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BWMN mappack 2
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Okay so far we have:

Flo - Awoken Demons
LGI - Hocus Peakus
noname - Old Town
Arden - Prelude of Light
NastyMarine - Frozen Tundra

Honorable Mentions (Wildcard Canidates):

noname - Groschenromantik
Flo - Trench Warfare
NastyMarine - Winter Devils

Undecided Mappers:

trcc - Tentacle or Pallisade?
SP - Space Lotus or Naruto?
Spitfire - Starfates or Rising Realm?


Epidion - Kal ha (whatever it is) [its a great map]
LAO - Path of Victory [we need a small fun map]

Other maps thrown into the mix:

2006, 04, 05 18:43
I will try to make some games on (2)Osom to see how the gameplay to change some staff if i have to and after that if you want to put it as a second map of my choise "in to the mix" or wildcard ( i don't even know what "wildcard means") or whatever, just have this map in mind.

At least it will be one of the most fresh (or experimental or whatever you call it) maps in the pack :)

And my vote from the wildcards is noname - Groschenromantik. From undecided mappers - Tentacle, Space Lotus, Star Gates. And from the mix - ToxiCity.
2006, 04, 05 21:54
Event Horizon for a Wildcard position!
2006, 04, 05 22:24
for spitfire:

star gates
satan and milk

those are his best i guess. one of them should make it into his slot
2006, 04, 05 22:36
This map pack is played only in 1v1 mode, so a 6 players map is not needed at all...
2006, 04, 05 22:36
trouble instinct
starfish epics
undiscovered system

if stargates of spitfire makes it, i would drop undiscovered system. one kind of those large spacemaps should be enough. plus, t seems very weak on US. pallisade roxx btw, and it would be a great airmap
2006, 04, 05 22:42
air map : Tidal Waves by NastyMarine gg no re!!! lol
2006, 04, 05 22:44
look through my maps and if there are any you like the concept i will finalize it.
2006, 04, 06 01:50
Cheesecake has alot of potential! make it more natural .. but it has lots of potential. redo it and it may give u a fighting chance
2006, 04, 06 02:10
i decided the concept was too "terran" i dont really think it would work acuatelly
2006, 04, 06 02:23
are ANY of my maps any good for this?
2006, 04, 06 05:31
(2)Ice Sculpture

are nice but still ur talent/skillz are in its infant stages. so i'd say no right now..
2006, 04, 06 08:21
What about PoV? I've heard Nastymarine and Panschk say a good word about it now, but you guys were all negative at the MOTW. What's your opinion on putting it in the map pack?
2006, 04, 06 12:15
I'd say yes to that. Its a fun map and the mappack needs suttin like that. I garuntee u can see alot of fun games on it. So i'd give it a wildcard position imo.
2006, 04, 06 18:29
My vote still goes this way:
trcc: Pallisade
SP: Naruto
Spitfire: Stargates

I want Path of Victory in it, and I want Home of the swarm in it. That is most important to me;)
2006, 04, 07 02:45
well to put all these maps in it, we'll need more voters .. so until we have more ppl i dont think we should finish it.. unless we really feel we are the majority. I dont mind ne of trcc's sp's maps in general so any map could do it.. i also feel PoV should be in it. but still we need more ppl unless a few of us feel we can do this by ourselves
2006, 04, 07 03:43
i dont get it, why is PoV good? ive seen 200 maps like that :/ its makeable in 15 minutes
2006, 04, 07 04:06
its jus the best looking one out there. we are all aware that all those maps play the same. so then it goes right to the look then and to say the least: it looks great.
2006, 04, 07 04:14
Don't make me say bad words... Very bad words...


The only reason i still keep shut about crap maps in this pack is that panschk wants every map maker to have a map in it. So be it. But the quality is going very low if you keep this.

I am sorry to say to you this, but you are talking like your maps are so great that you need to put 3 of yours. Witer Devils and the 2 players air map. Winter Devils looks good, but they are still problems. At one spot you have pathfinding problems. But the biggest problems are the min only expands. They are placed very bad on the map. You need other locations for them, but you have to change 1/2 of the map.

If there will be 2 or 3 maps by a mapper then we are talking about mappers like trcc, Starparty etc... They have the style for fresh_standart_pro_map. So stop saying wich map/CRAP will be a wildcard. Even if i don't know what "wildcard" means, i am sure it's something most close to this map pack to be put as a second map.
2006, 04, 07 06:49
what are u talking about there are no pathfinding problems on Winter Devils dude. and if there is plz tell me so i can fix it!! im starting to think u really dont want me in the mappack!!! lol. the min onlies arent as bad as u make them out to be .. if ur talking about how its on high ground and t can shoot the main well whatever. thats not a serious imba at all. other than that, I havent seen any complaints about Winter Devils at all. Some of the theory crafting that we do is irrelevent for gameplay. if ur talking about tanking those min onlies at the 12 and 6 positions than i can fix that in a jiffy. and considering how many other expos that can be taken during a 1v1 game, it shuldnt effect a player as much as we think. I really dont see why Winter Devils shuldnt be in the mappack but if it doesnt make it, then it doesnt make it whatever. But i will be a bit discouraged though (considering i havent had any luck getting a motw or anything :) )

For the record .. FT isnt an air map. and others can also back me up to say that it is a pretty good map. if darina took the motw at a earlier date then FT wulda taken the motw that just passed so idk how u say that it isnt a good map.

as for starparty and trcc: of course they are great mappers but we havent even started talking about their maps until recently. I dont object seeing extra maps of theirs thrown into it but i'd also like to say that Winter Devils are jus as good as some of theirs too. And if not point out why it isnt and why u guys worship them so damn much.

PoV isnt a bad map and there is a reason why I say that looking good counts; its basically b.c most of the maps that are 64x64 arent going to be very good looking and be playable (cuz of its size). and in this case PoV IS good looking for a simple 64x64 and the gameplay is good. so why not throw it in.

let me clear up a WildCard definition for the mappack (im pretty sure this is what panschk means(if not forgive me)):

its a spot for a secondary mapper; a map thats not made by the main mappers featured in this mappack. These positions are also for the extra maps by the main mappers that some feel should also be in the mappack.

the main mappers are: Flo, LGI, Nasty, trcc, noname, sp, arden, and spitfire

secondary mappers: anyone else that has made a fundamentally sound map (gameplay wise) and its still sexy.

I'd like to see an extra map of mine in there (like Winter Devils) b/c none of my maps have been even become of anything or considered 'gosu' but yet we have panschk calling me a main mapper in this mappack. hence saying that all the main/featured mappers mentioned are better than decent map makers. So im basically trying to get as much out of my maps as i can. and u wanna comment on how i feel that im not deserving. If u really feel my skillz arent up to par then get others to object with u. and ill withdraw all of my maps then. cuz it doesnt seem like any of my maps will become of anything at this point unless i get at least 1 spot in the mappack. im also not demanding an extra spot either. thats why i am asking for more ppl to join in the discussion so we can get more opinions and sort out the good and the bad. any map thats a 'honorable mention'/wildcard are jus POTENTIAL .. not definite.. that brings us bak to the point where we need more ppl to help this discussion or we'll keep going back and forth with this. Winter Devils was a canidate for my spot in the mappack as well as FT.. Im jus pushing for an extra spot cuz some others also wanted it in (as well as trench warefare and Groschenromantik (these 3 so far should have at least chance to be discussed as an extra))

dont get me wrong im not argueing one bit. but its necessary to conversate about differences.
i hope u understand that im not being immature or unfair cuz i am jus trying to get a map or 2 out there. if u were in my position u wuld push for an extra spot too considering i havent got one motw. hence no exposure .. how many of ur maps been posted on we all deserve a spot or 2 so lets push on with the discussion
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 04, 07 08:41
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