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MOTM 04.08

deadline to enter maps: 2007, 04, 29 (Year, month, day)
you know what to do.

lets see if the winner of the current koth gonna get any points in motm =D

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Swarm BrigadeNastyMarineMelee Picture6
(2)WhooshCracklingMelee Picture32
(4)MaelstromTestbug+Cracky xDMelee Picture20
(3)FrostmourneTestbugMelee Picture32
(4)ElysianFieldsHofodomo (PIMPED)Melee Picture0
(4)Spectral CharmAntaresMelee Obs Picture0
(4)SleepersCracklingMelee Picture11
(2)CovetousNyxMelee Obs Picture1
(4)X Storm.Zeratul.Melee Obs Picture0
(4)DevotionTkTkVrooMMelee Picture8
(4)SpringLancetMelee Picture16
The competition is closed!

lol lancet keeps getting bashed :[
Whoosh isn't perfect, but it seems to play pretty nicely.

(4)Rov is sex.

fall of teosomething is just pretty... pretty annoying to play.

Metephor could be decent if someone else made it =/

Fantasy island is impossible zvp.

swarm brigade is kind of bad. The side paths are annoying and the expo layout is retarded.
nah i didn't added my maps.
rov is not finished.
and i'll remove teosomething from the database
i'll add burning penis and frostmourne :)
well, rov needs HEAVY editing :(

dunno about frostmourne, i think i gonna force nightmarjoo to play it with me soon :D

swarm bridge has WAY to many expos,i think the islands should be removed or sth

Burning P. played perfectly, dunno why it got just a few votes in last motm, i think i should change the name lol

fantasy island seems to be very favouring for p in pvz because of the doublegas and 10 minerals in main...also reaver/sair on islandmaps anyways is to strong vs z, but i dont have that much knowledge about islandmaps at all T_t
Metaphor and Swarm Brigade only works in 2v2 imo.

Whoosh is probably my favourite of these far

Frostmourne would be the best if removed some trees in middle ^^ alittle bit too protoss also

and RoV is bad sry (no arguments)
modified by MorroW
Frostmourne is seriously a protoss map :(
why? you voted square at motm3 and you didn't say it was a p map. what should i change :S
and i don't kno why no1 liked burning the last month :(
RoV is under construction .
i like that!

since flothefreak(the guy who like and play only his own maps)is not active anymore,the new flothefreak generation -testbug & crackling- bother us month for month with their maps in the contest.from the 7 maps in the motm contest,so far they have 4. 4! this is not a joke,oh no!! this is what some would call self-confidence; i call it boldness.and this after flothefreaks motto -if you don't vote my maps this month i will put them again and again in the motm contest,ad nauseam.but the most entertaining thing is when they lose any sense of reality.testbus-"...i dont know why no1 liked burning last month..."- because it's a silly staircase wit.beyond any fantasy or originality,you know what a b-movie is? this is a b-map.only good executed - but that's not enough to have a good map,for sake!

and now this 4 is not so that i am against if someone wanna clone some map.if you don't have your own fantasy you can kill time by adapting some map.each to his own,even if it's emptied of meaning.but i think contests like this should reward original maps.this kind of maps could be for your own fun but surely unqualified for a serious map become the feeling you are in bazar - only imitations, no originals.

lets take a look to the other maps...

morrows metaphor.also not original enough.starparty and i point out 2 maps that look more than similar to this one.i can show you 10 more.other than this, the middle of the map looks still unfinished.but this is in the meantime on this site common practice,i'm afraid

swarm brigade by nasty.i mean,come on,this could be only a matter of an april fool's joke.i can't believe nasty pretend that this a serious candidate for a motm.lets be nice and say only that currently nasty makes prohibited experiments with zerg creep colonies -.-

whoosh.back to a map from the treasure chest of our bold friends.this one only with the cachet of crackling.yes of course,for one crackling it's enough space here but for an army of them,i doubt.all expos are very easy to defend and space for bigger battles,no sir.better than this you couldn't make a terran map.send it with best wishes to scout

fantasy island is interesting in many aspects,but with serious imbas as well.that's why not a serious candidate

frostmourne is the only serious choice in this register,so far.anyway he should deforest the middle of the map to assure a good pathing

so,if you still wanna arrange this contest evry month and you don't have enough good new maps it's not a shame to add to all the interessting new maps some good old maps.that way it can be ensured a higher quality in the mappool.i add now elysian fields & spectral charm
Grief_Stricken, map ids, names or links plz, give me ur 10 maps and u win, seriously

i havent been on this site so long and ive never seen a map like metaphor. it would please me if u could do me that favour.

elysian fields, is not good and u call it new?
modified by MorroW
well as an admin i think that only new maps should paricipate in a motm, i for my part added RoV and Whoosh from me and Testbug.
I also think that only the best maps made in the last time should be in this kind of competition and according to peoples comments on this maps i added
(4)Swarm Brigade
(4)Fantasy Island

i did not add any older maps, but since everyone who thinks a map is good enough for this competition can add this, the others also appeared >.<

your way to reffer to flothefreak is completly BAD, he was/is one of our very best mappers, it wasnt like he was egoistic or sth but he was just makign the VERY BEST maps (when he was winning one motm after another) while making A LOT of maps.
NOW there are just some other mappers making a lot of quallity maps, i'd name them nastymarine, testbug, losttampon, protoss4ever, ptar, nightmarjoo (not really but he spams comments :D) and me. Also Morrow keeps getting better and better, i think in 2-3 months he gonna be a very established mapper, whatever.
This "few" people make 95% of the _playable_ maps here while the other very new member are just lacking basic knowledge both of the game itself and of mapping.
While most of the "good" mappers just make 1 or less map per month, or just come out from nowhere after 3 months of non-appearence like LT and add 4 maps (omg i LOVE his map) testbug and me make just MORE of them. Like 3-4 per month >.<
i dont exactly know what you mean about beeing original or not, i could point out things beeing new/never used in that way/never combined in that way in any map of us.

modified by Crackling
i removed .Zeratul.'s X storm until he fix the southern mains geysers.
Grief_Stricken i like you very much, so i'll be nice with you :) it's not that i was low of imagination so I DECIDED to make the 4 player version of ride of valkyries. i read the coomments at this forum: so i sayd "okay, i'll try it".
i didn't add it to the competition. it's unfinished, and i'm not unselfish with motms.
sorry but i though (4)Burning PENIS was a good map :(
my submission for this month is Frostmourne.
i'll do the edits to make it better. please help.
Thank you very much
Crackling accounts for 95% of the conceitedness among our mappers, too bad it is not justified.

: ^ )

We have discussed before whether old maps can participate in MOTM. As I recall the prevailing view was that if a map had new edits/replays it could participate even if it was old.

Please allow some of our new mappers to participate even if their maps are not up to Crackling's "level". Participation in competitions gives them a reason to make maps and also allows them to gauge what is the opinion of all of our mappers regarding their maps rather than the opinion of a single admin that deletes them.
i dindt say they are not allowed ti participate but i said that their maps dont have the quallity of maps from mappers i named.

: ^ )
who are the "admins"?
i mean persons, not their job, list or link plz :) , "a customer needs help" ;)

thank you crackling <:
Admin list (only aliases publicly available):


however some of these are not active anymore. To get more info from specific admins send them a PM.
Grief_Stricken are you fine with my new map? :o
i didnt even submit swarm brigade to motm. what are you bitch about grief?
morrow!i already told you that your map looks like joydomcity.not entirely,but designwise it's nearly the same.also starparty compare it with shangri-la.other 2 maps that have a similar design to your map are magenta-id1655 and sairen-1648.if there are 10 or 2 or 6 other maps like this what's the point? your map isn't original can accept this fact,or not.

modified by Crackling
modified by lnept
modified by flothefreak
modified by PsychoTEMPlar
modified by decafchicken
modified by epidiOn
modified by Listoric
modified by panschk[FP]
modified by Starparty
modified by NastyMarine
modified by LaO-Artanis
modified by Antares
modified by Testbug
modified by spinesheath
modified by 5pool
modified by Lancet
modified by LostTampon
modified by ptar
modified by God
modified by Nightmarjoo
modified by Grief_Stricken's Cat
modified by Grief_Stricken
meh i know it wont get votes but whatever, i submitted my map. now i feel important :D
lulz has ensued
why certainly!
same here, no1 will vote my map :D

Frostmourne or Sleepers are the most interesting here i think, sleepers feels kinda slacky still
modified by MorroW
If I had to vote now I think I'd vote 1. Whoosh 2. Burning PENIS 3. some throwaway vote, Frostmourne, rov, or maybe sleepers.
at the moment i think whoosh is the best :) then i like RoV (sorry if im ill informed, but what exactly is this a clone of?) thene there are a bunch of maps tied for 3rd (and sorry if i include mine in that list, but i am partially biased towards my own creation :) )

...can anybody tell my what could make my map better? i kinda only got a few lackluster comments on it, cept for lancets were helpful (thanks)

mm i think ima go with spring for 3rd. i love aesymmetry :)
modified by illisid
look at difference between your map and a "standard" map. Your map is too tight, pathing is narrow and annoying, flanking is hard, your mains are oddly shaped and have weird sizes, the creep can be abused, the nat is pretty far from the main, the 3rd base is really far away, the distances from everything is really far away actually, your gigantic main choke is really hard to defend, it's not really a choke, the tank holes by your nat are kind of annoying and not the same for both nats, same for min only, there really isn't much money in the map, and it's spread out, hard to take, hard to defend, and the map as a whole is tight and hard to move through/around, which is silly normally, and even more so silly because of how much mobility you need to use all the stupid expos.
i replied on my map. dont want to spam this thread for a mapping problem :P
Johnny B.Goode
There are 5,6 maps that rly catch my eye.Play time!I dont wanna be unfair because all mappers work alot on them!!!
i voted for all my own mapsss :D
i rarely have 3 maps in the same motm list xD
Removed Balderdash from the competition at the request of its author illisid.
yea u can remove my map too, only taking up space
i removed fantasy island, this map is far from done
removed morrow's map too after request
modified by LostTampon
thanks for removing mine. ill only upload a map next time if its ready.

i like whoosh alot. hey guys, if youre undecided, vote for whoosh!
Metaphor was not that bad it just needed some edits, oh well.
i'm so sorry for Grief_Stricken, looks like one testbug map, one of me and one coproduction of us two gonna make the first 3 places... :9
Well let's see how many votes penis gets in this MOTM compare them to last MOTM and then play the why? game.

: ^ )
modified by Lancet
Your comment
lol who is old granny in a wheelchair ?
is this a joke? he voted exactly for all my maps in the same order i did.
: ^ )
Come on, with a name like "Burning PENIS" it has to win!
In joke universe anything is possible.
actually,this is a joke universe.wherever you look self- & fake votes.and even your votes are kinky.sleepers as best map...havent you read my comment in the map thread.the map is a terran inferno;perhaps you just ignore it.i guess 'cause a major race imba isn't important at all when you judge a map.

Yeah, I read your comment, although you probably meant "Terran Heaven" or "zerg inferno". With my vote I wanted to reward boldness and innovation and this map has both. The vulnerability of those sunken expos may in the end prove too much when you match a terran vs a zerg or toss of equal skill level, but I want the map to stay afloat to at least give it a fighting chance to make this concept stick. Maybe someone will be inspired and come out with something similar that is more balanced.

But my vote even if you consider it missguided was an honest vote. I, and I take it you, disagree with self votes but it seems we are in the minority here. Fake votes on the order hand are just sheer poison. They mess up things on so many levels that it boggels the mind, and they turn everything into a joke. From there on how much time, effort and dedication does one devote to a joke is for each to decide.
in after broken record
in before joels first sex.

OH SHI-...
lol :(
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chard voted (4)Maelstrom as 1. choice
chard voted (4)Devotion as 2. choice
Crackling voted (4)Maelstrom as 1. choice
Crackling voted (2)Whoosh as 2. choice
Crackling voted (4)Devotion as 3. choice
Excalibur voted (2)Whoosh as 1. choice
Excalibur voted (4)Devotion as 2. choice
Excalibur voted (4)Spring as 3. choice
illisid voted (2)Whoosh as 1. choice
illisid voted (4)Spring as 2. choice
Lancet voted (4)Sleepers as 1. choice
Lancet voted (3)Frostmourne as 2. choice
Lancet voted (2)Covetous as 3. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Swarm Brigade as 1. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Sleepers as 2. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Devotion as 3. choice
MorroW voted (3)Frostmourne as 1. choice
MorroW voted (4)Sleepers as 2. choice
MorroW voted (2)Whoosh as 3. choice
neobowman voted (4)Spring as 2. choice
neobowman voted (4)Maelstrom as 3. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Whoosh as 1. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (4)Maelstrom as 2. choice
old granny in a wheelchair voted (3)Frostmourne as 1. choice
old granny in a wheelchair voted (4)Maelstrom as 2. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (3)Frostmourne as 1. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Whoosh as 3. choice
ptar voted (3)Frostmourne as 1. choice
ptar voted (4)Swarm Brigade as 3. choice
queasy voted (2)Whoosh as 1. choice
queasy voted (4)Spring as 2. choice
queasy voted (3)Frostmourne as 3. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Whoosh as 1. choice
RaDiX voted (4)Spring as 3. choice
Testbug voted (3)Frostmourne as 1. choice
Testbug voted (4)Maelstrom as 2. choice
Testbug voted (2)Whoosh as 3. choice
[P4P].Zeratul. voted (4)Spring as 1. choice
[P4P].Zeratul. voted (3)Frostmourne as 2. choice
[P4P].Zeratul. voted (2)Whoosh as 3. choice
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