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{motw 2006.35}

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 08, 27 (Year, month, day)


NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)RocketlneptMelee Picture0
(2)Antares 1.1KabummMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Transposition 1.1NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Garden Of AiurNastyMarineMelee Picture0
(2)Jungle ArmoryNastyMarineMelee Picture0
(2)Uprising[7x]SpitfireMelee Picture0
(4)Spectral CharmAntaresMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Mhor-GyarAntaresMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Royale With CheeseCosmiMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Bunker 44 2.0TravinMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Roundn RollinScoutWBFMelee Picture0
(4)Lemuria Devil--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(2)Sleeping Sun FinalScoutWBFMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

Maybe if I keep putting transposition up for motw I will get more comments.
I will have more reps too, showing that some gamers like my map, maybe I can get more input from them.
maybe if you keep talking to yourself, we'll think your kinda wierd
maybe lnept shouldnt talk at all about weirdness, he of all people should know better.
maybe the above poster should take a look at his name. flotheFREAK
maybe this makes no sense.
just maybe.
or quite probably.
you ended the trend -_-
sorry for double entry, pls remove 2.0, somehow the pic and melee don't work there
maybe I'll keep talking to myself as I think I make quite pleasnt company and frankly don't give a shit when concerning whether or not people think I'm wierd and quite possibly I will simply take the comment as a compliment as I wouldn't want to be like all of you nor would I like to make this sentence by any means not a run-on sentence.
wow, you kinda confused me there lol
lol ^_^
NastyMarine maps ftw!
lol you always say that
2 days left and few maps submitted :O
Well i am off for a 2 day trip so i will vote now.

1. Hehe.... (4)Atma


Now really WTF Nasty? You've put two maps whit bridges for chokes? Damn it.

The only other MotW candidate here is (4)Garden Of Aiur but only if Nasty change the choke...

Sorry but i can't give any other vote whit those candidates right now.

Too bad that (2)Antares 1.1 has WAY TOO LONG path to the low ground even longer then the first version of Artist on 7 o'clock. And not only that is long, the main bases are not confortable, because most of your gateways/barracks/factorys should be near your minerals, because if you build on the tight path to the ramp you will slow the units way too much, imo. And it's not confortable :) .
i vote for jungle armory :D looks nice to play
Well someone find Kabumm and tell him to update his map >:O

Would map makers here have a problem with say me uploading an edited version of his map? Of course I would credit him. It's a nice map, but I've never seen him before, so I doubt he will be coming back to edit it.

@LGI still no comments on transposition :(

1. Antares 1.1
2. Atma
3. Garden of Aiur
Fix the ramps, Nightmarjoo... You can do them a lot better, definately.

1. Atma
2. Garden of Aiur
3. Transposition
lol that's true. But the northern ramps will never look perfect I think, because the cliff is so apparent. Ice Dirt doesn't work the same way as twilight crushed rock ><
Are there going to be no more maps? This is like the lowest turnout I've ever seen. Mosq didn't even submit Lemuria Devil, did someone start killing map makers? I mean if Lemuria Devil isn't up there then something must be wrong >< I've never not seen it on the list lol
fuck mosq tbh -_- that dude sucks

vote for mine :D (working on a decent one for the next motw, but wth, why not :P )
well i submitted mhor-gyar last time and spectral charm an older creation of mine :P

maps to give vote on? well i have 6 points to vote and i split them this way if its possible

rocket - 2
garden of aiur - 2
atma - 1
transposition - 1

i dont push one map with the three points, but i point out which are worthy in my eyes

since when do you have 6 points for voting?
3+2+1 thats six i guess, 2+2+2 also

but yeah thats not a normal vote, other than that i dont want to vote now
well, 3/2/1 has some deliberation behind it. yours would cause quite some trouble and problems, to mention two of them: 6pts to _1_ map, many single points to many maps
yes i see.. then leave it if you wish

i feel none of the submitted maps have the great potential, that makes me to vote on it with three points
then drop the 1st place ;)
3 maps that i like equally so 2 pts for each

unholy gods
didn't flo just declare it invalid to give 2-2-2 points? ;)
lol who made flo boss. I don't think there is an official admin just for motw. Ask another admin oO
hey guys unholy gods has already been motw :D remove it from the list
lol :D Oh yes, remember seeing it as MOTW :D

Well, I think flo introduced that voting system :) And actually you shouldn't just change the current system all of a sudden, the others should have a chance to know i#it before voting...
ok if i cant vote 2-2-2 and unholy gods was motw i just realized so

3 - atma
2 - rocket
1 - bunker 44
@nightmarejoo feel free to edit my map. i didn't know anyone cared about it :)
it didnt set this system upon anyone. i once proposed it, and as it worked and proved to give wise results, we just kept it and continued as it would be determined.

the system is structured like this:

1st place: 3pts
2nd: 2pts
3rd: 1pt

if you cant or dont want to make an order for whatever circumstances (no map extraordinary, two maps on same level/that you like both the same), you can instead give a voting without ranking - which leads to award 2 points to each of the mentioned (not more than 3 maps).
2 points dont push as much as 3 do, but it still has some influence on the result - which it would hardly have with 1pt each

this system worked out, so why not using it?
If I would add sleeping sun,do you think it would win? :3
1. jungle armory
2. unholy gods
3. atma
Sleeping sun won't win if you don't submit it :p

Damn it! Unholy Gods already is a MOTW! 5pool, read the comments! ;)
haha alright.sleeping Sun will be MotW for sure.I mean it was in a BWCL mapvote and was 2nd the TANL votes. :3
1pts:Sleeping sun/Round'n rollin

I love voting my own maps XD
>< D'oh ><

where'd i leave my glasses... then second place goes to... hrmm... remade the list:

1. jungle armory
2. atma
3. sleeping sun final
Lol, they are a lot more new maps... Well my vote goes this way:

1) (4)Atma
2) (4)Mhor-Gyar
3) (4)Spectral Charm

P.S. I remove Unholy Gods II, couse it's already a MotW.
Do you need any qualifications to vote? :D

If not,

3pt Garden of Aiur
2pt Atma
1pt Sleeping Sun
bunker, antares, mhor-gyar. no particular order
Atma = winner :D
lemuria devil yay :)

im revoting there are many more maps,

1. Spectral charm
2. Sleeping Sun
3. Atma

I'll make Antares a motw next week ^_^
So how's the score?
1. antares 2. 3. no idea
atma has already won, just see the newspost :)
why is there no next motw thing yet
the admins have been really slow and lazy lately, wtf.
no I don't want to do it either but it's your responsibility as an admin =/
there's like alteast 3 or 4 active admins right? Can't one of you do things on time?
Yeah I apreciate what you guys have already done but the delay is annoying
shut up and do it yourself before even thinking of complaining. it's fucking volunteerly, so we do it when WE want. if you wanna have it your way, everytime "on time", then fucking do it yourself on time. pathetic bastard...
lol see I knew you'd say that which is why I said several times that no I didn't want to do it either but of course you're flothefreak, you don't really care what people say =/
pathetic bastard...
if you dont wanna do it, dont ever dare to complain. that's as easy as it is, and this is exactly why i DO not care what you say.
btw, bastard might fit, but i am at least not pathetic...
I've been working alot lately sorry for inconvience :/

As for small stuff like updating the MOTW name on the right tab, i cannot update that, only panschk can.. and sumtimes i get lazy and i fail to add the next competition

flo u didnt have to freak out on Nightmarjoo.. he wasnt attacking anybody.. just asking why.
@nasty ty for understanding
maybe panschk could make it so others could update that?
Oh Noes
if you dont wanna do it, dont ever dare to complain. that's as easy as it is, and this is exactly why i DO not care what you say.
btw, bastard might fit, but i am at least not pathetic... you shouldve emphasized not not do
oO my bad?
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