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Map selection for STL Playoffs

deadline to enter maps: 2013, 12, 31 (Year, month, day)
Current map pack:

(2)Oxide 1.03
(4)Colosseum II
(3)Outsider SE
(2)Overwatch 1.02
(3)Tau Cross
(4)Fighting Spirit
(2)Destination (ace map)

Korean maps to consider:

(4)Wind & Cloud
(4)Grand Line
(2)Bloody Ridge
(3)Neo Aztec
(2)Match Point
(2)Polaris Rhapsody

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(3)[BWMN]Demonio ALastCurse; editor: FreaklingMelee Obs Picture0
(4)[BWMN]Feel My LJungleterrain; editors: Freakling, CrystMelee Obs Picture0
(4)In the Way of an EFreaklingMelee Obs Picture0
(4)AtlantisFreakling; concept: ProTosS4EveRMelee Obs Picture0
(4)RoadkillFreaklingMelee Obs Picture0
(4)VoidrimFreakling and CrystalDragMelee Picture0
(4)ShadowplayFreaklingMelee Obs Picture0
(5)QuintessenceFreaklingMelee Obs Picture0
(5)BoronFreaklingMelee Picture0
(4)Thin IceFreaklingMelee Picture0
(4)Toad StoneCardinalAllinMelee Obs Picture0
(4)[BWMN]GemlJungleTerrain; Freakling,CrystalDragMelee Obs Picture0
(2)[BWMN]Resonance IIJungleterrain, editor: FreaklingMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

Reserved Post.

Make suggestions of any kind, as long as they are serious.
Mind all the facts. :)
Like how much are we allowed to touch the current map paack??
If you use Match Point it should be CrystalDrag's symmetrical edit.

modified by traceurling
Jk ignore that comment,..and I believe the new map pool will be used for round 2
Well... Whatever... I am still not entirely sure what it is we are trying to accomplish here, and I do not nearly have the spare time to make any longish forum posts or whatever, I do not even com around to map or update my TL map thread at the moment, so I am gonna just keep throwing out some ideas...

So we should set ourselves some guidelines.
My suggestions:

- not sure how many maps we are really going to change, but priority, in my opinion, as I have already stated should be Tau, Outsider, FS (in that order)
- I think the general idea of having each map a different tileset and thus distinct looking is a nice one, but probably a bit too limiting overall, so I suggest we go with not more than two maps of the same tileset.
- on the same context, I am still very much in favour of a new ash or ice map, ideally a three player one and featuring some kind of prominent vision blocker usage, because both Tau and Outrsider are probably gonna be switched out and that's an area were we can really shine with our knowledge, experience and innovation.
- we should put more emphasis on aspects such as symmetry and main-nat layout (current map pack has neither axially symmetric (4) maps, nor any "inverted" (i.e. low main, high nat) maps). Rough guideline should be to have at least one of each kind
- Two to three (2) and at least one (3) map, rest (4) [or maybe (5)] maps
- at most one map that's far up the experimental scale, balance should be priority.
[- plus: use a CrystalDrag map this time, so he finally gets some well-deserved attention!]
We need balance testing on Shadow it looks like it could be usable...
My suggestion is this:
(2)Kingdom of Clouds (space)
(2)Overwatch (twilight)
(3)Grains of Sand (desert)
(4)Toad Stone (jungle)
(4)Roadkill (badlands)
(4)La Mancha (desert)
(4)Dantes Peak SE (jungle) (ace map)
That suggestions violates quite a few framework requirements...
Quick question freakling, are the green maps just designating foreign maps or which maps we've decided to keep? At first I thought it was the latter but then I realized it could be either
Green = BWMN, Blue= Korean... But I can add more colours for other stuff :P
Something that should also be considered is map order as the importance and also # of times played on is affected...
1-4 all have equal weight in importance and will be played every times, but from then on the number of times it is played will decrease and the importance will increase...for this reason I think (assuming the map pool is 3 foreign 4 Korean) maps 1-4 should have 2 Korean and 2 foreign, maps 5/6 should also be a 50/50 split, and map 7 should be Korean. Also as we will have on "Fighting Spirit-esque map, be it Wind and Cloud, Jade, or whatever other "standard" map we choose to be the token FS-map. And the placement of this map should be important. I don't think it should be in maps 1-4 because it'll be overplayed and who wants FS maps to be overplayed (FS refers to FS-esque) so then we should put it in either 5/6 or Ace match the pros and cons of having the FS map would be, FS is played least as Ace match, but it will be the most important and it would be nice I have a nonFS map being the most important map. Idk.
I think (4) Circuit Breaker could be in consideration as it has been played in Sonic\'s leagues and is axial symmetry..
Hmm is it just me or is the top right main's spawn's gas one tile to the left? odd...
modified by traceurling
Yes it is, I assume it is one of those bugged ones, where workers go to the top left of the main building when returning gas. In that case moving the geyser to the left by a tile or two actually improves mining. It's still probably not entirely balanced, though, better solution is to move the starting location and all resources around a bit until you find a spot without bug... But kespa never did systematic resource debugging, only patching up the most blatant problems after their infinite number of monkeys playtesters complained...
Hahaha classic Kespa
I think the three foreigner maps should be Oxide, Overwatch, and Demonio Azul; Oxide and Overwatch for familiarity, and Demonio Azul because finding a good (3) player map is impossible
OK, so we want a completely new map pack:

- Grand Line SE
- Neo Aztec
- Gladiator
- Oxide (updated version)
- Circuit Breaker/Wind and Cloud (?)
- Overwatch (updated version?!)
- Demonio Azul

maybe another (2) map instead of some other? Maybe New Bloody Ridge? Or Odd Eye?
Do we want to have a map making contest or no?
I don't think we have enough time left for that...

But if you want to make something like that, why not...
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