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NMP Candidates

deadline to enter maps: 2007, 07, 01 (Year, month, day)
Ok this competition is for maps which have the rep requirement. These maps are possible candidates for the mappack. The other competition is to upload maps you want people to test or w/e.

Any maps added here which do not have the rep requirement will be removed asap.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Undying LandsNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture0
(4)AvatarLostTamponMelee Obs Picture5
(4)NazcaGRC-DeathLinkMelee Obs Picture1
(2)Seven SinsflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(4)IllusionflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(2)KumbaTkTkVrooMMelee Obs Picture5
(2)DreamcatcherflothefreakMelee Obs Picture4
(4)DisruptiveFactor2.0flothefreakMelee Obs Picture3
(2)New Chaos FactorflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Trench WarfareflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(4)CalypsoRaDiXMelee Picture0
(4)iCCup ShineProTosS4EveRMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

Galaxy Prime removed for not having the rep requirement. There can't be any arguments against that...
undying lands doesn't have 18 reps... remove it asap :P
moty map, automatically gets in mappack. Also, if people playing Carrier uploaded their reps we probably would have the rep requirement on it.
Hot and Spacy removed, noob retards stop posting maps at all.
flothefreak is to be praised for playing all those games in his map "Seven Sins" and uploading them. However, I watched about ten of them and I think they unfortunatelly confirm that the bottom half of the map just doesn't get any significant action.
i know they do. but that is exactly how it should work. SevenSins, with it's whole main/natural/distances/choke-setup is designed for microbattles, esp. intense rushes. Most games are decided quite fast, and you hardly get lower than to the mineral only. the lower part is only designed for the case if there IS a longer game running. that doesnt happen often, but if, the bottom part of the map offers expansions and tactical options. my few longer games have shown that you expand downwards, the longer a game is running, using more of the map step by step.

the map isnt designed for whole use (as dreamcatcher, Awoken Demons or others are) but for very straight and fast aggressive games. so i dont have a problem with it. the map feels good ingame, and works as it was expected.
Eudoxos removed, no reps at all lol, hardly has rep requirement.

Kumba added, I got all its reps now.
Dreamcatcher added, it has the reps necessary, and I think it's a good map, would fit nicely into the pack, even if flo gets 2 others as well.
no you are wrong. there is 1 TvZ missing. i wanted to get it first before uploading... but now i will try to get one as fast as possible afterwards.
Of sure one admin map win again. Wellcome to corrupt practices.
better an admin map than a newbmap pushed by (mostly) random unskilled newbs.
There's a reason they are admins, they are skilled and have been here forever.

Also, tk is no admin, nor is LostTampon, nor Deathlink.
and though, all their votes count.
lol should we rename this moty + flo's maps?^^
I make a DNA Tournament on Saturday and Gefrierbrand will be one of the maps, so I get 18+replays. I will add it then ^^
i only add my contestants when they have the requested 18 reps. that is what the thread is about, isnt it? get a list of candidates which have their 18 reps. actually, i like this rule. being forced to play every matchup several times, i really improved my maps so far.
lol flo I'm not saying anything against you for having so many maps here, I'm happy someone is testing the maps, just pointing out that most of them are from one person when a larger variety could exist ;)
If anyone wants a particular map in the pack please message me for testing, I'm not in a mood to do any sc playing on my own =/
Okay Nightmar, you see my maplist? I WANT THEM ALL IN! Msg me for mass gaming mate :3
if anyone wants to get reps on sc0pe lens be my still grounded
lol k scout. Ima be busy with homework tuesday night for sure, but after that I should be free for games :) Try and shorten the list a bit though, although I'm sure bwm would benefit from playing on every single map :D

lnept get ungrounded please ><
The list is already shortened because of the Map IDs.
lol yeah, only 1000 maps to test :)
Should i upload Lost Soul when it's ready and i've got enough replays? Cuz Nightmarjoo said you are looking for a micro map. Maybe this one???
if it has the rep requirement, you are allowed to put it into competition.
The only problem i've got, nobody wants to play me and if i uplaod the games vs the insane AI's not everybody can see them(You need the AI) and you can't see alot of the gamplay. Played only 3 games on Battle net so far on this map :(
just open a public "1on1 @LostSoul"? that's how i get most of my games. small maps are easy to adapt to, this will help.

but be aware when making new maps in public, there'll be a much higher number of maphackers (new maps dont disturb their play cause they see them -.-) and noobs (because they have no idea this is an exotic one). especially the newbs are quite a bunch now, SC2 being announced.
Yeah, but i can't host :( Nobody can join me and i have configured the port 6112. What to do?
try joining a public game (dont have to be started, just the pre-start screen), leave it immediatly and create a game yourself. that way you can usually host. it is called the router-trick :o

another option is making your PC a DMZ/demilitarized zone, which means you TAKE YOUR PC away from the routers firewall. that way, your router manages your traffic, but the firewall function doesnt work for your specific IP. then you need a software firewall for your pc, though.
Yeah made the router-trick and uploaded the replay.
Thx a lot.
lol problem with public 1v1s if your map is like angband 3600 ft. would be a shitty replay if you didn't explain everything to them, and they'd leave before you finished :(
yep, experimental maps are impossible to public-test.
you can experiment wit deeez nutz ^^
I think I would have to vote against DisruptiveFactor, New Chaos Factor, and Trench Warfare; the others here I don't have a problem with.
arguments pls. i played every one of this more than 30 times, and esp. TW and DisFac play so much better than it may appear on the picture.
Admittedly I need to watch the reps or play the maps more myself before I can make a reasonable argument. New Chaos Factor imo just isn't as well executed as the others. DisruptiveFactor seems too simple and boring to me. Trench Warfare I just don't like; but it's the one I need to play/watch reps of the most.
I played disfac and didn't like it at all. I liked the older version more.
I think we have to vote :o
^^ This is funny. There are only ten maps, wich have the replay limit. 6 are from flo and 3 are MOTY. Only one from another mapper. We should call it " Flo's Mappack + BWMN Moty" We can take all ten maps, why should we vote? I think the replay limit is the weak point in this competition. We should also allow other maps to get in this mappack.
nah, we just need to keep the contest running, UNTIL we have the perfect setup. moty are always in, and i managed to make sufficient testgames on mine.
that is why there's no variety so far
Yeah, but we have to vote. And some of us done it already.
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Lancet voted (4)Avatar as 1. choice
Lancet voted (4)DisruptiveFactor2.0 as 2. choice
Lancet voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 3. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Kumba as 1. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 2. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)Nazca as 3. choice
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