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* MotW 2006.04 *

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 01, 20 (Year, month, day)

Here we go again!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)EmergencylneptMelee Picture0
(2)Construction 1.2MillenniumArmyMelee Picture0
(2)Forest EyeLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture0
(4)SNitch!--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(2)Chaotic Pilgrim--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(2)Jade_Zoneflothefreak & StarpartyMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Nautilus 1.1TravinMelee Obs Picture0
(2)ChimeraepidiOnMelee Obs Picture0
(4)King NothingRSCup.SpitfireMelee Picture0
(2)ClamplneptMelee Picture0
(8)Northlands Lullaby--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(4)Forgotten LandScoutWBFMelee Picture0
(2)Quiet MorningLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

We got 5 days to vote, as ever, so let's see what you guys want to have as MotW this week, gogogo :)
i put construction because it is a nice map ^^ and well i just put my map for fun :p
Adding my map again, I'll probably update it through these days and hopefully it'll be contest-worthy.
Haha :D
JZ JZ JZ JZ <3 Starparty <3
That's just rox :D
well actually it's half part flo, half part SP-made map^^
_if_ it makes MOTW, I'll add a credit.
oh how noble of u :p
I add (4)Nautilus 1.1, and vote for it, for now :)
i am such a nice guy
Besides my map, here are my top 3 picks (in no particular order)

Jade Zone
"oh how noble of u :p"

i really hread you saying this in my mind ^^ :P

except that. I like the 9th map submitted most. O_o
Currently, Construction is my favorite. I can't get over that map.

Nautilus is a very distant 2nd for me right now. I'm going to take LGI's word for it when he said that it is the best island map he's ever played. I think it has a really nice look to it, and should play great. Also, I respect that he made a nice island map, that's hard to do.

But, as the entries come in, my favorites might shift :D.
autumn diver.

i really like it. wanna play it. gogo bnet.
I go with epidiOn this time, construction jsut looks too good, by now.

Let's see what comes next ^^
Guess what... i add Hocus Peakcus and guess what... i vote for it :)

TOP 3 4 player maps:

1) (4)Hocus Peakus
2) (4)Nautilus 1.1
3) (4)Autumn Diver

TOP 3 2 player maps:

1) (2)Construction 1.1
2) (2)Jade_Zone
3) None for now...
well, plz don't make a difference between 2player and 4player...
you actually vote for 6 maps then which doesn't really help for decision
well, i think it's nice to see actually. i still stay at voting for maximum 3 maps. but if LGI can't decide, he shall vote that way. think it's ok, didn't lead to a wrong decision by now. ;)
I talk before about this. I will tell it short and simple...

4 players maps are harder to make then 2 player maps! So 4 player maps, should be those who diserve a push from us! But this is the way i am voting... It might be wrong... Anyway sometimes i put 2 player maps, infront if they are better then the 4 player maps. Right now 4 player maps are infront... All of them in the TOP 3
i think construction has the same problem that korhal does in terms of balance, but to a greater degree.

pvt would be hell on it.
if i was gonna do construction pvt(which i sure as hell wouldnt) id probably do some cheese like dt drop or something because a long tvp on this would just suck with all the doodads in the middle. if you took out these doodads i would like it even more.
The doodads in the center of the map are all walkable, except for the big black thing.
Only things that might hinder space would be those spinning fans and vertical ladders near the naturals. I tried it; they were fine.
--v mOsQ
"4 players maps are harder to make then 2 player maps!"

LGI, 4 players maps similar on Hocus Peakus which are symmetric across and verticals, instead of on a spiral, are not harder to make then 2 players maps ^_^
what he means is that INTERESTING 4 player maps are harder than interesting 2 player maps, because there isnt enough space to do the same stuff as in a 2player map
King Nothing, just for competition :D
Yeah interesting 4 player maps are way harder to create. Very true.

By now Hocus Peakus is best imo, followed by construction imo. But things may change till friday.
--v mOsQ
Hocus Peakus <- not "interesting 4 player map".
"--v mOsQ":not interesting map maker with not interesting maps with bad manner without kommas.
--v mOsQ
lol stfu little newbish dog ^^
El Oh El Es Tea Ef Ju you card creator.8[

My maps are BETTER than your maps!
i like pork fried rice. gg no re 52 card pick up
construction is too much alike korhal that it scares me. it doesnt matter if millenium didnt kno wit when he made it, its still the result that counts. Imagine the flames we'd get.
So far i like:
Hokus Peakus
Nal ha he ka powierjwiopejf w/e the name is

No particular order yet.
--v mOsQ
ScoutWBF said: "My maps are BETTER than your maps!"

ROFL naive ^^^^^
mOsQ, try to craete an interesting and balanced map please. haven't seen any from you by now. I'm waiting.
1. Jade_zone
2. Kal no(epidion)
3. construction
Haha today I was gaming with SP and he says something like, "want me to make kal hehe bla bla?"
Oh, people were making such jokes with me in Headoff when we play "Kin Dza Dza" :)))
Haha yeah... mine is a weird Hindi name. It means 'Tommorow May Never Come' :D.
1. Jade_zone
2. SNitch!
3. Chaotic Piligrim
i like Chaotic Piligrim, 2112 and Snitch --
who cares
Jade Zone and Hocus Peakus are my votes. Very nice and somewhat original maps, I think there will be some interesting games on both of them.

Starparty check your PM plz, ive sent u a msg.
I don't like the idea of making pimped maps MotW.It's just not the real map.It's just like a clone by somebody else.
i don't really like that either
it's just not the "good" way
sorry grc but it is like old news. the showmatch need to take up the space that newspost would have, and since no one cared about the competition itself, noone will care too much about the post either. Still you have a good 3v3 map (specially if the 3 cenetr exp were gone :P) and it would atleast make it into recommended section since it wonthe competition.
ok i understand. please read a reply PM i sent. thx.
Deadline is over.

TOP 3 4 player maps:

1) (4)Hocus Peakus
2) (4)Nautilus 1.1
3) (4)Autumn Diver

TOP 3 2 player maps:

1) (2)Kal Ho Naa Ho IV
2) (2)Construction 1.1
3) (2)Jade_Zone
(2)Chaotic Pilgrim and (2)Kal Ho Naa Ho IV my top2

Cunstruction and JadeZone somhow lack in movement space, while construction is the better one of those. the battle areas around the expansions at jadzone are all very small so T should have it quite easy here, even with the big center. IMO.

Chaotic Pilgrim is also too tight imo, and still lacks of quality and has to many small issues which have not been updated even after all of them were discussed weeks ago.

So, it's Hokus Peakus, by far.
Hokus peakus is way too open and not playable atm imo, and the same goes for kal ho na ho. YOuve just been looking too much at neo forte for too long...
--v mOsQ
Hokus peakus = beatiful image and stupid map, symmetric clone.
i personally hate hokus peakus, it looks nice on the jpeg but all those moon craters look HORRIBLE in game it just doesnt look natural at all and feels like your on the moon or something...

because all the gas expos in the middle its put emphasis on the middle is so hard to secure these expos that the gameplay gets boring with all the minerals. woohoo lets mass zealots against lurkers just because i cant make anything else!
Quiet morning looks good, but something about it is bugging me and i cant think of what it is :(
starparty please read the new PM i sent u. thx
lol inept, idiot
like, p has no gas but z can spend 125 gas per lurk?
im just saying that mineral expos arent fun. r-point only map brave enough to go all gas, and theres been so many fun games on it.
Construction 1.1 has now become Construction 1.2
chill, inept has valid points :P
1) Snitch again :)
2) Emergency
3) King Nothing
God... you even haven't play the map and you talk about gameplay, everyone of you... Shame yourself...
no really LGI i played your map a couple games with my friends at op arcology. pathfinding is great yet, i was going lurkers/lings and i wanted to switch to mutas, yet i couldnt find anywhere to expand for that extra gas >< same goes for protoss if they were going archon/temp/zealots and really needed some dragoons in there because of my excessive lurkers
terran would just have so many vultures...self explanatory :P
we should make a decision soon
it's not good having the motw at wednesday every week T_T

I'd say it hokus peakus, jade zone, kal ho naa ho IV or construction?
let's have a final vote on them.
best would be posting your two favourites out of those 4...
then we could make it quite clear.

i go for construction and jade zone
I'd like to have a result by monday evening so I can write the newspost then...
Judging from those 4, I'd have to go for kal ho naa ho and construction I guess.
Jade zone and kal ho.

Hokus is too open, and construction is to korhal :p
Despite the fact that I have a big bias, I'll still put my obvious thought in.

I'd say Kal Ho Naa Ho IV or Construction, but SP is right, it is probably too much like Korhal. I mean, look at the flames we got for Valhalla, just because it was sort of like 'Hall of Valhalla' in the name.

Since that's sort of a big issue, I'd say Kal Ho or Jade Zone.
(4)Nautilus 1.1, is infront of those 3 other maps (i don't count mine, who cares about me voting for my map anyway...).
uh yeah, nautilus was quite popular, too...

by the new state, it's kal-whatever, nautilus, jadezone :<
Nautilus. None of the others really strike me :/
Forgot Kal ho

1. Nautilus
2. Kal ho
hmm... i don't vote this week. I liek Hocus a lot, but the exp layout just is somehow strange to me today. Next would be construction, which is a good map. I don't mind that some kids say it'S like korhal, because it is. Still it's a good map.
epidi0ns map is really interesting, but to tight and "one-wayed" somehow. But just imho.

So, i don't vote due to the fact that i have no idea what would be the best choice.

btw, someone else has to write the article this week, i simply can't.
Then i might tonight. But then i choose by myself (from those maps that arent mine :P) ;p
yeah, hard decision this time. if you don't write it tonight, I'll probably do it.

I would vote for kal hi, jade zone, nautilus, construction, all the same and I don't oppose me to one of them.
Jade Zone won't be taken, however, if I have to write it.
I will make it nautilus, because its simply the best map. all the others have soemthig against them.
that's a criteria I can live with.
though, I don't think it's best choice balancewise
(4)Nautilus 1.1 kills every single air map in this site! It's the greatest ever! No PGT, no WGT, no WCG - (4)Nautilus 1.1 - OWNZ!

You might download some replays on it, and watch them. I am sure you will like it :) .

I remember that there was a ZvP game on it... CRAZY!
it's good, no doubt
but I have seen no games and one single game doesn't count as representative...
still, I won't oppose myself to nautilus. but i am relieved that it's not ME who has to decide this week. it's incredible.
it's always a hard choice. Nautilus is a good map. but to me it could have a better look to it, but people won't recognize anyway ^^

CC float anyone? :)
Yeah, I think Nautilus is a good choice. It's a pretty map, and sort of nice to push an island map as well.

And I'll trust LGI that it's a great air map.
Yeah LGI, that was a really sweet ZvP on Nautilus. Wow... I was never sure who was going to win.
I think float CC is not a big deal on this map. Because even if terran do it, every race can go behind the resurs via ground and kill the SCVs. Anyway there is no point to discuss this. In game everything can happen, espacialy on air map, where there will be dropes everywhere, and you don't know what will happen...
O_______________O new voting cool ! :P

top3 (2)maps:
- (2)Chaotic Pilgrim
- (2)Jade_Zone
- (2)Clamp

top3 (4)maps:
- (4)Emergency
- (4)SNitch!
- (4)Hocus Peakus (small image looks beatuful)

final top3:
- (2)Chaotic Pilgrim
- (4)Emergency
- (4)SNitch!
... :)
so it's nautilus then?
go for the news...gotta post a new motw that evening on
--v mOsQ
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