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BWMN mappack 2
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So I vote we make an actual competition with submissions, and we have a discussion there regarding the wildcards. And now, all of the elite mappers should choose their one map to go in.
2006, 03, 19 18:53
this is so disorganized lol really it is. panschk u gotta get everyone to discuss these maps once at a time so that we can progress in this mappack. so lets start off wit the maps that lgi has picked etc... how bout we start off with these players maps (once at a time.. dont go skipping around):


lets start it
2006, 03, 19 19:11
LGI's maps:

(4)Hocus Peakus
(4)Darina's Feeling

OSom 1st:

aight well its complicated but i do like it. its tough wen u already have a motw in HP and thats a good map. but i'd like to see more games on this map to prove its worthiness. possibly some more bigger names like exalted (very gosu player) on sc:east in terran strategy channel. players in that channel are pretty willing to play new maps. but i culd see this in the mappack. actually i never saw the most recent pic of it until yesterday and i like it now.

Hocus Peakus 2nd:
what can i say.. yes to the mappack.. lots of ppl will love this map.. its gg to be in.. simple and plain.

Darinas Feelings 3rd:
great middle .. its very beautiful if u ask me.. i say u gotta redo the mains... they are ugly.. but i do like how u manipulated an idea of low ground.. its not that bad.. but compared to the others i'd say no go. its not that i dont like it.. i admire this map but mains are awkard. i havent seen the reps but it seems like im the only one that seems so.
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 03, 19 22:44
It will be one of the 3, not all three. So which would you chose?

My choice would be hokus.
2006, 03, 20 00:26
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 03, 20 00:44
2006, 03, 20 05:13
2006, 03, 20 07:11

Well go Hocus...

P.S. Check the map threat, it's important if it's going to be in the map pack.
2006, 03, 20 07:41
ok so ne objections?? if not HP is in.
2006, 03, 20 17:37
hp is best. xenomorph would be cool, too. but HP roxx
2006, 03, 20 18:54
Don't really have a good map right now, so I'll say Path of/Road to victory.
2006, 03, 20 19:23
trcc and sp didn't post their favourites
so let's go on with my ones, i am next on the list.

i nominated "awoken demons" and "trench warfare"
I'd love to see both of them in the pack, cannot decide ~~
2006, 03, 20 20:31

trench warfare is like a condom bursting

it was a mistake.
it brought shame to your name.
2006, 03, 20 21:32
actually they are really both versatile and well constructed maps.. i wouldnt mind seeing them both.. they are just nice.. i'd love to see gosu tvp macro games on Trench Warfare... and tvz and pvz micro games on awoken demons... tuff desicion... how bout both??
2006, 03, 20 22:02
ughh please explain how trench warfare is versatile...
2006, 03, 20 22:04
let's do it the other way round. tell me why it isn't. for you actually stand alone with your opinion right now.
2006, 03, 20 22:24
ive done a map similar to this concept but not really, Tuna Bass not as good executed but it has the same flaw. The battle field is very very close and very big that most games will be a 2 expo mass out battle in the middle or a terran slowly pushing down the map. This rusty pit path is almost useless because of how long it is and the bottom of the map will be barely used.

now, tell me why it IS versatile.
2006, 03, 20 22:36
im sure u havent played this map at all.. i played on it once vs some person in the TS tvp and it was quite fun actually... vulture harassing was the best going thru the rusty pit hitting the expos. it didnt last too long.. 15 mins max.. im sure if more ppl gamed on it and used the whole map ppl will see how fun it is...

i can easily jus take a quick glance at this map and feel the potental battles on this map.. theres so many ways to get around the map and still only be a sec away to save an expo, or counter..

expos are really placed nicely.. the middle is a very dynamic battlefield.. every battle will be somehow be in the middle b/c how most of the expos are placed (unless u direct ur units right to the rusty pit)...

theres just one question? Why not?
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 03, 20 22:45
(4)Toxicity v1.1 or (2)Jade_Zone

(4)Toxicity v1.1 - I like the map, it has some fresh staff in it.
(2)Jade_Zone - Looks very intresting not only with main ramps, and the whole map is a little strange...

But from the both maps that you point out there, i pick (2)Awoken_Demons for sure. Not to mantion that this will be the only one ASH map in the map pack, wich makes it uniqe!
2006, 03, 20 22:50
lol vulture harassing when you can do the same thing just going through the middle... unless the toss likes having his units in the middle for whatever reason how does vulture harassing do anything?

how does a 15 minute game say anything? i said games would be very short and the other expos wouldnt be put to use, so were you trying to prove my point while disagreeing?
2006, 03, 20 22:59
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