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¥ MotW 2006.09 ¥

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 02, 24 (Year, month, day)
The sky is opening and God(panschk) tells you that your map will be the MotW!!! YES YOU!!!

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NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Starfish EpicstrccMelee Picture0
(2)LiandriArden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
(4)Thanatos(4)ThanatosMelee Obs Picture0
(3)NirvanaCarTa[Astral]Melee Obs Picture0
(4)Prelude of Light_1.3Arden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
(2)XeroX1.1Arden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
(4)Rising RealmSpitfireMelee Picture0
(2)AshmasterSpitfireMelee Picture0
(2)Valley of DeathNastyMarineMelee Picture0
(2)Pirate LoveValugMelee Picture0
(2)Lemuria Altar--v|mOsQMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Chaotic Pilgrim--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(2)Pulse Of RageSpitfireMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Well, those 7 maps i've add are best for me, and my taste, and i would give them all the MotW 09, if someone let me to do this :P . It will be hard for me to deside, wich map will take my vote, but i will try to do some playtesting on some of them.
come on, having so many map AT THE BEGINNING of the week already sucks :<
--v mOsQ
ehhh Lemuria Altar again for fucking motw...
No, thx...
--v mOsQ
thx for YOUR opition, LGI
Wow. Starfish Epics rocks. Really great map.
I think thats either number one, or tied for it with Prelude of light. I think more people should try Prelude of Light, I played it twice, both games were great. Liandri is also high up there

I like Rising Realm, but its basic and I dislike the high ground outside mains..
Valley of Death is a nice map, but not the best.
Starfish epics reminds me too much of memory cell, that was motw just a bit more than one month ago.

My favorite right now would be nirvana. But actually I'd go with any map that is proven to play great, beautiful jpgs will not convince me.
I really start to hate this competition. Stop making that many good maps, it totally annoys me -_-

Yeah, i did not expect to have a same looking map as memory cell, it's kinda different, but i kept the cliff thing which maybe remind you of it ;(

nirvana is too open ... p>t everytime when in the open... of course there are ways t can win those battles but the majority of wins wuld go right to p.. and plus the chokes for the mains are so small. it gets really annoying walkin throught that. But the map is very well layed out tho.. so i do find myself likin it alot.

Ashmaster is very nice but the expos are quite cluttered in the 2 corners. Tis very unique tho.. i'd prefer playin it over some maps that are popular in right now.

Chaotic Pilgrim has a nice concept but its lacking something. given the layout of the mains and surrounding area of the nat, t would win 90% of games vs z and p.. once t sets up shop near the nats .. its gg EZ.. jus look how the terrain is set up near the nats.. easy cover for tanks and shit.

i like XeroX1 but shit looks complex for battles... t wins everytime EZ pushing.. no room for decent size battles etc. and there doesnt seem like theres a ground specifically made for fighting. looks like a bunch of corridors leading to another room.

Xenomorph has very good layout and nat placement. the shit that makes me mad the more i look at it is Red's nat, its so muuch smaller than blues and its harder to defend from harassing. other than that i like it. i could see it motw sometime idk bout this week.

IdK what the exact hype for lemuria is.. perhaps its the very unique concept wit bridge usage (which is pretty orginal). but all in all its fuckin insane lookin imo. I could see it motw but it is fuckin crazy looking. personally, its doesnt get my vote. But it is a playable map. I do have some issues about one of the bridges near the nats.

Liandra is in baby steps. its good lookin but not enuff ppl like it yet to deserve motw attention.

The way it looks now.. Pirate Love is a nice map.. jus not many are feelin it any more.. suttins missing... thats why it hasnt hit motw yet.

Thanatos is nice and shit.. basic but there is no flanking room for races.. not enuff possibilities wen strategizing a flanking system**

Rising Realm is a nice lookin map.. i wanna play on it right now but im at college so i cant... i think it might get my vote. jus cuz.. so far i cant complain about it.. only thing that already mentioned is: "I like Rising Realm, but its basic and I dislike the high ground outside mains.."

Prelude of Light is so damn sexy.. it gets a vote.. straight up.. nuttin more to say bout it.

I really like Starfish Epics but panschk is a bit right about that it is very reminiscent of Memory Cell. But i think i wuld give it a vote!

I would but i cant possibly talk about my own maps.. its jus not a good look for me.. I would like some1 explain Valley of Death (VoD) and No-Mans Land (NML).. its appreciate it.
Your Name
xerox is definetly not t-push-overhwelming
how u figure? look at the map. all t has to do is hug the edges until it reaches 9 or 3 .. and then they could push right for the nat. of course there wuld hafta be sum good harassing involved but its very simple. and thats jus one way t could go about attacking p or z...

Jus look at the map.. imagine tvp... both with decent size armies .. p positioned pretty well to correctly flank t... t can easily push thru any of those bridges ... or thru any choke point for that matter.

Dont get me wrong i like this map but p has to do heavy harassing to slow down a t push.
If the middle was open (by elimating the high ground barrier) .. it would be a more sound map. thats jus imo.. it would help p so much in tvp
that was me above. i already played pvt games on it. and it's all ok. maybe you tend to have a very open and free center (no-mans land for example). and believe me, those are too open. i am a protoss player, and if I DON'T whine, it should be okay ;P
ehh nml and vod are the only maps of mine that have open centers. and in NML.. battles dont even use the whole ground in the middle. im also kinda puzzled how that map (NML) got good feedback but no1 has played it. kinda makes me depressed -_-
well, i already told you: the battles don't happen there- which means that there is something wrong...

for example: as terran in tvp, i would NEVER go out in this middle, you just get crushed. same in pvz as protoss: zerg army would rape you, no matter if it's got same strength or some weaker.
TvP looks to easy on Xero. You can siege behind the wall in middle and work through bridges(small chokes). Just too easy to push on this map.

So far my vote goes to POL
you cannot really push on xerox because the pushing distance is SO huge
Thank u .. some else agrees.. im a t player.. thats pushing heaven for t.. it "looks like a bunch of corridors leading to another room" ...its jus too easy to push towards an enemy wen ur t
I never liked that map anyway. Occasionally I make garbage maps...
I mean no disrespect but im jus laying down what i see when i look at these maps. On some real shit thought.. they all great maps.. none of these are shitty maps . so dont take it personal
I understand, that's cool. But I'm just saying I never liked XeroX, it was a bit half-assed.
Xerox just does not look very sexy. I'd take liandri over it anyday :)
At the moment, I'd say Liandri or Nirvana. But that might change as the week progresses, I've been known to change my mind.

What's with this flood of great new mappers? I feel un-skilled now...
We need some more votes
we still got some time :P
yeah, I still wait for someone to help us with some gaming experience. In theory nirvana is my number 1 pick, followed by one of the two hot Arden maps.
Your Name
I really like nirvana, but i have no clue how the gameplay will be :/

(4)Prelude of Light_1.3
Your Name
(1) Prelude
(2) Starfish Epics
(3) Xenomorph
tough choices...

Nirvana or Prelude of Light
Xerox comes close after that followed by chaotic pilgrim.
XeroX is garbage!...heh. I don;t want anyone to base my map making skill on that map..
My post, sorry. I fucking hate how when you're logged in it won't post your name for you. Why bother logging in?
1) Prelude - (personal love)
2) Thanatos - (Sweet Naturals, and an overall nice map)
3) Starfish Epics - (Not Trcc to the max, but still nice)
Anyone played nirvana yet?
Ill get to it tonight, Im done all my papers and got no hw, cept to study for finals, Ill play with some friends.
[x] prelude of light

played nothing but great ;)
--v mOsQ
lolol, prelude too simle, stupid and standart for be motw ^^ lolzzzzz
oo i love pulsation.. the ramps are very tastefull :9
Yeah mosq, it is pretty simple, but I fail to see how "stupid" fits into that sentence...
ignore him. whatever he says. just ignore him. like you would with george bush. sure, you want to punish and beat him hard for the shit he's doing and saying, but you gotta control yourself.
1. POL
2. Nirvana
3. Pulsation
It's true, PoL plays awesome. I think I've played 2 or 3 games on it.
I must say, there are quite a few maps which I see really good here.
POL plays pretty nice :)

I dont know for sure, someone said to me the bottom left wallin was not ling safe or something~
I don't see how that's possible. It's the exact same choke as the other three. I think you got a bit of false information =/.
--v mOsQ
flothefreak, just ignore yourself pls
--v mOsQ
Starparty, you love edited and renamed version of EtD ? ^^
Find similarities, except the shape of main ^^
96x128 AND jungle
whoihoiwhohwohwo plagarism üp +1 clone map. stupid clown, copied lemuria altar, best map =)
Yes. It's ETD. I stolen the whole map, only copied my name into Map Properties. Ok? Are you satisfied?
Large bridge is copied from Lemuria Altar, ramps are copied of another mOsQ's map, which isn't done atm. Shit, I even have stolen minerals(OMG!) and vespene geysers(OMFG!!). Surely, they are created by mOsQ.

mOsQ is really a unbearable opponent for Chuck Norris.
Sorry, I will delete all my mapmaking programs, they are yours.
I'm guessing POL is the winner?
ogogo pol motw
lol spitfire
+15 clone cards

i vote for that map that is shaped like a hand pointing it looks very balanced anyone wanna test it?
PoL 4 teh win ^^
Yep, PoL wins, i'll write article when i get home tomorow.
Still going on with that? I'm pretty sure your still not an admin... ^^
Hahaha... decaf is gosu :).
Absolutely ^^ Maybe i can write it today - not sure though. If someone has the time, write it, NOW!!!!^^
Nope, i'm most definatly writing it this very second.
Actually someones gonna have to PM me with the details on how to make links/pictures. I'm not sure how to use the html code on these forums as well as others ><
I'll try to figure it out, we'll see how it turns out :p
Okay posted it :)
I don't know how to change the MotW thing on the toolbar on the right side of the screen though ><
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