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deadline to enter maps: 2006, 10, 07 (Year, month, day)
Add away!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)AdventGriGMelee Obs Picture3
(4)Land Before TimeNastyMarineMelee Picture0
(4)Muse 1.5Nightmarjoo and SpinesheathMelee Picture1
(4)The Accomplice 2Holy)Sin(Melee Obs Picture0
(4)MirageflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Tar RiverPanschk[FP]Melee Obs Picture0
(4)Lemuria Devil--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(4)UraganGriGMelee Picture0
(2)Paradise Lost5poolMelee Obs Picture2
(2)MontsegurAntaresMelee Obs Picture8
(4)Genesis1.3SkyMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Curtain CallHoly)Sin(Melee Obs Picture1
The competition is closed!

my map has more replays so vote for it!!
Can an admin take out curtain call? Ment to put in The Accomplice 2.
oops ^^

sure i can take it out Holy
Thanks, I still need to work on the other one before putting it up for motw.
Muse ftw. No comments = perfect!! and I got replays!! and the inverted ramps are now teh proz thx to teh Spinez!!
Fuck, if Azure Pasture with its racial imbalances and Veangance River with its nothing special and bridges for chokes can be MOTW so can Muse!!


Azure has no racial imbas... done

and bridges are fine as chokes i still dont see any good reason for them not to be used in maps or as main chokes... show me some good replays where they affect games to the point where it is imba.. i dont see how they could affect gameplay in a bad way especially when the majority of the bridges in Vengeance are short (so dont say tanks will own there)
so far all the maps entered suck except for the accomplice and paradise lost is aight. tar river is interesting but certainly not MOTW
I absolutley love (2)Tar River.. Panschk, fix some of the mineral lines at the expos and move the min onlies in the middle of the map away from eachother. I'd give it a vote Ez
NastyMarine I posted a paragraph on why I think Azure Pastures sucks ass in the map thread. Your stunning rebuttal was, and I quote: "stop bitching, the map is fine."

ooh hoo hoo you sure showed me.
I'd rather have mosq making motw decisions than you if that's your idea of a motw. Same with veangance.
I added lemuria devil. I think it's a better map than veangance. I would vote for it but I'm sure LGI if not someone sooner will remove it for a hate of mosq.
I say: "...Azure Pasture with its racial imbalances and Veangance River with its nothing special and bridges for chokes..."

you say

"Azure has no racial imbas... done

and bridges are fine as chokes i still dont see any good reason for them not to be used in maps or as main chokes... show me some good replays where they affect games to the point where it is imba.. i dont see how they could affect gameplay in a bad way especially when the majority of the bridges in Vengeance are short (so dont say tanks will own there)"

you did not adress why I am incorrect about my statement that Azure has racial imbalances. You also omitted to say anything about the fact that Veangance offers nothing special. Azure sorta did just by adding a bunch of already used elements together.
>< pls don't vote for paradise, take it out. sorry again. i'm going to remake the entire map, to even and mirror things into perfection. :)

should be on for next week though
even if azure pasture wasnt truly balanced (WHICH YOU FUCKIN CANT JUDGE BY PICTURE BECAUSE IT IS NOT AT ALL STANDARD. TWO MAINGASES CAN HEAVILY CHANGE BALANCE. JUST THINK OF PVZ!), it has style as hell and is a jewel of originality without stupid mistakes. for having such a difficult concept, bongee just kick ass because he was able to create such a cool and great map based on it.
delete my map plz, is already motw
can someone delete paradise lost 2 pls? thanks
I love Paradise Lost right now, none of the others really appeal to me at the moment.
mirage, paradise, advent. i hate the 1point-voting system ;/
mirage/advent havent had any play testing.
I will win
which map do you plan on winning with? I dont see it
You won't win. Half the maps are better. Them ramps don't help the case. Not much room. Looks tight.
Tight as in cramped, not slang. Looks balanced towards T.
Your Name2
ok not voting for grig maps because they are protected.

Maverick is lt only the islands are on land and it lacks the positional imbalances lt bosts.

Tar river is just not my cup of tea, looks bad for z =/

I don't care for the huge nat-main distances of Accomplis2

Lemuria Devil: well if there weren't better maps I'd vote for this =/ (Thankfully there are :) )

This leaves Muse 1.5, Entho, Paradise, Montesgur, and Mirage. For Mirage I don't see why you can't make the geysers all work, but as you said I don't think it will be significant.

btw Your Name2 is Nightmarjoo too lazy to sign in.
im doubting between ent and mont

both look really good, and above all fun to play

i admint, i did not play them. but i have little to no time for anything atm, so i have to judge by picture >< and other players'comments

and reps if any :)
where did genesis come from. Map is interesting but imo too tight.
Hmm, what is it with the deadline, btw?
gg montsegur
Yup, Montsegur.
Lol, not much of a competition so far is it? :P
Yep... BWMN is not a skilled site. Another week where all of you proove it.

An EXPERIMENTAL map, whitout even ONE game is going up for the MotW. Great... Just great.

Just tell me is it, because we have a lot of maps whit this concept that we've already played and we know what is the balance and gameplay on this map? Or you just like very nice and prety pictures?

When most of the mappers will start understand the diffrence?

This map IS AWSOME - YES!

-Looks good.
-Very fresh.
-WE NEED MAPS LIKE THIS to proove our skill level of BWMN. But what if there is something wrong whit the map? It will be already published in and AGAIN, i repeat AGAIN the not that skilled GAMERS, NOT MAPPERS will find our mistakes that we can fix it, before they even see it.

WTF is wrong whit you all? All week i am trying to find someone from here to play the map, but i can't. Well maybe next week...
And here is my vote (4)Lemuria Devil, couse i love to vote for experimental non tested maps, just like you?




I like Montsegur because it requires micro. Most maps nowadays are instant natural expo and minonly short by. This one has the expo across a trench from the main, making the player have to micro. I have played Montsegur but I haven't played any games worth posting. They are mostly all just newb stomps so I can't really say much for the long game but I liked the early game battles because it requires much more micro than usual. On Lemuria devil the cliffs for the top are much closer than for the bottom so if it is top vs top then the cliffs will certainly be used a lot but in bottom vs bottom the cliff is mostly pointless. Montsegur is a nicely made map and fairly balanced. It has the tankable ledges for the minoly expo, has a few cliffs. It is also balanced well for Z and P because the middle is opened up pretty well without being wide open. I like how Montesuger has that minonly expo in the base that you can mine to.

I guess we are newbs because we don't like Lemuria Devil. Lots of maps are better than Lemuria Devil on here, not just Montsegur.
Paradise Lost and Entheogenic are better maps, for example.
You don't get the exampole of Lemuria Devil do you?

Just a tip don't stick to this map, it's just one big off topic in the MotW competition, so don't mention it.

And it doesn't matter how newb plaeyrs play the maps. When a map maker is watching a rep he is watching path finding, how probes mine, and staff like this, they are many things to test.
LGI, I don't really think MOTWs necessarily have to be proven and tested for balance and such before they can be voted for.

Hardly any of the maps on this site are played anyway. The point of the MOTW system, I think, is just to say, "Hey - look at this." From there, if a map generates enough interest, it will be tested, modified if necessary, and played.

There isn't a large enough audience for these maps so that we can have a new MOTW to gain popularity every week. The MOTW system is simply so that we can point with which maps in particular we should consider "taking it a step further".

Montsegur > Lemuria Devil btw
you got a vote Antares ^^
How come that almost always everyone votes for the same maps? Is it a higher power that leads your opinions? I mean, there HAVE to be SOME people that like other maps better...

Montsegur is nice, but I can't imagine beating a terran on it - bunker a little, maybe take the island between the two players, and prevent the zerg from taking the top left expansions (mnm + tank drop...).
ah i dont like to see quarrel :S

well it wasnt me who added the map to the competiton. i didnt plan it.. yet. i would have loved to have it deeper play tested before. so delete the map from the competition if you want(sry montségur voters :( )
if my map isnt chosen in a nice way, then i dont want to get it motw, it is not worth it (in my opinion) to get a motw by quarrels and flames or so :(
well i played 5 games on montegur with some friends.

plays very well, pathfinding is fine.
good layout

CONS: a lot of cheese/1 base play
expo gets up very late since it is far/or it takes a while to mine out that one on the side. then there are a lot of expos on this map, so one of our games was very drawn out due to this..
I will try and test mont later today.
why is what you mention a CON? that way of playing was standard one or two years ago...dont despite it only because we're at macro times at the moment. i'd love to play some more micro/cheese/few expanding maps...
montsegur or ethno, that's a hard one :/
I love how everyone is voting for maps they think deserve MOTW then tktkvroom votes for his own. Lol.

The best candidates for MOTW are Montsegur Paradise Lost and Entheogenic, as I said earlier and they are receiving votes. People aren't just voting for maps that have votes because other people are. There maps that have votes have them because they are significantly better than the rest.
WTF why do all of you vote for entho this week and not the week before. Entho is better than veangance and nothing has changed with the map. You retards are such flipflops.

I hope Lemuria Devil wins somehow...
Lol, what was the system before this new one? I wonder if there was as much name calling.
ah well

did anyone else notice a huge decrease in voters? :P seems to me only the "known" ones vote :D
yea, grigs didnt arrive yet.. but advent is farly the best map of grig i have ever seen, so this map justify him a bit, but he looks like quited bwmn
its monday ^^
About GriG's maps i think Uragan is the best, but i really have to test those high/low grounds before giving my vote. Atm i don't have time for anything so maybe next week...
uragan is SO MUCH for the looks. advent is a GOSU map. far beyond desert flower
Did I just heared somebody say "Test Tournament!"?I hope so cause those maps are looking too experimental.

Ok well entheogenic (hard to write T_T) seems like you won't be able to build a single factory or gate in you main base in TvT/P because it will be crushed from the top.Seems like 7tank+5SCV rush for the win T_T
grig cannot win motw because he won't unprotect his maps -.- and for that reason alone. Desert Flower would be MOTW if it had been unprotected.

Well mont or entho for MOTW. Both are good candidates, I would not mind either being MOTW.

Mont's disadvantage is it being largely untested, which hurts it because it is experimental. Entho is also fairly experimental, but I played it and it is alright. I wish it had less plain decoration, but that is LGI's style so w/e.
so who won this one? mont i take it?
vote is not everything -.- Bare in mind LGI was strongly against mont being MOTW for it's lack of testing, and that is significant. Also Paradise Lost has still recieved attention. Although I think that one needs an edit of those islands before it can be MOTW =/
i simply didnt have time for games, otherwise im so noob, so my reps cant be a representative showdown of the map's gameplay
im still working on paradise, so keep it from being motw. got plans for it, including more testing :)
heh k mont or entho then? LGI doesn't seem to be pushing his own map much, but he clearly wants mont to be tested before it is prematurly declared MOTW.
on a side note i wouldnt mind curtain call as MOTW. doesnt need any play-testing and looks alright, although doesnt have the best decoration
What do you suggest I do about decoration? Twilight decoration isn't really pretty. More comments on curtain call would be nice so I can make it better and more appealing.
lol I have no idea how you make a pretty twilight map =/ Mostly use doodads I guess =/
Hmm can't you add sprites in place of doodads? Cuz don't units walk through those kind of sprites? As long as you don't add too many of those there would be no problem, and you could add out of tileset doodads which would look interesting.
Curtain Cell is a safe shot, certainly. It represents pretty much the standard twilight map, somehow I get to see that style on twilight a lot...
But it lacks "specialness" imo.
well, if montsegur cant become motw then it is clear which map should get it: entheogencic, 6 votes, i dont mind if it becomes motw instead of montségur
etheogenetic.. 2 bridges as choke means REALLY hard PvZ / TvP in early game.. Nat is really hard to secure in ZvT as well, and it just doesn't seem balanced to me. I'd expect better from LGI.
Your choke is not the bridge, read the map topic and see GMCS on (2)Enthegenic.
Ah, sorry. Thought there was an exit at the bottom. Are you sure no units can go through there?
Yes, i've already test it. Lings and ghosts can't...
lol @doubting LGI ><
entheognic just doesnt play well imo. all the games are who can drop better, then getting more turtlelicious with nat expo, then i try to take island and its usually Gg by then. top part of map doesnt even see use
some one make post its weds. in 5 mins :/
Maverick = MOTW no contest
lol lnept never likes a map
because i actually play them :P
I actually don't like any map - on all of them you have to fight your opponent. Why not live peacefully together? :p
lol spines. You know how boring that would be? When would the game end?^^
Once you connection gets cut :p
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AiurZ voted (2)Curtain Call
boongee voted (2)Montsegur
Cucdas voted (2)Advent
epidiOn voted (2)Montsegur
For2Motion voted (2)Advent
herb voted (2)Advent
LaO-Artanis voted (2)Montsegur
LGI voted (2)Paradise Lost
lnept voted (2)Montsegur
NastyMarine voted (2)Montsegur
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Montsegur
nOia voted (2)Montsegur
panschk[FP] voted (2)Montsegur
ScoutWBF voted (4)Muse 1.5
spinesheath voted (2)Paradise Lost
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