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BWMN mappack 2
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"Nah.I wouldn't like that.It's my map not the map of the BWMN map making team.We are not mapdori,where one person gives the map a name,some place the xpansions and some make the middle and we have alist of 10people that all have to appear in the text. -_-"

it doesnt have to be that way. And its not like thats how we make our maps neway. epidions right. lets just make it professional and thats it
2006, 04, 22 19:52
yeah. the way i planned it:
-i take every meleeversion of those maps. i create obs versions for all of them, which WON'T replace those on the site. they are exclusively for the mappack.
-i will keep them simple in displayed text.
BWMN Mappack II
Map created by *author*
2006, 04, 22 20:09
but i already have a text message in my map.Will it be replaced?
2006, 04, 22 20:12
yes. the text displayed will be all the same. resons:
1) it is more professional, we're selling a product.
2) i won't take all observer version of 15 maps, and look at each and test around if everything works - and then see to edit the messages. i will take the melees, and stamp a standard triggerpack onto them.

btw, what is your text which has such a high importance?
modified by flothefreak
2006, 04, 22 20:22
It's that not that important.just do what you want.
2006, 04, 22 22:15
i added this trigger-set to the gravity obs-version take a look on that

and if you don't mind in ALL of my future maps I consider myself as a BWMN mapmaking team member ^^

2006, 04, 22 23:15
word me too. pretty respectable and professional
2006, 04, 22 23:22
Same as the two above.
2006, 04, 22 23:37
not bad, but I'd like to keep it simple. and more than 3sec displaying, as well as a _2nd_ text after this is only annyoing. i cannot stress how much i hate this.
2006, 04, 22 23:49
feel free to erase it if you want to
2006, 04, 23 00:19
So at the start it will say??? presents:
(example:) Frozen Tundra
Made By: NastyMarine


flo if ur busy i can do this with all the maps
2006, 04, 23 09:16
it comes very close to what i intend to do.
i said i would make the obs versions because mine _do_ work. if your do as well, you can have the work if you desperately want it :o
2006, 04, 23 11:36
Take a four player obs trigger to begin with. 2 player obs maps work with 4-player triggers, but not the other way 'round.
2006, 04, 23 16:19
my obs work perfectly fine.. check FT if u'd like
2006, 04, 23 22:09
These triggers aren't very hard... why are you guys making these such a big deal?
2006, 04, 24 00:22
yea but your a gosu UMS mapmaker millenium :P of course there easy to you
2006, 04, 24 00:46
It is easy...But in Mappack 1 three people worked on it, it was checked more than once, and still a non-working obs version slipped the quality control. If we have to respect every mapper's strange settings the probability of non-working maps is much higher.
2006, 04, 24 09:57
right very true... so who is taking this job?
2006, 04, 24 10:32
as i said, my obs versions work perfectly; those have been tested a lot, no problems. so in order to assure a pack with good obs versions, i said i would make them, so they'd work all.

if someone else with working obs versions want to have some work, he or she can do it. i have no problem with being spared from work.
2006, 04, 24 10:35
My Obs version of Sleeping Sun works 100% because I played on it numerous times,so you don't need to check it.Except you want to replace my text with your text triggers,of course.
2006, 04, 24 13:00
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