirage, because its flow and i really like this map's gameplay.

i would vote for..

- space donut if horizontal positions werent so close
- rains of equator if it werent very old
- rocket if it would be no mirage submitted this week and the two-ways is a little bit confusing for units
but ive actually tested it lol :P the units do not split up, like on my map chromosome. paths are too split apart. also theres none of that hidden expo thing , either path is the same how the expos are set up:)
Antares did you play mirage then? You have reps?
yeah ive played and its flow is great. zerg could be really strong in the beginning as he expands easier from the 5min main. i dont have useful rep and as i am not an island expert ignore my vote if you want :P
I don't like Space Donut, because the name is Space Donut :)

About Rocket - really dude, this is a map which can be made for 10-20 minutes. I really don't see whit what this map deservers MotW.

Wish suxs :)
Overall this week is poor for me. And since i can't vote for my maps, i won't vote for any other. Only (4)Mirage seems good, i've already point in the map thread what should be changed, because TvP on this map seems really hard for the protoss. And if everything is connected, at least protoss has batter chances.

Whit zerg i really don't care on what type of map i play... I KILL EM ALL :D
fuck idk what to make motw. Mirage seems to be recieving the most attention, but imo and in the opinions of others the map has some racial imbalances, and I believe flo declared he wasn't changing anything in it. I can't make an agreed upon imbalanced map motw, especially since I don't think it will be "fixed". I guess Rains of Equator would be motw then, but I don't really like that one. Illusion(LGI) is nice, but Illusion was already made motw.
Guys help me!
Wow, BWMN start carrying about imbalances in maps? Just make it MotW. BWMN is in deep shits and if it go deeper, no one will even notice.
make one map motw, but make fast.. now its sunday and we should declare it on monday or tuesday.. oh fuck thats not good
Go MotW - (2)Xenomorph
They are replays if you need to see how path finding goes.
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AiurZ voted (2)Rains Of Equator
Antares voted (4)Mirage
flothefreak voted (4)Mirage
LaO-Artanis voted (4)Mirage
lnept voted (2)Rains Of Equator
LostTampon voted (2)Rains Of Equator
panschk[FP] voted (4)Mirage
ScoutWBF voted (4)Wish...
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