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The PIMPING Mappers

deadline to enter maps: 2007, 12, 12 (Year, month, day)
I have decided to open this competition to a wider variety of influence. This is now a User Based Competition (UBC). I have no right to selfishly claim precedence over anyone else who feels they can properly pimp and revamp user maps. This is now officially open to the public. If you have above average decoration skills and/or are a skilled mapper with the initiative to pimp a map, by all means, go for it! If your pimping job proves satisfactory, I will post a comparison picture with a place of honor in the "Pimpers" list. I am way too lazy to take this upon myself, so you are all invited to take part as well.

Now... Even though I have invited all of you to take part in this glorious event (^^), that does not mean that any average mapper can say a map has been "pimped" and put it in here: No. I will hold these pimps to a high standard and if they do not meet that standard they will not be honored (although your effort is appreciated). What I am saying is that you need to do a good job. And you need to have some idea of what good decoration/balance/everything is already... So without further adue, hop to it!

*I will be adding previously pimped specialties*

In order to work this competition efficiently, there will have to be a few conditions set:

-Maps will be selected based on "Pimp-ability", if the map is inherently flawed beyond all comprehension, it will not be Pimped. Potential is what we are looking for.

-At the start of this competition, only two Pimped maps per user will be allowed, and not consecutively. - This is subject to change in the future - with notice ;).

-Begging will not be tolerated. Do not run around the site begging people for a pimp. It may or may not happen to your map.

-The original intention was to submit these Pimped versions over top of the originals. In other words, whatever version is already in the database will be replaced with the new one. If you wish to keep your original copy of the map uploaded, contact the "pimper" and you can discuss it.

-Do not submit maps that are "pretty good" or "needs a tiny bit of work". We are looking for maps that lack a great deal of flow and decoration, but still maintain a decent amount of balance and concept [/Inept].

-Map Crediting: It would be nice if someone could find time to produce an emblem to place in the Jpeg. We will put "Pimped by [insert pimper name]" somewhere in the map description. Other than that, it is your map, and will remain that way.

-We reserve the right to delete your map from this competition at any time based on:
a) Belligerence by the original mapmaker
b) Wrongly submitted map (previous MOTW / Good quality map)
c) My personal opinion
d) Map Crowding (necessary clean-up)

-If there are any questions/comments I am pretty active on here, so you are likely to find me on the "online" list, just PM me. Or leave a comment in here.

We look forward to aiding those with unsatisfactory decoration skills in order to promote concepts that have been overlooked.

[[Note: The listed names of these maps are the names of the final and pimped versions. The original names will be lost in translation.]]


*Submit those maps!*

Sc0pe Lens by lnept
pimped by Arden(WoF)


Battle Grounds by NastyMarine
pimped by Arden(WoF) and NastyMarine


Romanov Sanctum 2.0 by Arden(WoF)
pimped by Arden(WoF) and Grief_Stricken


Silver Flush by Crackling
pimped by Testbug and flothefreak


Shamant Garden by ShaMant
pimped by noname


Thunderbolt by LaO-Artanis
pimped by flothefreak


Manta II by Deathman101
pimped by Ptar and Nightmarjoo


Outpost2.0 by Ptar
pimped by Ptar


Sound Barrier by Radix
pimped by flothefreak


The Great Phase by Tuy
pimped by Testbug


Asa-Thor by DeSade
pimped by flothefreak


NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Divided Zonel[StaR]BladeMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Winter Diamond1.7>_>Melee Picture0
(2)NinfiginLMLMelee Picture0
(2)PrecinctLML (aka EM-LML)Melee Picture0
(4)GladiatorsPanschk[FP]Melee Obs Picture0
(4)Beasty GladiatorsPanschk[FP] Pimped by P4EMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Mar Sara Highway 2.01Alter.EgoMelee Picture0
(4)The Great PhaseTuy (Pimped by Testbug)Melee Picture0
(3)Dream-arena 2.0SiriamMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Im gonna submit one...I think there is no harm in me editing the one im sending soon.
you forgot -(4)the great divide (by Tuy)
modified by panschk[FP]
I am a pimping mapper! :) - well not yet o.O :D

suggestion: make the mappics smallers and linked to the mapthread so it doesnt take forever to scroll down to comments etc. and this way if they are smaller, ppl can click on them and have more to look at.
Well... I like this size for accurate comparison and "wow" factor. And the names are linked to the thread... And... I didn't make this new Comp btw o_O
Flo started this comp, cuz he fucked up the old one. Think the pictures and the links are ok.
Hell in Space by RaDiX pimped by Nightmarjoo. Think my version is called Space in Hell.
Well it was just a couple modifications not a whole pimpage, dunno what you're looking for here.
nightmarjoo u just pimped the natural -.- ... It's not pimped, it's edited :o
lol oh ho ho such gratitude :) I did more than just that anyway. But that's why I asked what is sposed to be here, it was seveal edits, but I didn't start from scratch.
Romanov Sanctumwasn't pimped by Grief_Stricken.
it's not a pimped map.
it's just a modification.

can be sayd "modify by Grieg" or something.
the "pimper" did not make the whole map again.
just modified southern high to low.
and northern (already high) to a diferent kind of high don't know for what.

i know new romanov natural fields+gass are very good and original was bad as shit.
but it's still a modification in the same map.

Romanov Sanctum is the pimped version of Romanov Standoff but that's all.
am i not right?
Yeah um.... I don't know who changed that, but I don't like it. Romanov Sanctum is a pimped version of Romanov Standoff... which is why I had Romanov Standoff there as the original. I pimped that map, and then grief further pimped it. Credit was given to both me and grief for doubling the efforts of pimping the original Romanov Standoff and that's what should be up there.
Grief did not pimped it! only did some modifications, but it's a modification of the pimped version (like gaia 1.0 to gaia 1.1)

and you forgot the mirage thing.
there is a desert map named mirage that have been pimped few days ago.

shouldn't it be in the list?
And Mystery Dope 2.0
(shit StrikeR removed the original version? i guess NastyMarine keep it)
modified by Testbug
i agree with testbug. it was YOU who pimped standoff into sanctum.
lol do self pimps count? if arden pimped his own map and its here, then flo pimped Mirage, and I pimped my old map "Crimson Siege" to "Cerulean Sapphire"
So add them...? There are other admins on this site I'm pretty sure.. and I'm almost never around here anymore =P. And yeah, the change was pretty damn drastic... So I figured I'd add it. Mucxh much much different than like.. gaia 2.0... not even comparable. You can barely see a difference in those, but it doesn't matter. You guys can do what you want.
Outpost2.0 by Ptar
pimped by Ptar!

mirage should be here.
and nightmajroo, Cerulean Sapphire? you must be joking.

well, Mirage and Mystery Dope MUST be here.
I would add them... (Cause I agree, they should be up there) but I'm leaving in about 5 minutes. So can somebody else please take care of this?
dont add mirage, at least not yet.
the dt thing is too weird for an island map, so i will change the main setup once again. i will use this dt to block a natural, though to promote 1baseplay some longer (exepct zerg who has overlords). p FE for example will always be forced to forge+cannon before nex.
And Flo, I think you will need to supply me with a link to the previously "unpimped" Mirage. Because didn't you over wright the other on this site?
map id: 1270
it was MOTW
"and nightmajroo, Cerulean Sapphire? you must be joking" what do you mean
oh i foun it! saphire with only onw "p"
that maps needs some more help.
(seriously it needs a lot of it)
Yeah... I'm borderline AWOL at this point. I really don't have any impulse to make maps, or even play SC. I just don't do these things anymore... I'm going off to college in a little while, and I'm pretty sure I will be way too distracted to pursue this competition anymore. I'm going to politely ask another of our beloved admins to take over for me. I would greatly appreciate it.
wait wait do i add a map i wanted to be pimped?

or do i add a map that i pimped? cuz shit shit take that off then ><
(2)Muck recently pimped by starparty
yeah, add it :D
pimp it now
pimp it good
pimp my map just like u should
right now
my ramps
my main
AND my doodads
i brought this permanent competition back to the surface. i also updated all pics which did not work anymore. unfortunately, the basic flush map has been deleted, so i replaced the flush->iron flush entry with iron flush -> silver flush.
i think it's okay that way, tell me if you mind.
err guys, someone HAS to pimp unknown beauty :D
i can pimp divided zone.just in case you trust my skills,of course.tell me what you think starblade.
Shamat Garden is Desert in original and badbladains in Pimped xD
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