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MOTM 5.07

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 05, 30 (Year, month, day)
Ok, as far as I'm concerned motm is working alright, and even though motm 4 isn't completely finished yet, I think it's a good idea to start this up early for plenty of submission time. The deadline for submitting is the 12th of may a saturday, you have like two weeks.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Pale Horse 1.4NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture5
(2)Fusion2.0Phantom[xz]Melee Obs Picture0
(2)DreamcatcherflothefreakMelee Obs Picture32
(2)TogetherRaDiXMelee Picture5
(4)LexingtonNastyMarineMelee Picture36
(4)MysteryDope2.0NastyMarineMelee Picture6
(2)GefrierbrandScoutWBFMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Wish...ScoutWBFMelee Picture0
(2)Mount ShakurasAlumniMelee Obs Picture15
(2)Facing WorldsAlumniMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Slithering StateExcaliburMelee Picture3
(2)PerhonenRaDiXMelee Picture0
(2)Sand KissProTosS4EveRMelee Obs Picture1
(2)JanusLancetMelee Picture0
(2)Oracular VisionsLancetMelee Picture0
(2)Seven SinsflothefreakMelee Obs Picture2
(2)Scope LenslneptMelee Picture19
(2)Experimental 220ExcaliburMelee Picture5
(4)IsisTkTkVrooMMelee Obs Picture7
(2)SpiritforgeTravinMelee Picture19
(4)EudoxosFor2MotionMelee Picture0
(2)Asphalum TortrccMelee Picture1
(2)Eden1.3DeSadeMelee Picture6
The competition is closed!

hmm kewl together is here... Who uploaded?

PS: I'll edit it this weekend or early next week..
Id have to say thats my favorite map of yours Radix.

Wish... isnt too bad, but its too straight, still Scout trys hard, and i do like his maps.

Both of Alumnis maps are pretty good. Mount Shakuras has to be one of the coolest looking maps ive seen.

I dont like MysteryDope but Lexington is a very very very nice map. Nasty is godly.

Pale Horse, definately a fighter for my vote.

Dream Catcher has alot of awesomeness packed in all over it. Love the ramp/bridge/minerals thing.

Anything else didnt really catch my eye. Good luck to everybody.
Meh I'll go and make a new map. Submitting my old maps is just... wrong. If you want delete my maps from the competition even thought I added them myself.

I'll go back to my roots and remake my very first map that I lost when I reinstalled my computer!
lol scout I would like to see new maps from you, you should decorate them better, bwm are jpg lovers you know that =/

My favourites here are Lexington, Dreamcatcher, and Together/Sand kiss.
yeah lexington is sweet.
dreamcatcher catches my eye too...

RaDiX, how are you saving your jpg's? they're so bright and sharpened to the point that the pic doesn't look nice anymore lol. the jpg lovers would love it more if you saved the jpg quality to be slightly blurred to make the terrain appear smoother. (ie. photoshop?)
only minor thing though, it's just easier on the eyes :)

i hope you guys like my maps too...

Facing Worlds map name holds a big reputation so i'm really hoping that map does well. maybe arden(wof) having played and seen ctf-facing worlds can see what could be done to make the map even better.

Mount Shakuras I was experimenting with the using shapes like hexagons (failed miserably in Moon Shrine) but tried again with different sizes and different tilesets and voila! i've already tested it a few times which is why those neutrals got edited like stacking 2 protoss temples on each choke, 2 xel'naga temples side by side and the min block on the other side.. it gives z more of a chance in zvt
"Nasty is godly."

stop your making me blush :P foreal though thank you :)
Nasty you make comment about blushing but don't take the time to tell me how shitty my new map is? -.-
I would nightmar but my maps are just as bad. :P
I LOVE IT!!!!!
the double geyser will give a new gameplay, like zerg doing a muta-hydra (can't imagine what will terran do with all that early gass) 8 mienral field in the nat (and sunken colony won't attack from hight ground) the multy is safe and the center is hot! muta harass will rock in this map; this is a beautifull map!!!!!!!!!

players get too much resources if FE, this is and old map right? it look too macroish but looks damn perfect too. gosu expos

main mines decoration sux, i like maps with exactle CERO mineral only, but ALL THE EXPOS are vulnerable to mutalisx.
modify the center bridge please.

(2)Oracular Visions
nice concept, maybe you can redo this map, remove the two 4mineral expos in the middle at least.
nice map anyway
lol wtf Testbug, double GAYsers are gay on my map but pro in Nasty's?
pimped attak
The most rediculose map ever shall trample you all!
lmao ;)
Seriously, that map just makes me laugh so hard.
oh sorry nightmarjoo :(
i mean you had only 8 mineral fields in an island map, and the double geyser balanced it a little.
I'm stuck between Lexington and Dreamcatcher and possibly Together
Lexington all the way for me...
Step 1:Play the map
Step 2:Ask youself "Does the map suck?"
Step 3:If the answer is yes, do not vote for it.
Step 4:Support your decision.

You guys are all stuck at step 1 cause you never play any of these maps.
good advise scout.btw you can use it too.i'm sure you forgot before you voted what you vote on motm i right?
Gefrierbrand looks cool
I'll play some over the weekend
lol grief scout played the maps.
Superior you can message me any time on MSN or ICQ or for games. We can get Replays for your and my map together >:3
oh yeah:

ICQ 151161511 DnA]3rdSin[ @Europe
Read my post in the main forum, before the voting starts here we need to agree on who can vote.

What if somebody makes up a bunch of aliases and votes for their map? What if somebody tells their friends to register and vote for their map? Can people that do not participate a lot vote? Will their vote be invalidated if it makes a difference for first place? How about second or third place?
Multiple accounts are not acceptable, of course. If we find out, the additional votes will be invalid; and I would also invalidate the vote of the person's actual account.
doesnt matterif they make multi accts, we only consider votes of ppl that actually make maps here and are active
spines is active, but he doesn't make maps!
Of sure one admin map win again. Wellcome to corrupt practices.
Sorry that our admin crew is skilled.
admin maps win cuz they make good maps. simple as that.

lexington + dreamcatcher ftw
although it'd be refreshing to see someone who isn't an admin getting a map well accepted :P
well, the criteria for getting admin actually was being skilled in mapping and eager to comment others' maps. so no wonder most of the "older" skilled members are admins. admin on this site has never been this strict administration title...we should call it "premium user"
what appened to EDEN?
Mistery Dope 2.0

almost but no:
Spirit forge
scope lens ftw
If you want a map that you can trust, vote Gefrierbrand. I played it in a tournament today and it was the loser's choice Nr.1!

Also it's pretty balanced and fun to play.
choke is too big mains are too small :O
hard decions, lots of good maps this week (month? lol). I decided with dreamcatcher above lexington cuz atm lexington's nat is gay, and I really liked Dreamcather from its avaton reps.
Sandkiss, Spirit forge, and Mount Shakuras also catch my eye.
plz make it 1. 3points
2. 2points
3. 1point
the way you have it 3. vote is nothing :(
well, the third vote is the third vote, so it should not be much anyway :p
1. 3points
2. 2points
3. 1point
Consider plz.
Sorry but I'm not going to consider that at all. It used to be that way, a long time ago, when Panschk reinstated the 3vote system he made it the way it is now, and I'm not even going to question it at all. But I think there's no problem with the current system. With 5 points going towards the map you think is best, it really pushes the map which you think is best. 3 points to your second place is pretty good, generous but not grotesquely so, and 1 point to your "honourable mention" map. Essentially, flo is right.

How about discussion over the maps? Voting without commenting does nothing.
I mean that if you vote without saying anything no one knows why you voted that way. It doesn't help the decision making =/
i am going to write some short comments on every map that is a real candidate - regarding concept, execution and testing.

Starting with my map, i think it is clear that i support it. I played it lots of times, and it's a jewel to me. For me, it has the right mixture of creativity/new elements and a dynamic layout.
So i can say it plays very comfortable and smooth. the backdoor do their part, too (surprisingly, more in mid-to-lategame than early game).

I havent played this map, but from the pic and editor, it looks like it is very hard to get a grip on that highground, but once you managed this, it becomes a slow game, every expo being very near. I think it is a great map, but i think execution is just so godly that you maybe oversee the gameplay. Could easily be my choice.

Havent played it either, but at least the layout is very uncommon and seems to feature dynamic gameplay quite far away from standardplay. it may be a bit low on gas, though. but i like the whole style of the map. so it gets my 2nd vote. i really look forward to play it.

Sand Kiss
Looks cool and interesting. Uses the style of many new maps, which holds the gameplay somehow in the dark. you cant really tell much of that map. i'd surely play it, but i wont vote for it at this untested (and unplayed) point. very nice look, execution and maptheme.

This map gets my honorable mention. it may not look as pretty and as prefect as other highlevel maps, but this lack of "final beauty" does not deceive me. i have played this map many times against DeSade and i have to say it rocks. the map is very uncommon, but not like the pro-uncommon-maps in the leagues. every game i played on it was running _completely_ different from the others. it is so fun because the map doesnt limit players, the only limit you've got is your creativity. it offers many many many options and ways of playing it. it may need some work, but it is already a very cool map which gets a point in my ranking - even if it is not yet the MOTM quality we're looking for. but desade, keep working on it! especially work on comfortability and design.
Thanks for feedback flo. As for lexington, which I've played a few games on, I can't say too much about it. Games haven't lasted too long, possibly/probably because of the nat being weird. There was one zvt where he tank rushed me, and I couldn't break the contain because it's too open for lurks to be usefull and open enough that mutas can't do much either =/ And the even paths of corners is annoying.
I suggest to everyone wich feels that his opinion is not respected to boycott this contest,cause in the end these admin people would ignore your opinion like usual,and decide over your heads again.So why should anyone vote again,if that doesnt matter anyway.

Whitout clear rules,let them pretend they have a contest.Cause actualy all the time they make contest for themselves.
that would be a great idea spoilr, thanks for seeing the light
well spoilr, if you want to be taken serious and your vote to be counted, maybe you should give productive comments on the maps, or play them and upload replays, instead of only complaining about the people (currently) running this site?

why should we give any fuck on your opinion, if you dont do anything to show us it's worthy?
Ok, i now explain why i have voted for following maps:

It is a great executed, little bit standard map.
Fun Gameplay

-Sc0pe Lens
I love the pimpage and it has a cool style, like hitchhiker

-Seven Sins
I think the gameplay is very funny. Sometimes i want to play short games and then i play this one

Hope that my votes will count. Looking forward for a better MOTM. GOGOGO !!!
spoilr plays many maps, almost exclusively older ones though. You don't see all his reps under DG)SpoilR on the replay section?

ptar your votes are fine -.- Thanks for feedback also :) I'll ignore the slander of the previous motm^^

Who's this noob "Arden" voting without posting? What contributions has he made to the site? He even make maps? :D
oh okay sorry, i take this back then. i havent recognized yet that you uploaded your replays. sorry
actually flothefreak,i estimate the opinion of spoilr pretty high - havent read any stupid comments from him,so far.nor comments like:this map is retarded,this map is a joke...this is more the nightmarjoo/inept/nasty level.
hey inept,i have a sucker for you.if you taste it you will see the light, any circumstance!
"this map is retarded,this map is a joke...this is more the nightmarjoo/inept/nasty level."

i havent read this comment from anyone yet. and even if, it is a fact that some mappers are more skilled than others and garanting permanently a high quality.
Which map is retarded? And I don't get what you mean when you say me, lnept, and nasty are on the same level. If you're saying nasty is a bad mapper then I'd like to see you make a better map than him. Your Temple of Luna hardly comes close.
I choose maps with interesting concepts.
that pretty much sums up my votes here.
maybe i should filter out all the admin maps so we wouldnt be 'abusing' the system. OH WAIT, they have the most votes.
lol @ nasty's comment

ok i forgot to post my reasons haha. i always have trouble finding people to play with nowadays when i'm available because pretty much everyone i know quit sc (including me but i came back after 5-6years of absence?)

i didn't play dreamcatcher myself but did watch a few replays (3 lol, too many reps to watch!). the execution is great, and with all the edits it appears to have become a solid map.

lexington... i think it looks beautiful, almost like nasty's learning his execution/deco skills from the best at mapdori except he pays attention to stuff like gas issue and pathing and other imbalances which i see alot of mappers at mapdori often oversee or don't pay as much attention to as they should. truth be told though, i haven't actually tested this map either since playing vs computer is damn easy.

oh and putting my map as honorable mention lol. C'mon, you understand :P
I still need to edit a lot of stuff on Lexington. So if i get too lazy and dont edit it, then motm is no go. :/
That's fine nasty there are other good maps here^^
i actually like a few maps on this month's contest
lol no more comments/feedback?
No. I did not get a single vote and not finished my new maps.
I haven't been here for awhile but I really hope you guys have been testing the maps you are voting for not just saying ummmmm this map looks pretty to me I'll give it my vote -.-
I have played lexington and seen reps on dreamcatcher
i have played dreamcatcher ~30-40 times.
i played spiritforge only 2-3 times, and i liked it even though it is very hard to adapt (no gas at natural, uncommon double expo in some distance). but when you play it, you get a hint of what potential lies within this map right away. nothing you can really point at, it's just a feeling that the map offers a lot to you. i am happy i chose it, and i'll play it some more for sure.
i played eden ~10 times and stated my opinion.
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Alter.Ego voted (2)Pale Horse 1.4 as 1. choice
Alter.Ego voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 2. choice
Alter.Ego voted (2)Eden1.3 as 3. choice
Alumni voted (2)Mount Shakuras as 1. choice
Alumni voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 2. choice
Alumni voted (4)Lexington as 3. choice
Arden(WoF) voted (4)Lexington as 1. choice
Arden(WoF) voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 2. choice
Arden(WoF) voted (2)Eden1.3 as 3. choice
bogmonster voted (4)Lexington as 1. choice
bogmonster voted (2)Spiritforge as 2. choice
bogmonster voted (2)Asphalum Tor as 3. choice
epidiOn voted (2)Spiritforge as 1. choice
epidiOn voted (4)Lexington as 2. choice
epidiOn voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 3. choice
Excalibur voted (2)Experimental 220 as 1. choice
Excalibur voted (2)Slithering State as 2. choice
Excalibur voted (4)Lexington as 3. choice
Falcon_A voted (4)Lexington as 1. choice
Falcon_A voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 2. choice
Falcon_A voted (2)Scope Lens as 3. choice
flothefreak voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 1. choice
flothefreak voted (2)Spiritforge as 2. choice
flothefreak voted (2)Eden1.3 as 3. choice
lnept voted (2)Scope Lens as 1. choice
lnept voted (2)Eden1.3 as 2. choice
lnept voted (2)Seven Sins as 3. choice
LostTampon voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 1. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Lexington as 2. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Isis as 3. choice
NastyMarine voted (2)Scope Lens as 1. choice
NastyMarine voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 2. choice
NastyMarine voted (4)MysteryDope2.0 as 3. choice
pOOwarriOr- voted (2)Mount Shakuras as 1. choice
pOOwarriOr- voted (2)Spiritforge as 2. choice
pOOwarriOr- voted (2)Scope Lens as 3. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 1. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)Lexington as 2. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Scope Lens as 3. choice
ptar voted (4)Lexington as 1. choice
ptar voted (2)Scope Lens as 2. choice
ptar voted (2)Seven Sins as 3. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Together as 1. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Scope Lens as 2. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 3. choice
SalazarSlytherin voted (2)Mount Shakuras as 1. choice
SalazarSlytherin voted (2)Spiritforge as 2. choice
SalazarSlytherin voted (2)Sand Kiss as 3. choice
SauruS voted (4)Lexington as 1. choice
SauruS voted (4)Isis as 2. choice
SauruS voted (2)Spiritforge as 3. choice
Testbug voted (4)MysteryDope2.0 as 1. choice
Testbug voted (4)Isis as 2. choice
Testbug voted (2)Spiritforge as 3. choice
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