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BWMN mappack 2
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lgi is kinda aggressive the last few weeks oO
2006, 04, 07 09:07
maybe his girlfriend is PMSing and taking it out on him? or just relationship problems lol I'm just kidding. but he definiently just singled me out there haha
2006, 04, 07 09:10
king of 8 plr maps
What about my pro map, think the map size will make for an interesting game, I know Nada will love that, hes good at rushing, its good map for 1 on 1.

Its not my greatest 4 player map, but I think it be cool map to play, Think I can update map and fix islands or even remove it to make it more fair

modified by king of 8 plr maps
2006, 04, 07 11:00
sry dude but you maps suck.
2006, 04, 07 11:44
"nada will love it"

that made my day
2006, 04, 07 13:15
Ok, Nasty. Now read my story.

Once upon a time, there was a BWMN Map Pack - THE FIRST! There was an open forum topic here, and there was a discussion, and same as you i want some of my maps there, because i knew that this is my big chance to push my maps somewhere behind the limits of BWMN web site. That time my latest map was (4)Azax Syndrome. From this ID below everything was active but 1/2 of them crap. That time as i was looking at my maps i think that maps like (4)Azax Syndrome, (4)Kin Dza Dza, (4)Fatali, (2)Theoreme, (4)Wizzy Noise (My first MotW) were good enought for the pack, and i want it at least one map there. So for a start i was just reading the posts there, without commenting anything. In the start of the third page i realize that i have no chances of getting in to this map pack and i type:

"Good luck...


Then the only post that i remember since then was from Listoric:

"? LGI come on, show us that you can do even better and you will have a map in the pack as well."

I was really motiveted and my next map was Grapes of Wrath. But i don't remember when exatcly did i make it. Before the final look of the BWMN Map Pack or after that. Anyway it doesn't really mather for me, because at least i've made a big step forward and improve my skills.

Anyway lets get back to the first BWMN Map Pack topic.

My second post there was on the fifth page:

"The pack is unfinished! None of mine maps are there :P"

Because they were already commenting the finished look of the map pack. My other comments on page seven were after the map pack was relised, and i was just helping with some information for the nationals of the authors.

After this i really, really feel bad, because none of mine maps was there... I really want it but... I comment/lossing time this with Listoric via ICQ, and the point was that next time i will be more good at map making, and i will really diserve a spot in this map pack (We were talking already for the second map pack, wich no one comment it, because we've just relised the first one).

Months pass, and here it is! The second map pack is forming. This time the goal is not to give standart maps to the pack. It's every map maker to have a map in the pack. And the mappers are there, shown on the first page. And as i am looking at the names i am talking to myself:

"Oh, yeah, i am in! It was about time!!!

Hey there is NastyMarine too! WTF? His mapping skills were just like mine when we come back to the first map pack, and i wasn't in the first map pack. How mine mapping skills and his are put head to head with?! And not only with me, with SP, trcc, Spitfire, noname etc... His is still new in this, he needs time to form his many ideas and maps into one. To improve his skills, and show us something more then what we see right now."

Anyway those was my toughts about me, and you, i don't comment my other toughts about the others, because right now it's between me and you.

After this i didn't post anything against you, i just comment the maps that are displed to be picked for the pack. And when we come to your name, and when i see (2)Frozen Tundra and (4)Winter Devils as suggestions for the pack i say to myself:

"Damn, (4)Winter Devils is not good enought for the pack (i will skip the part with the problems, that i already point, about the min onlys) and (2)Frozen Tundra is a map that I DON'T LIKE (Do you read this cerfully? I hope you understand me. I write that I DON'T LIKE IT! It's me! It's my personal taste, i don't say that the map is bad!). So i better not give my vote for him, if i give my vote it would be just a lie by me..."

As the comments were comming and comming, i see that you are the most active in this topic, and you give so many suggestions, and you are showing those suggestions as they had to be done 100% , like we are all losers, and we don't have the word at all... Anyway i still keep shut, and just ignore your bad manner acting. But when i see that you want to add two of your maps, and some other NOT TESTED AT ALL MAPS, not even discussed a little more i was just pissed off and write my toughts to your face.

Ok, this was the story... I skip some things, but nevermind...

In the end i just want to say that your solution is not to delete all your maps from the DB. Just keep mapping. Imo, one map for a start is enough for you! You have the chance that i didn't have. Feel happy with this, and be greatfull. Also you don't have to wine, that you still don't have a MotW map. Ask flothefraak about this, he is the most hurt by this from his staying in BWMN.
2006, 04, 07 19:51
lol LGI got any thoughts about me? truly beautiful words thy speaketh
2006, 04, 07 20:01
"As the comments were comming and comming, i see that you are the most active in this topic, and you give so many suggestions, and you are showing those suggestions as they had to be done 100% , like we are all losers, and we don't have the word at all... Anyway i still keep shut, and just ignore your bad manner acting. But when i see that you want to add two of your maps, and some other NOT TESTED AT ALL MAPS, not even discussed a little more i was just pissed off and write my toughts to your face."

1) nastymarine is the most active because no1 else is. i took the liberty to push the discussion since everyone else was busy and i havent seen ne complaints until u felt i was taking the spotlight or suttin .. im sorry but truthfully i was kinda excited to see my name in there so chill. its a compliment to be put in a category as the other main/gosu mappers.

2)dont talk about me whining about not getting a motw. u had motws b4 the first mappack so u had ur lime light shine. so ur completely missing the point why i sed that u had motws b4 the first mappack. and then u completely forget that Winter Devils and also trench warefare and grosch etc. are not in it at all so far.. they're only potential maps that others have felt they deserve a chance in there. THEY are ONLY potential MAPPACK maps. so please argue about it more!! ur losing.. those maps arent even in at all. I only have one garunteed slot and thats FT. and im not twisting the guidelines for the mappack but trying to get any others of my maps into it is not a bad thing so gg.

3)"The pack is unfinished! None of mine maps are there :P" - LGI

now thats whinning right there. jus in subliminal form. i dont see how i did that at all. i have not complained or nething during this discussion.. i've done nothing but offer suggestions and ur still complaining about how im pushing my best maps into discussion

u've still yet to tell me any real problems with pathfinding on WD so im guessing ur not going to.

and to make u feel better: it seems like u think im ungreatful about having a spot in the mappack. SO... WHICH MAP OF YOURS WULD U LIKE SEEN AS A POTENTIAL EXTRA (like trench warefare etc..)? OR if u feel like bitching more, how about u talk to panschk about that.. hes the one that feels i shuld get a spot. take it up with him. I havent recieved any recommendation about me being in it at all so maybe we all should discuss if i shuld be in this mappack.

I think ur being very irrational right now.. so calm down talk to some1 else about me having a spot here. cuz if it goes back and forth like this we wont resolve nething.
2006, 04, 07 20:43
Open your mind, lol... You haven't understand a word of what i've said. But it's ok, after some months you will look and think diffrently.
2006, 04, 07 21:05
what are u talking about.. dont try to give me a lesson on how I should think or predict that im naive. I understood everything u sed and ur basically telling me i am being ungreatful for trying to get WD into the mappack. u have ur right to opinion but u definiently took everything out of context .. u make it seem like im complaining or demanding another spot etc.. so try more to make me look stupid.

u hate it so much that im in this mappack cuz i havent been here as long as u have. why dont u embrace that im becoming a good mapper.. dont try to put me down for gettin as much as i can outta my maps.
2006, 04, 07 21:39
You're all so lost in your petty squables and egos and "my map is so good" that you can no longer see the goal of the site. The goal of the entire map making community is to further user-created maps and to push them into competition with the maps created by the professional korean map creators. The goal of the site is to foster an environment where map makers can create balanced and playable maps to compete.

This is NOT a site to boost your ego. It is NOT a site to think that your maps are the best, and it is NOT a site to care only about yourself, your maps, and your agenda.

LGI has already touched on this before, how it seems that BWM has already started to lose its focus, and how you usually see people post maps, and do not help other users with their maps. You can see the influx of users that care only about themselves, and you can see the influx of users who could frankly care less about what is best for the community as opposed to themselves.

There is the Map of the Week, and there is the Recommended map section. Soon there will be a SECOND BWM "best of" pack. So then ask yourself, what is the point of each category?

The recommended map section is a category of maps where a stranger to the site can easily go into and browse through the higher quality maps of the site, so they don't get bogged down in the hundreds upon hundreds of maps in the database.

The Map of the Week now is a contest of any map, to see which one is the best fitting of the award, typically in terms of playability and balance. The Map of the Week is essentially the cream of the crop.

And now you bring in the BWM map pack, what is that? Apparently it can't be the "best of", because people have already stated that they would rather not have a MOTW inside the map pack. Is the map pack simply a way to boost everyone's e-penis? Because that is all it is right now.

A BWM map pack should be compiled of THE BEST maps from the site. If a new map comes along that is deserving of it, you can retire one of the maps, and put that new one in. There is no point of having a package of maps that is like "1 map from each user" because frankly some maps makers on this site aren't on the same level as the others, even in your perceived upper echelon. Why should a map get preference over another simply because of its author?

This site was never intended to be a pissing competition, it was (in my understanding) created to be a community. It was created so that map makers would have some chance of organizing themselves to the point where they could get maps played, and they could make good playable balanced maps. And you know what? It succeeded. There have been some of our maps used in international LAN competitions, there have been some of our maps used in ladders, and in online tournaments. We have done really well so far.

But that doesn't give us any reason to lose our focus. Notice that I said OUR maps. We cannot seperate ourselves into different schisms, or categories. It isn't that Starparty has his map in the PGT map pool, it's that WE have a map in the PGT map pool.

We shouldn't be looking out for ourselves, we need to look out for the community. Highlighting users is detrimental to this pursuit, and if we get into this stupid trivial squabbling and if we get caught into this ceaseless drama, we will crumble, and our maps will NEVER be able to reach the highest levels.
2006, 04, 07 21:46
good point u put it in good perspective.

although i must object that me and LGI have not sed that we are better than eachother. we are complaining about another subject within what u are talking about.

never the less lets push on with trcc sp and spitfires maps again cuz we are almost done (concerning the main mappers garunteed maps). at this point we dont have enuff voters to simply add jus any map of trcc sp and spitfire.

personally i like most of their maps so if sum1 wuld post a fair few of their maps we can discuss it from there.
2006, 04, 07 21:54
king of 8 plr maps
Nastymarine, and I should have a chance in the map pack, just put it into a vote, Think nasty reached good level of map making. Ive updated my pro map, think its alot better then before, and is the only 4 player map thats on 96x96 and is perfectly balanced.

Look reach, nada, Yellow, Almost every replay even non competition they Rather play less complicated maps. Its eather Luna or Rush hour most time. Goto gosugamer right now you see 13 replays on luna in first page, and msot those is Public game.

My pro map there is no learning curve its pure head on gameplay that stands out, and is unique in its own way.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
2006, 04, 07 22:33
@ "king": the only map of urs i can see being put into the mappack is Event Horizon.. but u are bit confused about ur skill thus far. judging by the comments u recieve in this thread and ur map's threads .. it doesnt look like ur quality is as good as u think. u should really focus on ut best map and figure out what u did good in it (ur best map: EVENT HORIZON)
2006, 04, 07 23:04
king of 8 plr maps
Event horizon good fun map, thats about it, Im in busness of making most of my maps fun, I quit making pro 4 player maps like 3 years ago. They dont want to put in a 6 player map if they not playing team competitions, It would be fun game to watch 3 on 3, but they dont play for fun its a contest mostly, to show off maps.

People want 128x128 for 6 player thats no secret, 8 player on 128 cant and wont be better then 6 player version, I got like 60 maps I made over 4 year period, some good some bad, some updated.

Every map maker got good and bad even the best of them got bad ones, As far this site goes my 6 and 8 players maps right up there, unless I see better, Ill be king little longer.

Heard Inept Attempting to do an 8 player map, and I hope he makes a better one then ones Ive uploaded here sofar.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
2006, 04, 07 23:27
Aiurz you really explains things too much, lay off the big words for a second and just speak your thoughts...All i heard was one sentence then fall asleep :)

if what Aiurz says is true, then it will be infact, a SP/Trcc/Travin/Summersky mappack and maybe a couple from LGI and Flo.
2006, 04, 08 00:06
king of 8 plr maps
I vote for event horizon to be in map pack, but it wont be in there, with only 2 votes.

so my picks for map pack from me would be

Pro Map
Event Horizon

modified by king of 8 plr maps
2006, 04, 08 00:16
"if what Aiurz says is true, then it will be infact, a SP/Trcc/Travin/Summersky mappack and maybe a couple from LGI and Flo."

inept? what??? lol i dont remember seeing anything about that in auirz's post
2006, 04, 08 02:16
i didn't read all the posts completely, but just cut the bullshit and start thinking. for that purpose, i will make it short

-lgi has evolved, and you all should listen to what he says. don't believe all, but fuckin listen to him.
-nasty, most of your maps don't fit the level of the mappack, ESPECIALLY not winter devils. it is no bad map, but way under what we want. frozen tundra on the other hand is great, stylish and roxx. so IT will be in the pack. if you had not made the sexy FT, i would be against you having a certain spot. you were kinda lucky panschk made the list from the most active mappers - which is why listoric and travin are excluded. this is no flaming. you should just be aware of this.
-and yeah, i also think you acted the big shot. you said like a hundred times, that WD is sooo good and asked a hundred times "and WD for wildcard maybe gogo?". aiurz is right here. you should see it is not good enough for the pack. but you somehow tried to get a grip on the execution here to push your map in (that is impression, dont pin me down on this). and yeah, like LGI, i was irritated about this, i just didn't say something about it.

before getting too elaborate, too, i will cut here. just dont shrug it off like LGIs comment, but start thinking. you fell back into the "i know all better than you"-attitude because you have improved and now you feel being the king. that is wrong, so accept what others say (like "wd is not good enough"). so start thinking, if not, you wont ever improve.
2006, 04, 08 12:35
now i would recommend getting better at gaming nasty so we can have some real games and test the maps :)
2006, 04, 08 15:44
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