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Ash Map Competition

deadline to enter maps: 2007, 03, 02 (Year, month, day)
Ash Map Competition

Ash planets like Char, the homeland of the Zerg, are extreme stuff. But ash is a seldom used terrain. Of some 314 map entries I counted recently in this database only 20 were ash maps, that is about 6.4%. One reason for this may be that it is more difficult to make "pretty" maps as the variety of tiles and doodads is less than in other maps. But here then is the challenge, make a nice and interesting ash map for this competition!


1) Max 4 players and Max size 128x128.
2) Everyone but me can compete, everyone can vote but please NO SELF VOTES, they will not be taken into account in the final tally.
3) There will be first, second and third places decided by voters (I will decide in case of a tie), there will be a mention for best map theme/description decided by me.
4) The idea is to make NEW maps but you can upload some pre-existing RECENT maps. Just how recent we can talk it over in the map thread but I am the final arbiter of whether a map can compete or not.

Come on, make an Ash map that will make Queen Kerrigan proud enough of you to kill you last!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Ashes2AshesflothefreakMelee Picture8
(2)Red PlanetSynDroMeMelee Obs Picture0
(4)PhobosLostTamponMelee Picture12
(2)TsatinePsychoTemplar (Chef@USWest)Melee Obs Picture11
(2)Red BarchettaNureruMelee Obs Picture0
(4)MaelstromTestbug+Cracky xDMelee Picture18
(2)Black WidowGrief_StrickenMelee Obs Picture15
(2)Ifrit SoulSiaBBoMelee Picture0
(4)The Great PhaseTuy (Pimped by Testbug)Melee Picture30
(2)Carcass Fieldssomeone09Melee Picture0
(2)GolgothaSauruSMelee Picture8
(4)CitlaltepetlProTosS4EveRMelee Obs Picture17
The competition is closed!

write who is holding the competition :P
Ooops sorry, that would be me.
modified by Lancet
i'm in!
i'll make map for Nasty Marine :)
I'll try to make a map... but I started one for templar's already, and I need to come up with a concept to start the map for our 1v1 lol. If I manage to get both of those done and have time left, I'll make a map.
well i added ashes2ashes. it's actually quite old, but it had not gotten any attention back then, although it is a very unique concept (ofc only until persona stole it!). and you like experimental maps ;o
We can always push the date back a little.

Flo, yeah it's a bit old and part of the idea of the competition is to promote the ash tile. The Ashes2Ashes map ID 2245, if we let all the ash maps between this map ID and the present compete we would have quite a lot without any new ones being made. I would prefer it if you make a new one.

Let's just leave it for the meantime but I make no promises as to whether I will keep it. I just don't want this competition to be flooded with old maps.
"Of some 314 map entries I counted recently in this database only 20 were ash maps"

I wonder how many were made by me :X lol

EDIT: Oh... I guess just one. But still, I've made a lot of Ash Maps :)
modified by PsychoTemplar
LostTampon welcome back, thanks for your map!
I just made an ash map, and then found this contest afterward xD
Thanks Nureru!
Guys, remember that there is going to be an honorable mention for the best theme/map description. Those of you who have not done so please write a map description in your map's "map description box", thanks.
omg Black Widow ... what a masterpiece
zomg crackling you don't like playing maps which suck ass? It's so exciting because you autolose or autowin before the game starts!
Sheez, people must not like the ash terrain very much. The map thread of this competition is the one with the least fights, arguments and insults!

No really, all of you thanks you for your maps. Only 5 days left, time to make those edits that haven't been made and don't forget the map description box.
modified by Lancet
Lancet, no one likes the map description box but you! lol It's not going to happen.
I predict Black Widow, FIREHOLE, and Great Divide to win this competition :O Not that I'll vote for them :)
"Lancet, no one likes the map description box but you!"

You are right. Sometimes for me the map description and theme make all the difference. I cringe when I open what appears to be a good map and the map description merely says: "destroy all enemy buildings" and sometimes they don't even have the map tittle!

Oh well, I guess what is important for some people is not as important for others.
The point of the competition is to make new maps. Tsatine and Waiting to Panic are older maps. Flo's map is old but it is his only map. With Tsatine, Waiting to panic and Final Noshoj that makes it 3 maps for templar here. I think either Tsatine or Waiting to Panic should go (I would chose the latter).
I figured it was allowed because The Great Phase is older. I'll remove both.
I should note to people about Final Noshoj: The tiles all along the boarder of the map is not magma, it's walkable, unbuildable, lava.
You are right, I totally missed that, my bad. I am reluctant to ask testbug to remove The Great Phase as it has been up for so long and it seems like a fine map. So I will make the same allowance for you (but only you please due to this special situation, no more older maps). Please consider uploading one of your ash maps, Tsatine was fine.
maybe lets force everyone voting for a map as 1. choice to play at least 2 games and upload the reps?

so people wont only look on the pic T_t#
*looking at psychotemplar*
Plays fine to me :P
To all those voting by "looking at the picture" I want you to remember that despite all the "cosmetic enhancements" the tiles in these maps will all look the same when you play them. Please try to imagine how the map will play and whether you would like to play it, whether it is interesting or boring whether the deco will look good in the map, not in the picture.
Johnny B.Goode
I second Star Blade.I'm impressed too about Black Widow!

I like how the map is proportionated.It has everywhere enough space for fights,good use of terrain thru the entire surface of the map.At the first sight the plateau look like the most important part of the map but the north of the map with 4 expansions shouldn't be underestimated.I like also the resource placement adapted to the terrain situation.Look and execution A+.
Guys remember, no self votes please. I will not count self votes, thanks.

: ^ (
lol @ TestBug... can't stand to lose. Even got Crackie to change his vote ;)
what? remember that i can't understand english very well :(
you write TestBug on it :(
the great phase and burning love seem to be very nice maps, gj :)
about black widow... it's visually the best here but i think it won't play very well on it
Johnny B.Goode
The matter must not rest there.You are wrong LTampon.Or you favor only macro maps.I have played last week the ash maps that I voted for and I wanna share with you the findings.

!Black Widow: the map is not the usual 2 player map that you can find in leagues.No mass expansions.It's wise to take quick the nat because you dont wanna be on the low ground if the other try a m&m strategy or against goons.But the next step is much more interesting.Trying to own the expansion on 6 is a good idea if your army is big enough.Because you need to split your army;1 fraction to defend the nat the other to protect the new expansion.If you have not enough units and believe you can hold both(6 exp. & nat) with a smaller army somewhere nearer to the midlle,the other could use the other way over the ramps and damage not just your nat really badly,but also your army that comes back from the middle.Zerg with lurker,protoss with high templar and far the worst terran.Because before a terran would attack the nat he would mine the zone between him and the army in ther middle,and i dont need to tell you what this means.The expansion on 6 is like the forbidden fruit,it promise a lot but if you are not calculate your moves you run into a disaster.So,good map that alows many strategies,a good micro could help a lot.

!The Great Phase: I have to admit that I am dissapointed about how it plays.Firstly,the distance between the mains is too short.So if you start from red & blue or purp.& teal against a protoss he will hunting you very soon with zeals,and if you cannot block yourself soon,tough luck.And even if,once inside the only thing what he need to do is mass goons in front of your nat.Now try to come out as terran or zerg!But the most annoying thing is the setup of the expansions near to the XelNaga.No one goes upstairs to the expansions without gas before he owns the XelNaga expansion.And once this expansion is owned you posses control over the upstairs expansions too.Lets say you start from teal & purple,the one who owns the XelNaga expansion as first will win easy,because the other has to go longer ways and he need to split he's army to protect the new expansion.The one that own the XelNaga expansion don't need to split his army and he would become new units very quick because of the short distance to the main.And the island expansion on NV & SE can save you really,because the other player have also the chance to expand easy there.These issues doesnt make the map really competitive.

!On Phobos I played just 3 games and after them it was more than obvious how strong terran on this map really is.From the third expansion,that one whitout gas,terran tanks can control nearly the entire path to the nat/main,and they are able to make a lot of damage to evry approaching army.And because you can block the ramp near to the middle it's nearly impossible to harm them.But lets say your army is big enough and you have reached the nat,tanks from the main cliffs would give you the rest.In a PvZ, zerg can't do much against a zeal+high as well,this because of the long tight pathes.

modified by Johnny B.Goode
The Great Phase as 1
Citlaltepetl as 3

the great phase is a very nice map i think :)
The map FIREHOLE was erased from the database by its author but don't worry I have kept a record of whom of you have voted for this map so I will take that into account for the final vote tally.

: ^ )
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Crackling voted (4)The Great Phase as 1. choice
Crackling voted (2)Ashes2Ashes as 2. choice
Crackling voted (4)Phobos as 3. choice
cWn)iQ.Superi0r voted (4)The Great Phase as 1. choice
cWn)iQ.Superi0r voted (4)Citlaltepetl as 2. choice
cWn)iQ.Superi0r voted (4)Maelstrom as 3. choice
DG)SpoilR voted (2)Black Widow as 1. choice
DG)SpoilR voted (2)Tsatine as 2. choice
DG)SpoilR voted (4)Citlaltepetl as 3. choice
Johnny B.Goode voted (2)Black Widow as 1. choice
Johnny B.Goode voted (4)Phobos as 3. choice
Lancet voted (2)Ashes2Ashes as 1. choice
Lancet voted (2)Tsatine as 2. choice
Lancet voted (4)The Great Phase as 3. choice
LostTampon voted (4)The Great Phase as 1. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Maelstrom as 2. choice
LostTampon voted (2)Tsatine as 3. choice
MorroW voted (4)The Great Phase as 1. choice
MorroW voted (4)Citlaltepetl as 3. choice
Nureru voted (2)Golgotha as 1. choice
Nureru voted (4)Citlaltepetl as 2. choice
Nureru voted (2)Tsatine as 3. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)Phobos as 2. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)Maelstrom as 3. choice
PsychoTemplar voted (2)Black Widow as 1. choice
RaDiX voted (4)Phobos as 1. choice
RaDiX voted (4)The Great Phase as 2. choice
Rye voted (4)The Great Phase as 1. choice
Rye voted (4)Maelstrom as 2. choice
Rye voted (4)Citlaltepetl as 3. choice
someone09 voted (4)Maelstrom as 1. choice
someone09 voted (2)Tsatine as 2. choice
someone09 voted (4)Phobos as 3. choice
Sworn. voted (4)Citlaltepetl as 1. choice
Sworn. voted (2)Golgotha as 2. choice
Sworn. voted (4)The Great Phase as 3. choice
Testbug voted (4)Maelstrom as 1. choice
Testbug voted (4)Citlaltepetl as 2. choice
Testbug voted (4)Phobos as 3. choice
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