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BWMN mappack 2
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WELL THEN YOU DO IT! Do you know how many maps i made obsversion for in the last pack??? I sat an whole hour just making obs for all those maps and had to fuck with special editors cause of maps like origo hills. All this because you all were SO DAMN LAZY GOD DAMN IT.
2006, 03, 07 10:58
I'd say we should renounce to the "corporate identitiy" look and feel where every map has the BWMN-tag in mapdescription and obs triggers. It is just so much work and the risk of mistakes rises actually.

Everyone should make sure his obs vers. works. If it does not->death penalty.

And btw also the melee versions have to be working in UMS. If not, I'll chop your hand off.

happy mapping :D
2006, 03, 07 11:12
Image Hosted by
2006, 03, 07 12:02
What about creating a standard BWMN-trigger-setting?
one that has to be used for each map.

with the triggers working correctly and attention at player/observer status and settings, obs vers shouldn't cause any trouble just make me a file with working obs (and best with displayed text at beginning) and i will make you your obs versions.
save it with SE, or just make a plain map with them. I'll take the plain code of it and insert it in every map. by just making working obs versions and erasing the start locs, i can make those maps' meele version UMS playable at the same time.

15 maps shouldn't be that much work.
2006, 03, 07 13:46
Pleace if someone create 2 files, one for 2 players and one for 4 players obs version treigger + "" as txt in the begining, share it with me!
2006, 03, 07 14:18
Why 2 different triggers?You make triggers for the first Team(player) and the second Team(Observers).The triggers work for the whole team that means it doesn't matter how many players or observers are in the game.
2006, 03, 07 14:43
you gotta give vision from 2 players OR 4 players...
2006, 03, 07 15:29
I only really like Velocity and PoL out of my maps, every other map of mine is a bit noob and/or not very interesting.

I'd also recommend Romanov, but I think it's just too ugly to be in a map pack =/. Besides, that would make three space maps... (two is enough)
2006, 03, 07 17:39
i got 2 saved triggers for obs versions that i use on all my maps and they work.. one for 1v1 and 2v2... ill send them to whoever wants them .. also the force slots hafta be right and the alliance status and random start location tabs hafta be activated in the right force slots (if u didnt kno that already).
2006, 03, 07 17:44
You only need one trigger. If you use triggers for a 4-player obs map for a 2-player obs map, it will work just as well. Also the same triggers can be used for the melee version, just remove the obs start locations. If you do it the right way, it really is no problem.
2006, 03, 07 19:28
well, since im not an "elite mapper" (huhuhu^^), i dont get a free slot :]
but if there will be a slot for me beneath all those gosuexpertzelite mappers, take one of those:

(4)Zhentil Keep

besides: SP, your BWCL obs version of Arena is buggy.. i always use this one and it works fine for me
2006, 03, 07 21:31

@XuuL, whats happing with the "SNOW MAPS TOURNAMENT"?
2006, 03, 08 00:18
I wanna add my new Winter Devils into the mix!!!! that map is bangin'!

PS panschk culd u make it so that wen u click one of the threads that u go right to the last page of the most recent post was made instead of the first page of the thread.
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 03, 09 07:35
Ow, I don't know. :/
2006, 03, 09 10:13
I probably could...But I won't. Going to the last page is not always the best thing, and not very intuitive. I think you can do that click;)
2006, 03, 09 13:55

BWMN Mapmaking Team presents:

Conquer Fever
by trcc 

2006, 03, 10 00:00
It's tooo colorfull, but we also need something like that.
2006, 03, 10 00:00
I like it except for the blue bwmn in the link :). Maybe it's jsut the background of the site.
modified by epidiOn
2006, 03, 10 00:08
Well stuff like that is not that important imo. Making a good pack is more important. Of course if anyone wants to do that work, feel free to do it;)
2006, 03, 10 12:51
hm.. since i'm a set elite-mapper (yeay \O/) i should do my first forum post i guess. :)

so the three maps i'd suggest out of the more recently maps are:
(4)old town1.1
(2)space dementia
(4)groschenromantik0.3 (will make it final,because of lack of suggestion for improvemend and it's fine with me)
modified by noname
2006, 03, 10 18:14
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