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*MotW 2006.07*

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 02, 10 (Year, month, day)

As the current MotW doesn't cause real trouble, I think we will be able to decide tomorrow (which would be good for the last few times, decision was made tuesday-thursday). So let's start here with 07 so we got some more time =)

hope ya don't mind starting this before 06 is chosen.
gogo now, gonna add 2-3 myself

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Basilica HomeworldhOuse)AffetuosoMelee Picture0
(2)Tuna BasslneptMelee Picture0
(4)Mind ControlAlexTMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Genesis1.3SkyMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Awoken DemonsflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(2)MahaonrAfter)FsC(Melee Picture0
(4)ImmelstorunnRSCup.SpitfireMelee Picture0
(2)Path of VictoryLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Dust of the Wind 1.1MillenniumArmyMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Scouting Time!ScoutWBFMelee Picture0
(2)Pirate LoveValugMelee Picture0
(2)Lemuria Altar--v|mOsQMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Battle GroundsNastyMarineMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

I'll add Scouting Time when I remade it.
--v mOsQ
Lemuria for MOTW ^^
This time I just want to support Hokus Peakus. So I will not add any maps this week:)
i added hokus and awoken btw, referring to the 2-3 maps I wanted to add
I'm starting to fall in love with flo's Awoken Demons. Mmmmm...
I hope none of you dares to take Arden's statement out of the context and dipose it against me 8]
LOL, I hope not, because that would hurt me more than it would hurt you...
it's a satanic gay thing. you wouldn't understand.
Awoken Demons looks good, needs some tweaking, but has a big chance in getting motw the next weeks imo.

But it's still Hokus Peakus for me, i think it's one of the best maps since weeks, even if SP thinks it's to open :)
yah, I actually think it's too open as well
cross positions in PvT are a gift to the cliffs, longs ways, surrounding possibilities, crevices.

still a good map, remember, I added it.
As long as you don't make HP MotW because LGI begs for it because he wants it in his tournament nobody cares about,it's fine to me.I will add one of my maps though
i certainly won't vote for anyone who is bitching around. the only thing i judge for, is the map. and maybe the author if it is mosq -.-
right now i only like awoken demons, but i can still not say that it should be MOTW, i find it just screws over zerg and yes i am a biased zerg player but i play protoss as well :p

in zvp and zvt
Awoken Demons and Hocus Peakus are the only maps in contention for MOTW imo.
Did i say "Place make my map MOTW, i beg for this!" ? Pushing = begging? Nevermind...

And, ScoutWBF you are totaly right. Every week when you submit a map in the MotW section and vote for it at first place, you proove that your maps kicks ass! They are better then all maps here. If you haven't notice mosq's maps are the best here too. He reminds this to all every day.

Now i hate when people are here before me (like you), and they are so much under my level. Mayby it's because of your age and i shouldn't write this staff...
Immelstorunn? Who has submitted this crazy one?
Submitted DotW.
wow spitfire...It was not my idea, but this map looks awesome...maybe some other week. This week is hokus time ;)
--v mOsQ
Ridiculously to read "it's Hokus Peacus time" - you think that if map participates in MOTW-voting some weeks, it is necessary to give a prize for persistence?
you don't know the background, you don't know the history, you don't know panschk's reason. so just be silent.
Ridiculously to read "it's Hokus Peacus time" - you think that if map participates in MOTW-voting some weeks, it is necessary to give a prize for persistence?

Hokus peakus has been added three times in a MotW contest. Snitch has been added four, so obviously you think so.
I would like to enter mine, but no one would want to play it :(
I like MA's map.
cmon stop bashing on Mosq he has a point.

it is pretty ridiculous to say hocus time
why bother submitting any other maps (yes its childish but i had to ask)
well, if panschk feels as HP would deserve a win, why shall he not support the map?
My thoughts on the maps:
-Basilica homeworld: Unfinished, no decorations yet.

-Paragraph: Looks too tight to me, T might be too superior.

-Tuna Bass: Has the feeling that something's missing.. Don't really like the map, but can't really say why.

-Hocus Peakus: Definately deserves to get MOTW sometime. Good map, afraid it's a bit too open though. I'd have to playtest that.

-Lemuria: Mineral blocks will completely destroy the pathing AI. Only for that reason already, this one's out for me.

-Genesis: Solid map, but doesn't look really special and I don't want to feel like a nazi ^^

-Awoken Demons: Very nice for an ashworld map. Looks balanced, but too many diffrent blocks for me (mineral & natural buildings), and you have to be very cautious about everywhere.

-Mahaon: Nothing special, probably too big and lots of unused space.

-Immelstorunn: very little building space outside the main, and zerg will have hell on this map imo.

-Path of Victory: My own map *pushes map*

-Dust of the Wind: Looks nice, but are those crags at the mains buildable? If not, it'd be very annoying to play on this map imo.

Overall vote:
1) Path of Victory (duh, although biased)
2) Hocus Peakus (Nice map, deserves some playtesting by good gamers.)
3)Dust of the Wind, if the mains are buildable o0

That's my opinion on these maps.
maybe i am missing having a naked pic on my minimap hmm
I still say Awoken Demons deserves a little more credit...
Yes, those craigs on Dust are buildable. Only unbuildables are probably at center of map.
As said, only ones are HP or flo's AD.

But AD looks like the second path should be changed or totally redone somehow, not my taste, still a nice flow.

HP is just way to good not to make it MotW in my eyes. Even if some say it might be hard for T. Even for Z and P is it hard to expand to a mineral only, so T has the same amount of expansions, and is still able to fight very well. I think it's balanced, and, even if T is in a slight disadvantage, is "something new" because on most maps, T has a slight advantage imo.

It's HP by now.
ill vote AD just because HP is just too plain to be motw
1. Lemuria sure, it's great map
2. Mind Control
3. Basilica Homeworld
I like:
Hokus Pocus
top3 (2) maps:
Awoken Demons
Basilica Homeworld

top3 (4) maps:
Mind Control
Dust of the Wind
Hocus Peakus

1. Lemuria
2. Mind Control
3. Awoken Demons
Mosq, when you will stop voting for yourself?
You told everyone in russian community that Rafter is your brother, then you have made (2)Mahaon map as yours (!), actually it is yours. But it's signed as Rafter's, and every time Rafter has your map TOP-1.
Ow. That's hot. Rafter = Mosq. Sry, revealed.
Hocus Peakus. FTW.
hOuse)Affetuoso also has your map as his.
Basilica Homeworld is 90% similar to your (2)Rat in the Pot. Another account?
That's 3D.u3? Plagiarism? oO

Liar. That's all.
--v mOsQ
Spitfire, i don't know hOuse)Affetuoso( and don't know what is "(2)Rat in the Pot" sorry. Mahaon - Rafter's map, i don't like to make stupid maps similar on it ^^ And at me only one nick and account - --v|mOsQ, and me is unimportant that you think out. thx, bb
Spitfire stfu ok ? If i'm his brother, i can't vote ? I vote for maps which like me and if they do not like you, it's not my problems.
Spit, just calm down. Even if rafter is his brother, that doesn't matter. He can vote for the map he thinks is best.

Obviously Lemuria isn't the best map, so his vote is there, but compared to Awoken Demons or Hokus Peakus Lemuria has 2? votes. 1st Not enough. 2nd no vote from a promapper and 3rd as said, everyone is allowed to vote maps as he likes.

Long time Members as well as Admins are the ones to decide the main part in the vote, if you want so. Still, other votes are very improtant. Even if someone thinks Lemuria is best, it's good tos ee what the 2nd and 3rd best maps of them are.

Just calm down, no one really cares ;)
To Lemuria: This map surely was a hell lot of work, still it's unsmart to craete a map with that many bridge tiles. Actually i have no idea why it is like that, but bridgetiles (or edges or whatever) seem to make more trouble with the unit AI as others, or tighten some paths way more than "normal ground" parts, which means, that they are often replaced in promaps. Just take Nostalgia as an example. In the original version, the two small paths to the expansion in front of the choke are bridges, later they got replaced by terrain.

Maybe someone knows exactly why this is like that.

Anyway map looks interesting, the expansion layout actually is pretty interesting, but the "bridgy" look is horrible.
6 expos per player on such a tight map is not good for gameplay
As I think AD is more unfriendly for Zerg vs Terran and Protoss vs Zerg my vote goes to HP because it seems more balanced or at least not that stressy for the players.
You guys know you like Pirate Love. :)
Yeah i do like it :P
--v mOsQ
flothefreak, i don't think so ^^
I will vote after deadline ;)
--v mOsQ
aahahah child named flothefreak has removed my map from a site ^^ You are admin, but you are not the god, remember it. It is not necessary to become impudent, well ?
I am both.
--v mOsQ
you are no-brain child -.-
Mosq = Rafter, not his brother ^^
And sure you know (2)Rat in the Pot, this map took part in contest AS YOURS ^^
And you said HERE, ON BWM.Net that you know 3d.u3 aka house)affetuoso
^^ Nice.

GG. Re?

Lis <3 Sry btw.
spitfire is getting more annoying then mosq himself. wtf? who the hell cares jesus its not even true
arent we here to discuss motw only? lol neway when it comes to motw.. i feel the top three are def awoken demons... it jus has so much style.. (but the mineral blocks are kinda taking the map outta it.. netime t walls any oppenent can jus mine the block and open it up.. it defeats the whole purpose of walling) hocus peakus is very nice (placement wise for expos and the paths to each base etc.) but the craters are overkill and kills my interest. Pirate love is a beautiful map.. very creative .. i jus wish the bridges above the mains where not so damn close. those are the top three EZ...
i also push my map into discussion... although it does seem like it lacks that special 'it' factor in the middle any suggestions? or arguements for the other maps?
Haha decaf, you like those because they're easy to type? ;).
--v mOsQ
Spitfirem you are idiots sorry. I know better who is Rafter, and i don't know Affetuoso. That's all, now stfu
spit: 1
mosq: 0

--v mOsQ
flothefreak aka crazy admin or comments destroyer: disqualification by cheats

haha, that was almost funny.


Ok, back to topic. Which map should be Motw?

I think HP has the most votes by now, followed by AD. Feels like a decision to me.
but then all of a sudden Lost temple this map no one has never seen before comes out of nowhere and becomes MOTW!
Actually my top 3 from this MotW (without counting mine) is:

1) (2)Awoken Demons
2) (4)Mind Control IF the center is fixed (that means more open)
3) (2)Pirate Love

But seriusly i want Hocus Peakus to be a MotW. Not only about my tourney crap... If (2)Awoken Demons become a MotW, this will be the third 2 players map in a row. And this will not only effect my tour, it will also effect the MotW tourney in with mass 2 players maps. If you check the history of tourneys (in mines, but you can check in also i don't know how it's there), there is every time 3-4 4 players maps, and one 2 players maps.

Right now in my tourney the situation is like this:

Round 1 - (4)Nautilus 1.1 by Travin - wich is awsome, because this is the first air map in my tourneys, and it's even more awsome, because it's for 4 players.
Round 2 - (2)neo strawberries by noname
Round 3 - (2)Romanov Standoff1.2 by Arden(WoF)
FINAL - It's your choise...
Jesus christ just make it MotW and get it over with. This is like the 4th week in a row you typed up a crapload of stuff for it.
calm down. LGI just loves his maps, and so hes talking about them all the time. I don't like that either decaf, but that's how it is ^^
My top 3 from this MotW:

1. (4)Hocus Peakus
2. (2)Awoken Demons
3. (4)Immelstorunn
Actually right now i am talking about Hocus Peakus, just as you talk about ToE, but hey?! Whats wrong with that? Whats wrong with showing some love to your work? Now really i prefer to be the bad guy who loves and comment his maps, insteed of (no offence pleace) flooding with maps just like NastyMarine is doing right now. Espacially with 2 player maps... and bringing no feelings to them :(
And i think every father in this site, should defend his childs, right?
wyea i made lost temple so gogogo lost temple child MOTW
gogo AD
? I haven't ever praised my map in the motw competition like you do, still i can understand it. I know you're totally into that map, and that's good. But it's just annoying to read praising comments ever and ever again. We all see which maps are good and which are not. No praising needed and it's not helping at all, only going on peoples nerves. Just take Snitch as example... And that you want your map as MotW is for sure. i want my maps to be MotW also. Who doesn`t? ;)

Nastymarines maps may not be your taste, but No-Mans Land is in fact a very interesting and good map. Think he has the potential to do great stuff, same to Arden.
Ok, excuse me LGI. I also praised ToE to be MotW in that week. Hadn't had that in mind, just read thorugh the article. Man this was a week, i was so down in reallife, i had to have something to look forward :/

So, don't mind. :) <3 kisses
Mkay, just tone it down a bit :)
yo this nigga LGI really hatin on my shit man... sry if im makin krack maps and shit.. im jus changing it up.. and plus 4players maps often get too complicated and get so imba.. im startin to think that 128x128 is even gettin too small for 4 players.. because theres so much demand for space for flanking so dont hate if im doin good wit it. and yo thanks listoric for shoutin me out thats cool as hell.
And there is nuttin wrong if i have ideas and like to show u all what i can do wit it.. im tryin to get above gosu Mkay (shout out to decaf haha.)
YO, nastymarine! I would never say this if i see new maps with improvement, a new staff, but your last submitions into the site, are all very similer, they are just a straight line, and seperate expands jumping on the map. Only (2)Two thrones, is diffrent. I mean that you have a second big path to your enemy, some ramps on the way, etc... You've made it look intresting, but i don't know how it's in game.

And i didn't say this to offend you, i got nothing bad to you...


sry but i do hafta disagree wit u .. sayin that all my maps have been the same.. same tileset yes.. but ur saying they are all the same .. i dont think u've really seen the last couple maps i been makin then ... cuz they all are different.. only thing similar is tileset and the fact that im working wit the backdoor concept. but yeah .. its all love.. u didnt really offend me. 8)
I don't say that they are the same at the picture, look, etc... They play the same. The concept is the same. A straight line to your enemy, and expands around. Didn't you read this line, in my previews post? I mean look at your last 2 player maps, and tell me that it's not true... You see, i don't say that this is bad. But it's not good for me at least either...
come on, love and peace and honey and cheese!
val, sorry dont like your map too much cause of there are two ways to go. I wouldnt play it, but maybe other people think its cool.

Mind Control.. Its too unbalanced racewise with expos set up like that.

1) Awoken Dreams -Cool map, not a standard style
2) Hocus Peakus -I think its too standard for Motw I do like it tho, but there are plenty of maps like that already.
3) Cant decide between immelstorunn or Dust of the Wind.
oh, but in awoken dreams, I just realized, every expansion is harrassable..
i promise to make one of my next turtle-style :p
I vote for Lemuria because I look at map, no at its author! It's really wonderfull map, and all of you are time for maturing -_-

my top3:
1) (2)Lemuria Altar
2) (4)Mind Control
3) (4)Hocus Peakus
no, it's not. that's bullshit. those loveslaves of mosq shall quit and not just go into mosq's mapthread and in MOTW-thread, post there twice their "uh, cool map, WOW" and disappear.
hmm heres my final 2

Pirate Love
Awoken Demons
1) awoken demons
2) hokus peakus
3) dunno which to take...
I'd say Awoken Demons is leading it for me.
--v mOsQ
flothefreak, if someone is not pleasant to you, it does not mean, that this someone should not like all rests, remember it. You can remove again my comment, but you will not become from it the rights.
i don't have to "become from it the rights". i already got 'em. i could tell immediately some guys only posting in your maps, saying things like "uh, wow, great map", continue doing the same in the MOTW-thread (with your map most the time on top of their list) and then just disappear. strangely, they don't show any interest in other maps, even if they're clearly better. they don't even post a 1-line-comment in those other mapthreads.
yet, i dunno if it is you smurfing or just friends / people of your kind. however, they show the same behaviour as you do (ok, to be fair: with your nickname, there are at least "bad map" "+1 clone" and "noob"-comments in other mapthreads).

whatever it be, those are nothing that influences the decision in any way. so they may stop doing their 2 posts (your mapthread, motw-thread vote for your map) every week.
Whatever happen, i ask --v mOsQ, since PGTour to NOT comment my maps, or his smurf nicks, or friends, or whatever... So if now all those smurfs start commenting all maps, pls skip my maps!
you realize that will make that want to comment on your mapeven more?
I'll just delete every post of them, i got admin rights too and i am just reminding that I WILL NOT let any posts from all smurfs.
1. Hokus peakus

Rest does not matter:)
1.not hokus peakus is all i want
I say what panschk says :P jump the bandwagon ffs.
i just counted
hp and ad are about head-to-head
but this is partly because lgi didn't mention his own map in his ranking, while I did.

so i gotta show some manner :p
I withdraw my former vote which makes it HP then (with a small winnin margin only, but that's no problem to me)

make it HP then someone, if he/she wishes :p
Okay, go for it.
HP all the way.
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