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MOTW 47.06

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 12, 06 (Year, month, day)
On time this time, no excuses for not uploading maps!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Psyklon AeonUrzaTronMelee Picture0
(2)MidNightSkyMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Cesarincc TwilightStarpartyMelee Picture1
(2)Exorcist1.1[7x]SpitFireMelee Picture0
(4)Mournhold[7x]SpitFireMelee Picture0
(2)OctavariumSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(2)The WalrusValugMelee Picture0
(2)DivertimentoHofodomoMelee Picture0
(2)NarutoStarpartyMelee Picture1
(4)Mind ControlAlexTMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Hourglass1.2Arden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture1
(2)SilverSea2.0MuShuMelee Obs Picture0
(2)LeviathanepidiOnMelee Picture0
(2)DenialSummerSkyMelee Picture1
(4)Trouble InstincttrccMelee Picture4
(4)No ideath0tMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Open fieldsLaO-ArtanisMelee Picture0
(2)WonderSky3Melee Obs Picture1
(2)Midnight FlightMuShuMelee Obs Picture0
(2)panda0.3nonameMelee Picture3
(4)AuroraCosmiMelee Picture0
(4)Charm of UndeadnOiaMelee Picture0
(2)SilverSea2.0MuShuMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Path of VictoryLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture1
The competition is closed!

vote for montu =)
Twilight party :)
Admins please do not filter this list just yet.

Ok mappers, twilight party it is. I have added most of these maps here and I think they are all good, and most of them motw worthy. Some of these maps are quite old, mushu's midnight flight is #6 in our database! Some of them have small issues, such as the gas issue. These things are easily correctable, don't disregard the maps for something like that.
I will edit this list as the week goes on based on my thoughts and the comments you post. If you like a map say so! If you hate a map say so, and say why please :)
about th0t's (4)No idea I don't think it's too tight, pay attention that the map has many more minerals than gas. The problems of a tight map is that lurks, storm, and tanks will pwn too much because of splash. The players in this map will have more units to lose to such, and have fewer of those units due to the lack of gas.
What if we are too lazy to check them all?
woa a lot of well-made map, but i miss one: (4)Revelation :P

many innovative element in many maps, a pity that most of them is too tight to be useful in ingame
@LGI no problem, someone is bound to check the ones you don't check
wonder has long distance from main to main. I didn't get to see much else of it because I cheesed templar (5 pylons and 1 gate in his main ><)

basilica wasn't fun to play, the nat is so open and far from the main.

astral is pretty much unplayable lol

silver sea is good but hard for zerg to take a 2nd expo.

I liked parabola but the mains are pretty small with no other building space for unit producers =/

Aurora is a nice map, I really like it. However, the nats are pretty small and hard to move big fat goon armies out of.

Mindcontrol is good because it's so standard.

Well, that was the extent of today's testing. Big thanks to PsychoTemplar who played with me aside being sick.
where did all these nice ass maps just come from. Fuck way to much competition. Better not be like this next week
:( No more twilight party
List filtered; I left in Iron_lung because idk your guys' thoughts on it. imo the other maps I took out (some of the ones I had added too) were not high enough quality for motw.
filtered? :D there are still many maps competing.
I haven't had a chance to test them all! Any takers?
Nitemjoo u really should filter more maps man. you just made it alot harder to vote for motw. and we already have late motw winners. we dont need 20 maps on the list to choose from now.
(2)Octavarium arguably has one of the more unique designs and offers alot of cool options for players.

(2)Naruto has a solid design and should play standard and good.

(4)Trouble Instinct is one of better executed maps on the list but suffers from a lack of building space in the mains. i would love to see how the map plays i just dont have alot of time to do so. if some1 provides good reps to show that there is adequate space to make 8-10 factories 3 with machine shop and 18-20 depots or in more simpler terms, all the necessary buildings to win a TvP then it would be ok.

cesarincc twilight, trouble instict, silversea - a pity that all of them are from ancient ages of bwmn
so what, I like digging up old maps. Just cuz they're old doesn't mean they aren't good.

The maps need tested!
anyone that can play ?
Me, but you are always afk or don't respond when I try and play with on bnet -.-
whats your name
Nightmarjoo)hL( currently, otherwise usually Nightmarjoo[BA], and I was St0rM_tOne.C for a little while. The hL name is most current, and if I'm not on that and haven't joined another clan I'm on [BA] name.
If you wanna save time & not look throuhg all the maps just vote for Montu XD
i like mirage, even if there are 10000 haters which cry of imbalance on a map with a _NON STANDARD_ mainsetup they havent even played on
uh wrong comp.
trcc check trouble instinct
Flo, I, lnept, and scout have played mirage. I pasted my explanation of my thoughts on the playability of the map to nasty via aim on this site in two places, feel free to read it and criticize what I think about the map. Bare in mind this is after having played it, and watched your replays.
lmao the vote is for either trcc's map, or trcc's map!
It was tough choice between trcc's maps, but in the end I would have to pick (2)Deep Temptation. I don't like the nat setup in trouble instinct...
lol there are other maps to pick from
hourglass foshizzle
TKTKVROOM, is there a single time when you don't vote for your own map? And if you still haven't understood there is a rule in the MotW competition. "Votes from the authors on their own maps aren't couted." or something like that. So just stop wasting your time, your vote isn't counted.
again everyone this week goes for looks, not gameplay. sigh.
yeah, a pity. we should only choose lnept maps because all others are imba and just beautiful. his are imba as well, but none can blame us for going only for the look then!
just fuck you flothefreak nerdy german nazi
Yeah fuck you flo!You nazi! :3
omfg u nazi! haha
nazis can own as Z on Mirage.
your opponent wasnt one seeing as he tried hydras on the map and still had 3k. roflllllllllllllllll
lol yeah I laughed at that too
i never told you it would be a proof of Z balance, read the fucking comments yourself, always whining _I_ would not do it.
"to prove it, ill do it the old fashioned way. Flo, go find anyone that will play this map ( a Protoss or a Terran) and i will be zerg and submit the replay."

yes you are a blind idiot, i already know
referring error.
Oh stfu guys...
So uh... are we gonna do something or not?
Ok, I'll post Deep Temptation as motw sometime soon. It won the vote, and I can't see why it shouldn't be motw, except for the fact that it hasn't had any games =/
maybe because its the easiest map to slow push on ive ever seen in my life? obviously no protosses voted for it
hm well imo deep temptation looks like a "i take the one side of the map, you take the other, then lets wait 20 minutes" map
it seems to be very rewarding for macro-style terrans in tvp - the terran can get very easily 3 expos (including the minonly in the center), also the middle is too tight, there is nearly no possibility for protoss to flank terrans army :/
furthermore, in matchups vs t it is often relevant to have expansions that are off of the mainpath between the two players, so that the terran is forced to focus on more than one side, i cant see that here too
so there are mainly two options in pvt: win the game in the early (by dts or reavers or whatever fast game winning strat) or by hoping that you can hold off t long enough so you can get masscarriers (but even carriers wont be the best solution here because golis can go and shoot everwhere on the map)
hm, i cant see any problems in tvz or zvp, only in tvp :)
and of course it has to be playtested before it is possible to go more into detail (or to confirm any of my badly described statements ;P)

and yeah, well designed =)
but then again, motw is a joke these days , so it doesnt matter much. we should focus more on the maps we test for the tournament.
Well if not that then which map? There are certainly better balanced maps here, but none of them got your apreciation of the vote.
Imo deep temptation isn't even good ( even if it's my own map )

I don't think it deserves motw *award*

It is quite unusual procedure but is it possible to decline the motw lol :P? Id prefer another map more balanced and which is proven to be good...
you can always withdraw your own maps
I can remove it if you want, shall I?
he can do it himself
ok, so since trcc doesn't want deep temptation, which other map do you want as motw?
I like both maps (considering I added them to this motw comp), but I think panda might favour t too much, with the expos all being able to be cliffed easily. What are your thoughts on this?
well we missed two weeks, so we couldnt post motw 52. make fast decisions plz. now motw 47, and motw 48 in this week too.
this is ridiculous. make a decision.
naruto ftw ^^
any other thoughts beside mine on hourglass?
hmm lnept doesn't it look hard for pvt? T pushes into that 3rd gas base and is unstoppable, no flanking room.
I think I'm leaning towards Divertimendo and Exorsist 1.1 What do you think of those two? I think Divertimento offers a lot with the double battleground thing.
they both are messy imo
make a decision
you are not an admin anymore so unfortunately you cant force anything. we dont like to just pick random maps to get it out of the away like some people. cough templar castes cough
Y is comp still going on, if your confused on which map to choose just vote for Montu ^_^
lnept has playing showed any map to be good? Nasty was telling me he thought Naruto was good. I'd rather pick a non-sp map since he has so many motws already, and all of his maps are decent. Not only that, a terran push looks devastating against protoss. Contains in general looks hard to stop.
silver sea is a lot of fun
Yeah I really liked silver sea too, but templar and nasty didn't like it.
then make it silversea or make it naruto or make it anything, but MAKE SOMETHING BECAUSE WE ARE IN 3 WEEK LATE
LOL lnept i made TC motw on accident. I apologized for that u dick. The map that won that week was FT a map that doesnt play well b/c the mains are uncomfortable. STOP giving me a hard time about that.
sarcasm is fun though
I played naruto with nasty, imo t>p clearly. It's a good map though.
only reason its T > P slightly is because the whole map is buildable. heres another great example where sacrificing beauty would make a good map.
but there is ample space to flank. the game we played, he didnt use the right side of the map.. he let the autopathing lose the game for him.. they all kinda filterd into my d
I've played more games on it, I like it. It's interesting; of course that's from a zerg's point of view. Someone who can play p and t should play it -.-
What do you think should be motw? Naruto ok? Got another in mind? I need some more feedback.
Are we having a MOTW or a MOTM =P Seriously, these have been up here forever. What happened to my vote? Guess I'll vote again =/
Mmmm I thought the total lack of unbuildable ground in Panda was troubling, but I like it the most.
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AiurZ voted (4)Trouble Instinct
Antares voted (4)Trouble Instinct
flothefreak voted (2)panda0.3
LaO-Artanis voted (2)Path of Victory
LGI voted (2)panda0.3
lnept voted (2)Hourglass1.2
LostTampon voted (2)Denial
MilleniumArmy voted (4)Trouble Instinct
NastyMarine voted (4)Trouble Instinct
PsychoTEMPlar voted (2)panda0.3
SalazarSlytherin voted (4)Cesarincc Twilight
Sky voted (2)Wonder
Starparty voted (2)Naruto
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