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deadline to enter maps: 2006, 07, 29 (Year, month, day)
glhf to all

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Azure PastureboongeeMelee Obs Picture0
(4)LightningLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Solstice IIIDiminateMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Garden Of AiurNastyMarineMelee Picture0
(2)Blue PlanetSynDroMeMelee Obs Picture0
(2)AsguardRSCup.SpitfireMelee Obs Picture0
(2)SurfacingSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(2)RubiSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(2)TourniquetSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(4)LightningLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture0
(4)IllusionflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Jungle_RaidflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(4)NazcaGRC-DeathLinkMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

I'll submit Lightning one last time. Bring on the 'omg imba' comments please, I'll be waiting.
last week i wanted to vote on lightning, but pansck has already written the osom-article, so it would have been pointless
ok well im going to say it again. even if it isnt imba, its still ugly, and thats what i always get blamed here for, my maps being ugly. so i doubt your map will ever get voted either, unless people here are just biased.
nonono, lightning = the pure sexyness
porno map 2006 deluxe with boobaward
azure pasture is king map
being that there has been complaints (not only last week but in previous weeks...

I have an idea for map makers who would like to vote for their own map but also limiting it as well... maybe make it so they're votes for their own map can only be the third position (One point), which gives other maps a fair shot as well as giving them at least a point for fairness.. does any1 agree?

just an idea
or you could just make a rule against voting for yourself
or we could just never vote for nastymarine maps ROFL!!
I vote for maps that:

1. Balance.
2. Tested.
3. Have replays.
4. Original, but still balanced.
5. Good design.

Played in tournaments or showmatches is just a very big bonus, espacially when players say that they like the map. Because most of the players don't look at the map too much on the pic, so if they say it's good, that means that the map maker had create "the floating feel" and the path finding is good.

I don't vote for maps:

Who still look unfinished even if a lot of you don't think so. I will give an example of some good maps, but for me not finished.

(4)Immortals 1.2 by Antares - such a nice map, but i've already point it in the GMCS that the cross path finding is good between blue and teal, but it's not the same between red and purp. And it's so easy to fix...

Another example.

(4)Azure Pasture by boongee - Very original map, indeed. As for now i am sure that it's not played, or it's not played enough whit terran to proove my point that all chokes should be moved a little to the left on the left side and a little to the right on the right side of the map. This is to make them more safe from being siged whit tanks from the center, because all tanks will be on the high ground/on the wide tileset ramp (which i don't know whit what kind of tiles is made (low ground or high ground)), while the choke is on the low ground which sucks a lot, espacially when it's a 2v2 game. So i think that in maps where the players and the choke is in the low ground, they will surly need more room on the low ground and far enough from the high ground to be able to play more safe. And this is one of the aspects that makes the map "floating".

Because it is i, that play the map more then 50 times. And the map was used in a tournament from the first round, and to the end the only diffrent maps were only the starter map for each round. Then the looser always picked (2)Osom. And this made me to vote for my map.

P.P.S. I am only sorry that i wasn't able to gather most of the replays. I am even below 1/2 of them :( .
the map is floating? what are you talking about o_O
I want to say that the units are moving well around the map, whitout stoping in cliffs, water and espacially doodads. And players like this, because they can show their skills and micro.
I get the point. Some maps just feel natural, and some don't. This is something you can't really see on the minimap. I remember how good hocus peakus fealt even without really knowing the map. I never played Osom though :O

idk, I agree with LGI that testing the maps would be nice...But getting people to play them with you is not easy.
oh i had just seen the gmcs.. so i tested sometimes, but i realize its not finished thats why i didnt add it now.. will be finished, but it is a lot of time that i dont have :(
the previous wewnt for lgi
anyways i agree with you, but as panschk also said it is very hard to get it played by good gamers
Heh, I tend to use my maps a lot in showmatches. That's why Lightning has a few good reps of good gamers. Most gamers liked the map when I asked them about it, even before I said it was my map.
lightning roxx
solstice III is definitely a promising candidate
*shivers* uh, none of them :/
Okay, I submitted the three SummerSky maps. Just download these maps and look at them in StarEdit. They're beautiful, and none of them have only one combat point. Every map has a decent mid ground, and at least two, maybe more routes around the sides to expos and backdoor entrances.

To me, it's just a completely different way of approaching a map, and he does it really well.

Today I was looking through the BWM database to see if I could find any maps that looked cool that I could alter (because now I can't EVER start a map, so I have to resort to editing other people's layouts to fit my ideas) and remembered that SummerSky always had my favorite maps. I chose those three to look over in StarEdit. We just don't see anything like them.

But since LGI just brought up the whole "playability > beauty" subject, I can't end on that note. I'm determined to get a game on them! I am currently talking on MSN to a few people, trying to get a game, but it's hard because I have lat.

As much as I've ever pushed a map on this site, I push these maps.

Currently, I'm gonna say:
1. Rubi
2. Surfacing
3. Tourniquet

Oh! Found somebody to play a couple games with, I'll report back with replays afterwards.
Update: Got three games on Rubi and one on Surfacing. The one on Surfacing isn't worth anything though, he just did a drone drill.

sMi.vvvQ vs Migiel-X17 - not a great game, but it did go for 40 minutes and the map was almost entirely mined out. I think that's a good thing, and it shows that the map is more micro focused. It makes players push the game because they know that mins will run out. In the pic, the middle looks a bit small for flanking, but in game it's actually very large.

epidiOn vs sMi.NewB - shows how great the rushing distance is, and shows that the game can become more micro oriented in the distance as well as in the mineral count. I got pretty demolished after awhile, but I did get a chance to use the expo behind the main.

epidiOn vs NrG.Mythical - just shows the rushing distance again. Keep in mind that I did 10/12 gate, not 9/10, and that I am a terrible rusher PvZ, and it did a lot of damage.

Personally, I might add another min patch or two, and up some of them to 2000 mins, but it could go either way. Also, I'd like to move the gas in the secret expo (behind each main) so it can be shot from the outside, and make it already depleted so that no race can get three easy gasses, but instead gets two gasses and a depleted gas. Also, the middle expos have almost no room to build any turrets/sunks/cannons, so it would be good to move the lava back a little bit. Sadly, I can't make these changes, even though I have the ability to un-protect the map. Does anybody know how to do it? When I try to edit any terrain, it messes it up and goes all blocky.

But anyways, not that it's my job to edit his map, but he rarely visits, and I don't think he'd mind small changes.

One pathfinding issue. When trying to move SCV's from his middle min only to the expo behind the main, sMi.vvvQ's SCV's wouldn't go around behind the mins, so they danced around the mins for about a minute before he realized it. But he only sent his SCV's there so late because he didnt know about that expo until then.

I give Rubi a thumbs up, definitely.
All of this should probably be in the map thread, but it will get more attention here.
LGI said:

"vote for maps that:

1. Balance.
2. Tested.
3. Have replays.
4. Original, but still balanced.
5. Good design."

ok, Blue Planet:

1) Balanced (I played tons of times and no MU gives problems)

2)Tested (I even plaeyd this map with NastyMarine, and said he likes it. nGuYeN liked it so much that helped me modify it.)

3)Have replays (I uploaded a replay a while ago, still there are more replays but they lengh more than 500 kb.)

4)Original (You havnt seen this kind of layout. If so, show me the map ID and Name.)

5)Good Design (What I said above.)

Obvious choice? = Blue Planet 2.1

Why not even comment on it?
Why not even vote for it in the 3rd place?
Why not even VOTE for it?
Why I have to keep bumping the map so that people even see its image?
Why not even saying that it sucks? But not even that.

Stop being ignorants.
I had to bump the map for the 3rd time. IS it that hard to get comments?
well, i still fear that terrans can take 3 gas bases too easily. and this will make many players being afraid about it, esp. on such a tiny map.
although it looks 100 times better than before now.
Why don't you chillout?

I can't look at all maps, lol!

And to be honest i am 100% sure that there was a MotW week that i vote for your map, but i forget on which place. Anyway try to understand that the maps are 10-12, and the vote is for first, second and third place, so depends on the week, how good are the maps.
Oh, and nice posts in PGT...

No comment.
2)Azure Pasture

cant think of a third =(
solstice III

each 2 points
3pts (2)Rubi

no others atm feel up to par with this map
i've always liked this map

i really must stress that each mineral line that has a twin (mirror'd expo) should be the same for equal mining.
1. (4)Nazca (10 points :P )
2. (2)Rubi
3. (4)Jungle_Raid

Damn, this week is good.
Ops, i forget to say.

1. (4)Nazca only if he shrinks the chokes!
the first one absolutely is Nazca( with same suggestion of LGI), then:

All 2 pts.
I think its a bit late for Nasca this week unfortunately.. i give it a definite thumbs up for the next motw
2)Rubi has 13 pts

I will make a newspost to keep it up to date unless we have like 5+ ppl vote for another map lol
I'm definitely behind Nazca for next week.
Nazca is much more prettifuller than Blue Planet, thats why it won, silly , silly Syndrome
I mean Rubi, but you get the point
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