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Experimental Map Competition

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 12, 6 (Year, month, day)
Wanna break free? Want to release your imagination? Got a wild mapping idea that you would like to try?

You do? Well, you have come to the right place! Welcome to The Experimental Map Competition! I tell ya, this ain't the place for them Lost Temple-style maps, this is the cutting edge of map making! We are going to rock and roll man, let our hair down, take a walk on the wild side, go to mappers hell and back, and then gather around the bar table and exchange tales of courageous and merry map making adventures!

Come on people open those editors, unleash those tiles, place those doodads use those sprites; dwebs, swarms, neutrals, whatever, yeah baby! Don't be shy, be bold, be daring, shock me, amaze me, show me what you can do!



Shoot! I had to spoil it didn't I? Well, we do need some rules to prevent total anarchy (although I do admit the concept is very appealing).

1) Maps dimensions max 128 x 128 and max 4 players.

2) Keep total sprite numbers 10 bellow max in 2 player maps and 20 below max in 4 player maps.

3) Maps HAVE to be unusual, any conventional maps entered here WILL be deleted and I will be the judge of what is conventional or not (oh dear). HOWEVER, maps HAVE to be playable. Please DON'T turn your map into a pathing nightmare and while some degree of race or positional imbalance is, of course, acceptable (here at least) don't grossly overdo it. Maps in other competitions can participate in this one but if they win elsewhere they will be deleted from or not taken into account here.

4) Have an obvious map theme, don't be subtle. You MUST write something to describe your map in the map description box or I MAY delete your map. It would be great if you can set your map theme and name based on the Starcraft universe. If you need ideas search Starcraft in

5) Play your map at least against the comp before posting it here to make sure the map features work. Read articles on sprites, and how to (AND HOW NOT TO) place them. I WILL delete maps that have features that don't work the way they are supposed to if the author does not fix them. Also if possible play your map against a human (or alien) opponent and upload some replays.

6) Just to challenge you and set the "tone" of the competition, I will upload some preexisting unconventional maps that were ignored and never got the attention they deserved (but my maps don't count, ha ha ha.............that was a joke). However, I MAY delete them before the voting starts.

7) Everyone but me gets to participate and the map that gets the most votes wins. Everyone gets to vote and if there is a tie I decide who wins. There will be first, second and third places and maybe some honorable mentions including one for map theme/description (which I will award). If some mappers vote but they have not made any maps or do not participate by posting in the competition message thread, or do not respond to messages I or others send to them, then I MAY not count their vote. Also I WILL NOT count your vote if you vote for your own map. To make sure we remain "somewhat" civilized I MAY also delete or edit posts in the competition thread that are insulting or unrelated to the competition.

8) These rules are not set in stone and I can be flexible but please be nice to me. Finally, as this is the first competition I am conducting I may screw up and not get things right or take extra time so be patient.

Ready? Set? Map!


NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)JerichoLostTamponMelee Picture20
(4)Waterfalling 0.94LMLMelee Picture1
(2)Chaos DarknessPsychoTemplar (Chef@USWest)Melee Obs Picture9
(4)MazicolozistM#Melee Obs Picture8
(2)Waiting to Panic1.4PsychoTemplar (Chef@USWest)Melee Obs Picture15
(4)Out of the VoidPsychoTemplar (Chef@USWest)Melee Obs Picture1
(4)Techno PlaygroundPanschk[FP]Melee Picture3
(4)Home of the swarmpanschk[FP] & flothefreakMelee Obs Picture27
(4)GeeLur XSauruSMelee Picture22
The competition is closed!

OK, I have uploaded some older maps to sort of "set the tone" of this competition. I do not intend these maps to compete here and unless their authors request otherwise I will delete them eventually. The maps may not be the best or may require editing but they do cover a range of possible ideas upon which to work on when making your own maps.

Happy mapmaking!
You could have waited a week for Fast & Slow to end :X

Otherwise cool competition. I'll make a map for it.

"8) These rules are not set in stone and I can be flexible but I can also be the biggest $#%@$ in the valley so be nice to me."
Except this. This pisses me off. You be nice to us, or you have no maps submitted to your competition. There's no prize, or real prestige to this competition, so it's no skin off my nose if I got kicked from this competition.
modified by PsychoTemplar
OK, the "offending passage" has been edited. As to the timing, sorry but I was getting "antsy" about it. In any case the deadline for map submission is October 29, there is a lot of time left even after you competition ends so there is no reason why this competition should take mappers away from yours. My map for Fast & Slow is begining to take shape & will be ready before the deadline.
Lancet, can't you wait for Fast & Slow to get finished? please. this is not nightmarjoo's no-end cometitions.
or just hide it (not appear in the main list) until it ends.
also your deadline it like cheff's

why can't you wait? take it on mind please :(
modified by Testbug
LoliCat Spielplatz is not fixed yet as I got pretty pissed after my starcraft crashed after placin the Disruptor webs 20times. ~_~
I might make Shushan Day playable.
I edited the competition, you had removed the title, I added one ._.
Thanks Nightmarjoo. Yes, I removed the tittle to "hide" it until Fast & Slow is over, bad idea. I clicked all over the place to find the competition page to no avail. How did you add it back? And, yes, that dweb-swarm combination deserves some more work, if not in Shushan Day then in another map. Do try please to get one into this competition.

Scout, I can open LoliCat Spielplatz without the game crashing on me. It just gives me the message that several of the dwebs are unplaceable. But you know what? It would be great if you could rework this into a 2 player island map (that will give you more sprites to use). Check my map "spell" overlap and the section of the same name in my article "Spell Overlap-2" for the degree to which dwebs can overlap.
Great map PsychoTemplar, please write a paragraph in the map description box regarding the map theme (and with the type of gameplay going on in the map, that should be easy!).
I added a description, and now my map doesn't work anymore. So I'm going to get mushu to send me the one he downloaded from me, and I'm not going to screw with it anymore.
ARRRR. You have no idea how much animosity I feel towards you right now Lancet :@ Now I have a broken map, and I can't get a hold of mushu... AHAWIHIWA#4hfoiupuh2nwrf2pq98fh SO FRUSTRATING DIE WORLD DIE AARRHRHRRAFANW#OI@QN#
Psycho, there is no way in hell that simply writting in a description can in any way damage your map. Note, I downloaded your map before you wrote in your description, I can send that to you if you give me your e-mail. Something curious though, when I open the map to play it the doodads behind the minerals show, when I open it in scmdraft2 the doodads behind the minerals are gone!

You probably used the mirror tool in ScmDraft 2 vista test for this map. I have observed that sometimes when I save elaborate doodad/sprite designs with this program strange things happen. Sometimes sprites are corrupted and doodads don't show.

Note: it must be that, I just made a copy of your map with scmdraft2 and when I try to play the copy the doodads are gone! It was not writting the map description but rather saving it with scmdraft that messed it up.
modified by Lancet
SCMDraft is the only program for editting SCM and SCX files I have. I think it was probably because default option for "Allow illegal doodad placement" is off.

And yes please, I would like you to email me the map. I'll PM the email which you can send it at.
Thanks for sending it lancet <3 No more animosity to you.

Did you write the map description?

: ^ )
I still can't open it up without it screwing up doodads and sprites. I would if I could, but I can't. Even when it looks like the rock doodads are there, when I open it up in game the pathing is screwed up cause it deleted doodads I had to put inbetween rocks.
OK, no problem, the melee map that you can download from here works fine when you play it, and that what's important. That will sufice for this competition. You may want to make a copy and then place the doodads once again just so you have a functional version that can be opened normally in scmdraft.
modified by Lancet
No innovative-map-competition without the first (and only) map of the techno-genre ;P

The chess board in the middle is for hardcore strategic micro battles.
Wow panschk, that is unsual! Let me take a closer look at it.
lol, yes you are right!!!!!
wait wait, who submited this maps to the competition? shouln't we make new maps and submit'em?? i think the list should be empty so we start making a new competition.

how is lst temple 2.4 being experimental?
Just a joke tesbug, I specified that this competition "ain't the place for them Lost Temple-style maps" so someone uploaded it. Ha, ha, ha....get it? In any case I deleted it.

Older maps can participate but I would appreciate if some of you out there put your talents to making some new maps too.

The maps from Shared Planet to Shushan Day I uploaded to set the "tone" of the competition. I will delete them before the deadline unless the original authors request otherwise and make any changes required from them.


do they have to be balanced?

where do i upload my map?

can i upload more than 1 map?

modified by uC.MorroW
nvm about where to upload :P
Flo, make the creep show in the picture of your map, thanks.
panschk[FP] are ALL the light blue areas high ground and the darker blue areas low ground?
uC.MorroW, read the rules at the top of this thread, you can upload more than one map.
thanks lancet, 1 more question and i got them all :P
I did not upload Avatar. It is a great map and I will leave it here for a while but I will delete eventually as it has already won MOTW once.
modified by Lancet
weird stuff here. definately weird.
Nightmarjoo behave! Also are you working on Shushan Day to compete here?
modified by Lancet

wtf, why did you edit my comment?! o.O'
modified by LML
lol he tried to insult Avatar, ez.
I wish someone else would actually make a map for this competition, instead of just uploading their old ones lol
OK, I removed the maps intended to set the "tone" of this competition. I don't want to give the impression that we have a lot of entries. So far (10-15-07) we only have 3 maps uploaded by their original authors and only one of them is a "new" map. Come on people, the deadline is only 14 days away, show me what (to use Alter.Ego's term) "Weird Stuff" you can come up with!
modified by Lancet
I submitted MapGhosts map for him. I think it's really interesting and there should be at least two maps in the competition that were made in the past 3 months ;)
Thanks Templar, I have thought of some maps that could be in this competition but I am reluctant to enter them without the author's permission (I am stupid that way). I will post this on his map thread though (that his map was entered). Another map that could go here is Flo's Sound Barrier but that one is putting up a fight for MOTM-10 and I don't know if it should be here too. I just think there is not much interest here in making experimental maps.

I hope that mapghost edits Mazicolozist though.
modified by Lancet
psycho, I will finish mine untill the 29th, so there will be a newmade ;O
I can extend the deadline a bit if you need more time.
My map has big problem(it is hard for zerg to bring their drone to creep colony. and workers gather mineral slowly.)

I will modify soon. i will upload modified ver 10/28(korean time)
modified by Mapghost
I think the time is ok, when u put enough effort in the map.
I don't understand the concept of your map LML... that is, I don't know what's experimental about it. How do you expect game play to be drastically new?
I guess it's the concept of those "ramp hills" and the horizontal bridges (the waterfall is merely a "motiff"). Not exactly "avant garde" I agree, but perhaps unusual enough to be here.
the hills do alot to the gameplay, it is usefull, but can be your foe, aswell. Those horizontal bridges aren't that new, since I've got those from the map (4)Mango River.

And you psychotemplar, do you spam so many maps for this, that you must win? lol
I don't think I spam =/ It probably doesn't help me to win either (people have an innate bias against people enter many maps). I just like to map ;P I really couldn't care less if I win or not.
I modified my map. i solve many problems.
I'm working on a map, but it's still a work-in-progress and won't be ready by the 29th.
Nightmarjoo, how much time do you need? I can change the deadline.
lancet, don't change the deadline, you could just make a 2nd competition when the winner of this is announced, and then he will be properly done with his map and will be able to compete in the competition.
also, do they get tested by you, for gameplay? (I am too lazy to read above^_^; )
OK fair, deadline is tomorrow. Most maps here have replays and I have played some of them against the comp to check for glitches. But no, I will not be testing them for gameplay against a human opponent. The winning map will be decided by the popular vote.
OK folks, it's voting time. Damn, this is going to be hard!
modified by Lancet
I would like to vote my own map:D
I've showed it to many ppl which love this map:)
only a few ppl are worrying about gameplay, but since I've played it alot, I am not that much;o
Yeah, I would also have liked to vote for my own maps in past competitions but I just don't think it is proper so let's keep it that way. If people here think your map is the best it will win.
I didnt really follow the discussion, but I'm impressed by your creativity. My votes are only from a quick look at the jpg, so don't weight them too heavy on your decision:)

If that null terrain thing tourns out to have decent balance it'll be great.
SauruS you cannot vote for your own map. Please change your first vote or I won't take it into account. Thanks.
xD sorry.
Jerchico for sure
also know as motm4
No, it hasn't been MOTM.

Come on people, so far (11-1-07) there is a tie for first and second place let's get more votes here. Of the 7 authors of the maps only 2 have voted (panschk and SauruS)! Flo, Psychotemplar, mapghost, LML, Lost Tampon where are you? If I can, I will try to keep this open longer so we can come up with a winner.

I mean really, you want ME to decide who wins if there is a tie (read the rules)?
modified by Lancet
Well, I have to go for a some days but when I get back I hope there are a few more votes here.
I would vote, but I would vote my map for the 1st, since I know it is good to play, but since I won't vote myself I just don't vote:/
and looking on the gameplay most of this spellmaps suck anyways.
lol, i mean Jerichowas not the motm4!!!
that's what i sayd (i never seyd jericho won a motm)

see yourseft:

FeedsomebidieSoul has the fake votes from voters who voted "Endorphine" as 1st choice, so it was a tie between Jericho's 34 pointsand Angband 3600 ft. 1.2 with 33 points.

but those times, ties did not exist.. =P
oh! Feedsomebody'sSoul.. according to your message, it might be motm but i just uploaded it so it banned, isn't it? I'm sad T.T when i uploaded it, I was just 16 years old korean stupid student, so i couldn't upload many maps or active in this place. even i didn't know about motm.

It was just my gorship. never mind.
OK I am back and voting is over. I will invisible the competion thread in a while. I must tally the votes and check for self votes and prepare the newspost on the winners. Thanks to all that participated and to those that voted.
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flothefreak voted (4)Home of the swarm as 1. choice
flothefreak voted (2)Waiting to Panic1.4 as 2. choice
flothefreak voted (4)Jericho as 3. choice
Lancet voted (2)Waiting to Panic1.4 as 1. choice
Lancet voted (2)Chaos Darkness as 2. choice
Lancet voted (4)Jericho as 3. choice
lnept voted (4)Mazicolozist as 1. choice
lnept voted (4)Techno Playground as 2. choice
lnept voted (4)GeeLur X as 3. choice
Manuel voted (4)Home of the swarm as 1. choice
Manuel voted (4)GeeLur X as 2. choice
Manuel voted (2)Waiting to Panic1.4 as 3. choice
maximumdan voted (4)Home of the swarm as 1. choice
maximumdan voted (4)GeeLur X as 2. choice
maximumdan voted (4)Jericho as 3. choice
Moebius voted (4)GeeLur X as 1. choice
Moebius voted (4)Jericho as 2. choice
Moebius voted (4)Home of the swarm as 3. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (4)Jericho as 1. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Chaos Darkness as 2. choice
Nureru voted (4)Home of the swarm as 1. choice
Nureru voted (2)Waiting to Panic1.4 as 2. choice
Nureru voted (4)Waterfalling 0.94 as 3. choice
panschk[FP] voted (4)GeeLur X as 1. choice
panschk[FP] voted (2)Chaos Darkness as 2. choice
panschk[FP] voted (4)Jericho as 3. choice
RaDiX voted (4)GeeLur X as 1. choice
RaDiX voted (4)Jericho as 2. choice
RaDiX voted (4)Home of the swarm as 3. choice
SauruS voted (4)Home of the swarm as 1. choice
SauruS voted (2)Waiting to Panic1.4 as 2. choice
SauruS voted (4)Out of the Void as 3. choice
Testbug voted (4)Jericho as 1. choice
Testbug voted (4)Mazicolozist as 2. choice
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