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BWMN mappack 2
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Btw we have 7 2 players map. And you all know that most of the players like more 4 players maps, so keep this in mind...
2006, 04, 15 12:00
objection: tentacle or pallisade by trcc, there is nothing fix i guess
2006, 04, 15 12:20
Hell, I'll go fix that stupid hole in Tentacle.

EDIT: Okay, I did that, but I didn't do an obs, since I tend to mess those up.

By the way, we should develop a set of working obs triggers with some text triggers and apply those to all of the maps that go in here.
modified by epidiOn
2006, 04, 15 19:09
what are the votes for tentacle/pallisade?

pallisade would be the better choice imo, by far!
2006, 04, 15 22:29
palliside then. tentacle is just retarded map imo
2006, 04, 15 23:11
2006, 04, 16 00:21
I'd still say Tentacle is better, but I'm definitely okay with Pallisade.
1. It's island (great!)
2. It's 4players (great!)
2006, 04, 16 00:50
yeah actually i feel the same way but too many ppl hate tentacle.. even tho its very beautiful and gameplay should be incredibly nice o well pallisade is gosu too
2006, 04, 16 01:27
Let's have at least one 3 players map. It's fresh.
2006, 04, 16 02:19
Sounds good to me so shall it be tentacle?
2006, 04, 16 02:34
tentacle has more votes it seems.
though, we need airmaps and 4-player maps quite badly, so tentacle doesn't really fit into the mappack somehow (personal). tentacle roxx and stuff, but for the choice i would prefer pallisade. it would make more sense for the pack itself, while tentacle might be the better choice for trcc.

i dont oppose to any of those two maps.
i just want to emphasise that pallisade would help the pack more than tentacle (also regarding the 1on1 factor, which makes an underbelly (<-? google translator) for tentacle, it being designed for 3 players)
2006, 04, 16 12:05
If we need an 4 players air map i suggest to put (4)Nautilus 1.1 by Travin. I don't care if he is inactive, but this is the best air map that i've ever seen. And most of the air maps are terrans maps. But this one seems pretty balance to me.

P.S. On 21.04.2006 there will be another tourney by me in Bulgaria. The map pool is:

(4)Darina's Feelings
(4)Nautilus 1.1

Even if (2)Osom is not a MotW, i want to test it hardly for some staff, to be sure if i am right in promoting this map that much at BWMN. And also i want to have replays to cover the theorycraft :) .
2006, 04, 16 12:11
I just made a map and I feel very proud of it:

(4)Sacred Grounds

I was wondering if we can have this map in the pack instead of construction? Maybe? Since it is a 4 player map and we seem to have an overwhelming number of 2 player maps.
2006, 04, 16 16:48
Is sleeping sun in the mappack or not?
2006, 04, 16 18:41
that is the most important question!
2006, 04, 16 20:11
2006, 04, 16 20:18
I agree with LGI. Tentacle and Nautilus. It's an awesome air map.

And MA, I'm torn... I think I like Construction better, but flo seems to like SG better. I donno, maybe it'll sink in a bit more, but as of now I'd prefer Construction.

What is everyone's thoughts on Sleeping Sun?
2006, 04, 16 21:03
nautilus = motw

i thought we were trying to stay away from that as much as possible.. tho i wuldnt mind seeing it in there at all. great map..

but i think Sleeping Sun would be a better choice.. think of it: how many desert maps do we have in the mappack? and i think a 1v1 airmap would fair alot better than a 4 player map... then again i dont know for sure.. all i know is that i'd hate a 1v1 airmap on a 4 player map .. tho it can also be a 2v2 air map (nautilus)

i personally dont mind any of the choices/ideas of these maps b.c. they are all great.

personal picks:

sleeping sun
2006, 04, 16 22:15
Nautilus is a bit too oldschool imo. And Imo Sleeping sun should def. be in it. Pallisade as 4 player island and SS as 2 player island :)
2006, 04, 18 12:29
Give some room for Tentacle, GOD (panschk)!
2006, 04, 18 16:33
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