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♀ MotW 2006.08 ♀

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 02, 17 (Year, month, day)

things worked smooth with 2006.07 so far and the decision isn't that far away, so just let's push things a bit and start with 2006.08. I guess we will have done 07 until tuesday anyway for there are only two maps struggling.

only maps allowed for this week are those on installation tileset, of course!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Warrior of IceSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(2)Awoken DemonsflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(2)XeroX1.1Arden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
(2)Pirate LoveValugMelee Picture0
(4)EmergencylneptMelee Picture0
(2)Tuna BasslneptMelee Picture0
(4)Alien AreaJK)ValkyrionMelee Picture0
(2)Lemuria Altar--v|mOsQMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Chaotic Pilgrim--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(4)Genesis1.3SkyMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Prelude of Light_1.3Arden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
(3)TentacletrccMelee Picture0
(2)Undiscovered SystemtrccMelee Picture0
(4)Mind ControlAlexTMelee Obs Picture0
(2)MahaonrAfter)FsC(Melee Picture0
(2)Basilica HomeworldhOuse)AffetuosoMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Your Name
What, Valentines Day is only for girls? :P
Hahahaha... wait, what? *looks puzzled*
foolish children -.- you would be of the relative of a donkey if it was not desirable for my map to be MOTW. if my map is not win, it will surely be of your biased clown judgement.

gg silly noob clowns
ill add mines when i edit it once more.
Support Pirate Love!
Alien Area and Awoken Demons ftw~
I'd like to promote my map, but I don't have much faith in it.. Awoken Demons gogo!
ya niggas wack No-Mans Land all the way!!! haha jk its all love.. theres a couple good maps this competition.. so we'll see.. but yo how do u vote?
support Genesis 1.3 take a look at the map!
--v mOsQ
purple elephant ownz -.-
inept, u mean your card?

--v mOsQ
^^ card = gosu korean slang kk ? ^^^^
support Genesis 1.3 take a look at the map!

mOsQ, it's pink ^^
yes, my map is the relative of a 52 card pick up , randomly made in 15 munutes. i would not be a donkey to see that plagiarism is going to begin. however it would be desirable to see my map motw, but unlike child spitfire, it is not my dream of life.
Everyone rate the damn maps that are in the motw competitions.. so we have a good idea what ppl like. Dont be bashful jus do it.. and give a honest rating too and leave comments aight.. it would be alot more professional to say the least... most ppl comment so ups to u if u do.. but there arent many that actually rate maps.. it wuld do u good to the map maker and others looking at the maps .. ppl will kno what others like.

as for top 3 (with my own ratings):
1)Pirate Love 9/10
2)Awoken Demons 8/10
3)No-Mans Land 8/10

I think we should have motw and honorable mentions actually.. i really dont think that having maps compete more than once or twice.. it jus isnt fair if u think about it.. im not complaining tho.. VOTE FOR NO-MANS LAND!
No. ;)
i really dont think that we should have maps compete more***
Pfft, c'mon. 95% of this site's members support the MOTW contest and 5% may be against it. Just accept the fact that it exists.
Well of course .. no1 would come here if they didnt support it. But i feel that maybe that the 'honorable mentions' should be the only ones to compete back-2-back.. it is reasonable. i jus feel that if they cant win after 2 or 3 weeks.. they shouldnt be up there. I mean i havent been monitoring motw but idk why a map should be in the running for motw 3weeks in a row if it does come down to that... especially if it wasnt one of the last maps fighting for the top motw position the week before.
Well, you are right to some extend. Some maps seem to be in the competition ever and ever again ( i may remember ~4 maps by now). But as experience shows, the more a map is in the contest, the less it's in discussion about being motw. So, they somehow naturally sort out themselves.

Also, there are some weeks, where like 4 maps could become MotW, and weeks later, the following maps aren'T as good as the 4 the weeks before, so, they come again, and win sometimes.
yeah i see what u mean... but it does make sense to make a honorable mentions like the top 2 that didnt get picked and we keep them in the run. for instance... Awoken Demons and Pirate love would be the only ones that would stay in the competition the next week of motw.. the others would wait until the next motw.. or until their rating goes up etc.. or suttin to that extent. I mean i dont expect to win.. i'd like to see my map win (no mans land) but if it doesnt i wouldnt submit it next week unless sum1 tol me i should or it was in the top 3 or suttin. jus an idea.. it would serve good too.
--v mOsQ
omg inept baby i love you !
But stfu clown ok ? ^^
Your Name
Drop it nasty, i think you're the only one that likes your idea.
where did u come from? outta no where and shit. Theres no problem wit saying my opinions nah mean. but neway i knew ppl wuldnt like it but its all good.
... u can suck me off. str8 up ..
Um... Not to break up this pleasant dispute, but this isn't the place for that. This is where we argue/discuss the new MOTW. Maybe we should start talking about the maps, not the general concpet of MOTW.
"omg inept baby i love you !" by mOsQ
Have we finally tamed mOsQ ;)?

At the moment I'm in for Prelude of Light and Awoken Demons. I played a game against flo on AD, so at the moment I support it. The zerg buildings were pretty interesting to play on. But I plan on playing some games on Prelude tonight, so I'll upload those reps as well.
lol nasty what that comment directed at me? "u can suck me off"

-_-what is your problem with me?
nothing man its all love... i jus got some bunz and im good.. yo everyone post ur sn, realm, and times ull be on tonight or in general.. go to the main forums and click 'where do you game at?' and post ur stuff
not that much discussion around here this week :P
I think it will heat up in a bit.
aight lets start discussing the maps .. lets state eachothers top 3
my top 3 are:
Awoken Demons (i feel it deserves a spot at motw.. im sure many do)
No-Mans Land (new backdoor to nat min line concept.. very well layed out map and its mine)
Pirate Love (its a hot map but its too symmetric for my taste now.. i like it but i feel the symetry is overkill)
(3)chaotic pilgrim
(1)prelude of light
(2)Awoken Demons
What Inept said...

I personally would like to see Chaotic Pilgrim as MOTW, but I still don't like the way the naturals are arranged.
I'll have to say...
1. Prelude Of Light
2. Tentacle
3. No-Man's Land
nice maps in contest, really ^^
Your Name
chaotic pilgrim is imbalanced in tvz
--v mOsQ
dear "Your Name", Chaotic Piligrim is balanced tvz and all match other ups. But i think Lemuria >>> Chaotic Piligrim.

inept, nice joke -.-
lemuria is just overkill on looking experimental but it really isnt. just makes a simple map look complicated, i do not like it.

chaotic pilgrim on other hand is very interesting
1 (2)Undiscovered System
2 (2)No-Mans Land
3 (4)Prelude of Light

these maps are good.
Position of the natural on Chaotic pilgrim is just horribly in the way. especially on top position.

Lemuria is better than Chaotic pilgrim, still to complicated. If made easier, the map could be really interesting.

btw, IA-Sky is right, these maps ARE good ! ^^
1. Awoken Demons
2. Alien Area
3. Tentacle
aight most of us have stated the maps we like ... now lets talk about each flaw in each map how big it effects gameplay and then lets watch reps to see how players react to certain things on the map! lets make it official lets get more reps for the motw canidates
--v mOsQ
Lemuria is "experimental" ? Lol go game on it
--v mOsQ
heh, i don't want upload new lemuria map (for 4 players) before Lemuria Altar becomes a MOTW ^^
wow, then we'll never see it...
I actually like the style of lemuria a lot, but there were some questionable gameplay decisions. I could imagine it motw, but not without serious testing. That goes for all maps btw. Back up theory with gaming exp!
i got 3 reps :p
--v mOsQ
starparty, i don't thing so -_^
--v mOsQ
panschk, i don't add many replays, but Lemuria was tested very long and intensively.
As I think I now eliminated the bugs in AD, my vote goes like that:

1) Awoken Demons (i just love it by now, although it has become more experimental than wanted in teh first place)
2) undiscovered system (this map just got an incredible style. a bit complicated, but hot map :D)
3) prelude of light (is a bit more attractive than tentacle)
1. Prelude of Light -- I have to love it, it's mine
2. Awoken Demons -- Love the style, simple, sexy
3. Undiscovered System -- Trcc produces nothing less than Gold. I like the bridge flow.
Your Name
Prelude of Light = Awoken Demons.
They are both a worthy MOTW. I give an equal votes for each map.
That was me.
And trcc's map is awesome too.
1. Undiscovered System
2. Prelude of Light

But PoL looks kinda like a "kid" of HP and Arena ^^
"Prelude of Light = Awoken Demons.
They are both a worthy MOTW. I give an equal votes for each map."

Same here... I just can not diside. Good luck both!
What about NML? no special attention? lol ..
ne way i really like Undiscovered system and PoL but what about a map like Awoken Demons.. very nice map and its in motw 2nd week (i think so at least).. if it doesnt get it now it wont at all... wat really sucks is that some of these good maps wont even get motw b.c there are some many good ones.. tuff decision.. so ima let u guys say ur stuff ima jus be quiet and watch the show. lol
First of, I did not play the maps, so I hope everyone did his homework to make sure his maps play as well as they look.

1) AD
2) Lemuria
3) NML

Its time for flothefreak to finally win motw. This has been like a curse^^
Undiscovered System

The rest of the good maps are pretty cool, but still need work.
Lemuria is interesting but, I dont think it shouls be motw. Too much thinness and ways to go. I think too much of the main can be tanked. Dont like that. Plus, it seems like if terran can control the mid, its gg for other players.
No-Mans Land is like Luna for two, except its balanced =D GJ

I think Awoken Demons is number one. I like the style, you don't see many maps like this and it was pulled of verywell
gogo awoken deamons ;P I need to rethink about undiscovered system , i maybe got some idea to improve
Eh, "If you can't beat 'em join 'em". I think Awoken Demons deserves MOTW.
I played on it, and I liked it. Gogo Awoken Demons!
Yea deamons seems fine.

Dont change US trcc, its perfect as it is.
1) Prelude of light
2) Undiscovered System
3) Awoken Demons
--v mOsQ
yenku, i think you have max D+ on PGT and hard tank-fobia ^_^
--v mOsQ
1. (2)Lemuria Altar
2. (2)Undiscovered System
3. (4)Mind Control
mosk, u have d+ in mapmaking :P
He losses everyone here, so he is D- mapper ^^
Your Name
come on
ascend from his niveau back to yours
Your Name
LEMURIA IS GARBAGE! 50% bridges = unsuccesful attmept at being creative while at the same time sacraficing any interesting contributions to gameplay.
I just counted the maps by mentioning, stopped counting after 218734 changed their votes, but in the end, AD has has like 3 vote more than PoL, kinda like 9 to 6 or somethin... who cares anyway ^^

So, by now, AD is in front after most people seem to like it, also Admins mention it as a good map or their fav, so by now, i'd say AD is it. (even if i like PoL and US more :P hrhrh flo u suck X)


lis: let's make a bo21, rnd vs rnd all the time.
if i win, AD gets motw. if you win, AD doesn't get motw, but I got 21 new reps on AD

i just cannot lose :D
damn.... :P
uh, i forgot:

you suck evem some more
I'll make article.
Your Name
eh, wait
it's saturday, not sunday^^
Heh,'s over. Hurray for AD!
well, a few more testgames could be done tomorrow

i would appreciate can we delay the decision to tomorrow afternoon/evening?
see i knew some1 wuld call NML a luna idea.. damnit .. its all good tho.. good discussion.
well, the natural/2nd natural setup is surely Luna-inspired I'd say.
but inspired =/= copied, and the rest of the map is kinda different from luna ;)
Unfortunately i was kidding when i said i'd make article, i have yet to be an admin ;)
yeah i didnt wanna make it a luna style for the mains and expo but everyone pushed to open of the mineral only near the mains.. o well.. i jus uploaded a tvp.. my first game in awhile.. turned out to be pretty good.. take a look
changed my mind.
Prelude of Light was great to play on.
Hope to see support for next week ^^
Can we name AD MOTW now?
Okay sounds good. And yeah, yenku is right, PoL is really nice to play on, I've played it a couple times.
um.. who added my map. :(
i did^^
i am not gonna write the newspost btw :p
Well somebody needs to. The map has been decided for a couple days now, heh.

(I don't care, take your time--all love)
I would make it, if only i could post it though =O
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