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deadline to enter maps: 2006, 08, 20 (Year, month, day)
Okay hurry :-)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Transposition 1.1NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Antares 1.1KabummMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Lemuria Devil--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(4)SvartalfaheimspinesheathMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Roundn RollinScoutWBFMelee Picture0
(4)Mhor-GyarAntaresMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Garden Of AiurNastyMarineMelee Picture0
(2)Mother LoveNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Desert_FlowerGriGMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Echo IIepidiOnMelee Obs Picture0
(4)TiltedPortalHexMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Artemis 1.02Frank-TerroristMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

maybe with naja out of the way transposition can get some attention.

I don't understand why everyone voted for naja, it didn't look that special at all. oh well.
I added Antares 1.1 to this, not sure if the motw has to have been made during this week, cuz this is one of the older maps on the site, but I saw it today and thought it was really good.
hmm i dont know how my comment was counted, i put three maps that each worthy for motw award without an order.. and i will do this week
Submitted Svarta once more ;) Hope to get some pvts soon, but I lack of terrans^^
This time I add my map from the start!
NastyMarine Maps ftw! ^^
Nah, Nasty's maps have such boring names - mine are from all sorts of mythology, that's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better :P
Well i vote now, because i won't be able to do this in the next few days...

1) (2)Mother Love
2) (4)Mhor-Gyar
3) (2)Echo II
I submitted my (4)Tilted, its good eye candy =p.
How come no one ever votes for lemuria devil? What's wrong with it? Excluding the couple cliff imbalances I don't see anything wrong with it, and those few imbalances are no worse than any other issue you can find in any maps which are popular and played often.
"Badland's Ramp" oh yeah really interesting name oO
Well, it simply seems that nobody wants lemuria devil for MOTW. In my case this is because I dislike the overall layout.
But you can go vote it all over ;)

"Badland's Ramp" is by no chance a mapname. First of all, it's not a ramp owned by "Badland", secondly, the tileset is called "Badlands" and third: You can't use " ' " in a map name.
reasons why lemuria devil never is a top 3 canidate:

1)It's made by mosq, whom does not offer great feedback to the community other than "noob map" etc. (which isnt a plus obviously)

2)for the map, it has too many expos and there are too many thin bridges leading towards the bases which makes it too easy for T to defend its nat.

it is an interesting map.. and although I like it, it just doesnt fit into a balanced MOTW category.. if there were some changes made, then I'd vote for it most definently.

mosq if u are reading this, contact me if u want a motw.. im sure i could make good suggestions that wouldnt screw up the intent of the map and make it balanced.
oops i was describing the wrong map.. I was describing (2)Lemuria Altar ^^

anyways about (4)Lemuria Devils:

1)Pathfinding issues!!!!

2)Positioanl imbalances!!!!

But still, an original idea and done nicely.. basically this is Gaia with mosq touching it up ^^
1)Garden of Aiur
2)Echo II
3)Mother Love
3pts 4)Garden of Aiur
2pts 2)Echo II
1pt 2)Mother Love

There are some other good maps this week, like (4)Mhor-Gyar, but as an example: (4)Mhor-Gyar has some problems:

nat is very open, hard to secure for everyrace.. the main mineral line is tankable from cliff..
the main is a bit too small for my tastes too...

other than that i would vote for it.

transposition is also a good map... but those dirt ramps are.. fugly :/
Lemuria Devil
1st (2)EchoII
2nd (4)Mhor-Gyar
3rd (2)Transposition (but ONLY once the ramps are fixed!)

Most expansions on Mother Love just seem misplaced to me, also that minimineralswall. Apart from that great map.
I can't get to like Garden of Aiur's concept, sry ;)
(2)Antares looks really good, but the route from the starting position to the ramp just looks awful to me.
(2)Hexagonasis lacks playabilitly imo, some paths are too tight and the nat too open.
Didn't vote my map since it doesn't seem to have a chance considering the votes already made.
I don't like Lemuria Devils concept.
Imo the other maps have some major flaws or lack the (bigger) finishing touch.
I like:

1) (2)Antares 1.1 !!!
2) (4)Svartalfaheim
3) (2)Echo II

I also like (2)Artemis 1.02! Is it bad to vote for my own map?
what happen to all our other voters?
The deadline closes in 18 minutes, so I might as well vote now.

1. Antares
2. Garden of Aiur
3. Echo II
Voting your own map will only give it 1 Point, while "normal" votes give 3, 2, or 1 point respectively.
At least I was told that one week ago ;)
Exactly. Keep in mind that my vote is in order of ranking, not in order of points.
1. Antares 1.1
2. Artemis 1.02
3. Transposition 1.1
about mosq's comments at the top, it's just about the same shit flo gives in comments, with just as much meaning =/ only mosq's are shorter and straighter to the point lol
I don't see any comments by Mosq here ;)
I haven't seen him comment on bwm in a long time.
Hey the deadlines over, an admin gonna pick a map?
He is only managing his team now since he had been banner from some russian BW portals :P
:D:D banner = banned
no votes from me this week
i cannot make a post at this time.. can one of the admins do it please?
winner is (2)Echo II gogogo
hah by a point :(
lol oh noes he has been banner!

why'd he get banned?
echoII has too long distances...

mhor-ghyar and antares for me
lol well somebody should post the motw. How many admins are there?
hah I guess flothefreak's vote wasn't counted
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