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I am organizing a starcraft bw Tournament;
I need 3 more maps to feature in the tour, been looking a bit here but i would prefer if any map makers woud post what they actually wanted to be used in the tour. I will then select 3 maps from 3 different map makers;

i need:

2 (4) player maps
1 (3) player map

Other than that specification any kind of map is welcome;

2015, 08, 21 12:00
As for (4) maps:
Dies Iræ
are the two ones of mine that currently I am most in favour of promoting, namely because both of these in their own way break up the standard, straigh forward open-middle macro-map design typical of (4) maps.
Dies Iræ offers an innovative expansion layout and some neat new mechanics (vision blockers, creep colonies for easy main choke defense for Zerg).
Atlantis, on the other hand, has a very straight-forward expansion layout, but uses a less open middle design (more akin to (2) maps like Chain Reaction or Mist).

If a (mostly) standard, but still somewhat fresh macro-map is what you are looking for, I think Jungleterrain's
Feel My Love(the map name is kinda horrible, but that's easily changed...)
is a real gem that's been underappreciated for how long it's actually been around.

As for (3) maps:
is something I\'d really like seeing played. It is obviously very experimental, though.

So if you are looking for something more standardish, these might be for you:

Reap the Storm
Of my own ones that are actually finished (kinda sorta), this is the newest one (excluding island maps).

Then I've still this one lying around:
Vårens Töväder
the layout is similar to Reap the Storm, but it is a more innovative map that makes extensive use of vision blockers (SC2-like, just like Dies Iræ) as a mechanic.

Then there's this one that's been around for a while:
Demonio Azul
It's a bit more of a low-expansion-count variation.

Not a (3) map, but a (5) map, which in itself is quite innovative. Otherwise standard-ish and definitely macroish.

These latter three have the definite advantage of being absolutely, 100% finished and ready to play, so if you are in a rush to just pick some maps and not having to wait for any final edits, these are your go-tos

Otherwise, you may want to have a look at some of LatiAs's works (the same Korean mapper who made Demian):
Neo Aiolos
which is basically just a (3) version of Katrina.

I personally like this one:

Please not that most of these maps (my own and others), excludding the three I explicitely stated otherwise for, are in need of some final touches/updates of one sort or another before they are really finished/appropriate for use in a tourney.

Have you got Skype or some other means of contact?
Unfortunately, I am not going to have time (for any map updates/further discussion) until September 10th because of exam preparations, but we could have a chat after that.
modified by Freakling
2015, 08, 21 16:22
Hi Pebble, I recommend keep it simple.
We have 7 maps in the iCCup map pack already. So just pick 3 of those.
You can see them here (open the spoiler)
click here

Personally I would say Latin Quarter, Eddy and Roadkill. I know that doesnt fit your brief perfectly but as things stand today, thats what Id do.

2015, 08, 21 18:13
More (3) maps are much-needed, though!
2015, 08, 21 19:21
Thank you for the replies. Toadstone and Quintessence will be the first two maps;
50% of maps used will be Neo_Jade. the rest will be used 1 time. i can give more info in the next days

Still looking for a 3 player map. I' m sorry i didn' t come foward before, i spent a lot of time brooding over the idea of a tour, before setting it in stone;
2015, 08, 21 23:59
You could also just use Demian, I guess. Overwhelming players with too many unknown maps is not advisable, either, and Demian is a recent SSL map and reasonably standard....
2015, 08, 22 00:12
Are you aware of this one yet:
Hazard Black

It's also 100% complete and ready to play (no further updates required).
This version has received a few updates from the old one that was used in a prior tourney to make it more terran friendly.
2015, 08, 22 18:59
Bottom line is:
For three player maps, you need to look no further than LatiAs and me. No one else has been making any decent ones in a long time.
2015, 08, 22 19:11

Please note that I just published an updated version of Quintessence. It's only a minor update, but a very important one, since it fixes quite a few major bugs. Please make sure to use this latest version (1.04).
2015, 08, 23 19:43
Hi; Thanks for finding the time to do that; i appreciate it; Since its melee, i am not going to put in the map pack the obs of that. since its 5 player people can go terran obs vision style.

Due to unforseen events, i have found a sponsor that is interested in providing prizes, so i was gonna post the tour today originally, but i will delay 1 week until that is finalized and post it publicly next Monday.
So far the map line up is this. bare in mind that 50% of games will be played on Jade, the rest of the maps will be 1 each week and in the grand finals. Basically 2 games a week, 1 jade 1 other map.
What do you guys think?
I am open to proposals/modifications to this line-up since i have now 1 more week.

jolly_neo_Jade 50%

Other 50%:
3_Hazard Black
4_Heartbreak Ridge
6_Feel my Love
10_Fighting Spirit
modified by Pebble
2015, 08, 24 16:33
In case you need obs versions, anyway, I am sure Cardinal can provide them. It's actually not that much work...

Is this Jade + players pick or Jade + random? What's the tour's format in general?

Considering the recent "Terranbreak Ridge" discussion, you may consider using something else (maybe Bloody Ridge) instead?

Otherwise it looks pretty solid, though personally I'd like to see another (3) map (possibly Demian), considering the overall amount of maps. Not sure what I'd throw out for that, though (personally I'd cull FS, for the pure bloody tediousness of it, but well, it's of course that discussion again...). Or maybe replace Sniper Ridge, because it seems like the next most similar map. Or just Swap Demian in for Heartbreak Ridge.

And please rename "Feel My Love" something like "Passion" or "Affection", or something similar that does not sound like a subliminal rape threat ;P

EDIT: Actually, the perfectionist in me won again. I also made a small update to Feel My Love. It's not just a name change though, I actually fixed 3 little residual mining bugs/irregularities/thingies as well....
modified by Freakling
2015, 08, 24 17:50
Freakling i sent you a pm on tl where you can see the format

modified by Pebble
2015, 08, 27 08:46
:\ Why no Qintessence any more :..(
2015, 08, 27 10:36
Before this goes official, you need to fix some issues with the map pack.
Ask CardinalAllin for help, if you are unsure. He's also doing map packs for ICCup and can help you out.

Heartbeat(n) is outdated version Feel My Love 1.02
Heartbeat(ob) is outdated version Feel My Love 1.02

Hertbreak Ridge(n) is still in there (both (n) & (ob)).

Hazard Black(ob) is way-outdated version 1.01 (missing geysers at 3 expos, among other things!)

Quintessence(ob) is outdated version 1.03.

Jade(ob) is version 2.0, which has some very bad mining in two of the mains (Jade(n) is version 2.1).
2015, 08, 27 10:59
its the map pack from several days ago;
i didn' t know about about Hazard black obs and jade versions... updating now

2015, 08, 27 16:42
Cardinal has been keeping bothering me about the finer aspects of offensive and defensive walling... So there is just arrived another little update to Heartbeat. I swear this ought to be the last one!
modified by Freakling
2015, 08, 27 18:12

There is only a melee version of Neo Overwatch.

Conversely, there is only a (still outdated) observer version of Hazard Black.

Quintessence(Ob) is still outdated (I'll just go ahead and upload a current version in a moment...)

Toad Stone(Ob) is for some reason an *.scm file, whereas the melee version is *.scx

Heartbeat melee and obs versin do not match up (I suggest you just download my latest uploads one last time, they are matching...

modified by Freakling
2015, 08, 27 18:27
Hi Pebble, yes I can help if you need anything.
We have finished fiddling with Heartbeat now, you can go ahead and grab that. Apologies for last minute tweaks.

Freakling the reason toad stone is scm is because the 2 files on this site are scm, whereas the iCCup versions are scx and locked.

So yes Pebble, you have the correct versions of Toad Stone melee and obs (version 1.3). Its just that you got the melee from iccup pack and you got the obs from here on this site.

For simplicity I would probably grab everything that you can from the latest iccup mappack.
melee files will end in _iCCup.scx
obs files will end in _iccOB.scx

Then just add the other 4:
Quintessence CLICK
Hazard Black CLICK
Heartbeat CLICK
Melting Pot CLICK

Note that currently you have the correct melting pot obs, but the wrong melting pot melee.
2015, 08, 27 21:40
OKay so this is the final version i think its correct now with all the latest versions:
I replaced Melting pot with Quintessence
First rar second zip

So the map line-up is:

Fighting spirit
Hazard Balck
Match point
Neo Overwatch
Sniper ridge
Toad Stone

Map order is:
1 Sniper Ridge
2 Toadstone
3 Hazard black
4 Demain
5 Overwatch
6 Quintessence
7 Heartbeat
8 Destination
9 Matchpoint
10 Fighting Spirit

third place Final
Jade, Toadstone, Hazard Black , Jade, Matchpoint
First place final
Jade, Toadstone, Hazard Black , Jade, matchpoint, destination, Jade

and the BO3 if needed: Jade, Toadstone, Hazard Black

And Monday i will announce the tour
2015, 08, 28 20:38
2015, 08, 28 21:08
Both the links are for zips. I downloaded and checked the first link.
I don’t see any problems.
Demian melee is not the iCCup version but it is 1.01 which is correct.

Thanks for using our maps, I will watch the games.

You really like Jade lol
Maybe you will like Eddy too

modified by CardinalAllin
2015, 08, 29 00:02
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