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2vs2 Maps Competition

deadline to enter maps: 2007, 02, 06 (Year, month, day)
Faly sie idea here, submit your 2vs2 maps by Feuary ,and then we vote on them. Here are guidelines:

-Any number start tions etc.
-Must be locons will automally be disqufied)
-Map mst be plble on mee (no fd Stt Loions)
-Be as tive or stard as you like... approach though :)

When competition ends:

-Votes for your own map will not be counted
-Map wh wins, and I'll probly make a little news post about it

I thi that's everything.luck, have fun, don't ck, 't manner please. :)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)DEmainstestFateDMelee Picture8
(4)The Great PhaseTuy (Pimped by Testbug)Melee Picture15
(4)ThunderboltArtanis, PIMPED by flothefreakMelee Obs Picture9
(4)DiscoidCarlSagan, M#, MazixMelee Obs Picture1
(4)RewaltzzCarlSagan, M#, MazixMelee Obs Picture14
(4)MegalomaniaStarpartyMelee Picture9
(4)Silver MachineStarpartyMelee Obs Picture0
(4)SilenceFateDMelee Picture1
(4)OdysseyTestbug (Original idea: Crackling)Melee Obs Picture13
(2)CyonmapONMelee Picture0
(4)DarknessLancetMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!


I'll go through the database, I know there's a bunch of ok maps for 2v2.
Please don't submit old maps that are not your own to this competition... I know I didn't make a rule against it, but it'd be kind of a drag if a really old map no one cares about wins.

PS: Obviously you try to be me, not the other way around ;)
shakras anyone :o
Can you honestly tell me "Confusion" was designed for 2v2 play? If you made it with 1v1 in mind, please remove it. I don't really want maps in this competition that just happen to be sort of playable as 2v2, or we'll have every 4 player map in the database.
Is this your competition templar?
What makes a map a 2v2 map? I'd be interested in making a map for the competition cuz I haven't mapped in a while, but I dunno anything about "2v2 maps" and not too much about 2v2 in general either.
modified by Nightmarjoo
Chariots of Fire
Iron Curtain

-It often has less expos (at least, it doesn't sacrifice map gameplay to fit in expos, because they're relatively unused in 2v2).

-If it were played as a 1v1, there's usually some obvious map imbalance (IE: things like rotational balance, sometimes just strategies that would be uber effective 1v1, but not 2v2 [like in Seongangil]).

I guess I couldn't call myself a 2v2 expert either, but I would say that 2v2 games are usually a battle for the Zerg player on your team to gain air superiority over the Zerg on their team, while the other two races try to compliment this, or protect the Zerg. Sometimes you'll see a player sneak in DTs or Reavers, but it's mostly just massing a staple unit like goliaths, or dragoons (along with usually early rushes of marines or zealots with assistance from lings to hurt teams who play too passively.

All you really need to do is make a map you think would be fun for 2v2, but imbalanced for 1v1, and that's about it. Maps made for 1v1 played as 2v2 tend to be boring as the only usable parts of the map are the main and the expo, which are rather boring in 1v1s.

Something else to remember about 2v2 maps: Nobody FE's. It's almost always about rushing, or teching, unless the map specifically caters to FE, like Iron Curtain or Chariots of Fire (which is even still more about rushing and teching than FE).
modified by PsychoTemplar
i think thunderbolt is a good 2v2 map, i'll submit it
Templar thanks for the map examples, I take it you are the author of the competition then.

Question, is there a way to control the starting positions for the players so as to make a North vs South or East vs West map but still keep it melee (not use map settings)?

Also, I am planning to start an ash map competition, when would you like me to start that, near the deadline of yours in February?

north vs south and east vs west? what abour oposite positions? like this:
"north vs south and east vs west? what abour oposite positions? like this:

Map must be playable on melee. So if players share a base, it better be your intention that enemies could possibly share a base too. Sorry I didn't post this rule in the intro, I thought it went without saying.

And Lancet: Considering I've made this competition over a month long, I have no problem with you starting your Ash Map Competition now (just don't wait to start it when there's only a week left in this one). Thanks for asking, by the way; I appreciate it.
Ok I started a map.
I uploaded our team(Mutu)'s 2 map.
cant help it but i must add silver machine too
(4)Rewaltzz best 2v2 map, you'll have my vote Mapghost.

also (4)thunderbolt, it'll be my 2nd choice
prepare for the new Testbug/Crackling map!!! :D
since self votes doesn't count, i0ll keep voting for Mapghost's maps and thunderbolt.

(buit if i write crackling in the author, then my vote will count :D or write only testbug so crackling can vote for it ^^)
Testbug raises an interesting question Templar.If you have a map made by "A" and pimped by "B" then who is the author? Would B's vote for the map be a self vote?

Also if a map has more than one author (e.g. Silver Flush: Crackling, Tesbug and Flo) then none of them can vote for the map?
If you credit yourself an author of the map, then you can't vote for it. If you just sort of talked about some concepts with the author, and the author happened to implement them, I probably won't care.

Basically: If I think your vote is abusive (self-bias), I probably won't count it.

Especially with TestBug and Crackling, if I think they made a map together, I won't count either of their votes for the map, even if they only put one author in (you really wanna win so bad one of you doesn't get any credit?) ;P
well, Crackling ask me to make (4)Odyssey, and he also named it, will he be able to vote for it? (he didnt mapped it) but of course it will have cracklings +5 points because this map was his idea.

well, i would like to vote for Rewaltzz or thunderbolt, will odyssey as 3rd choice be okay?
"will odyssey as 3rd choice be okay?"

What do you think? lol
nah it wont need our votes, its the best 2v2 map ever :P
PS: I won't accept any votes for a map without a working DL link ;P I at least want people to pretend they're voting for a map they've played before.
damned our evil plan isnt working ;(
I wasn't kidding... You actually need to upload the map if you want it to compete in the competition.
sorry, i don't know why isn't it working, but the water is fallind in my house form upstairs so we cuted down the lughts (electricity) i'll solve it as fast as posible.
Okey dokey.
Templar, got rid of the Troy access in Darkness. I am going to work on the map more and keep it in the database but if you don't want it to compete here just delete it.

Rewaltzz is just sick for a 2 player map.
The Great phase is boring but well executed for 2v2(aka nothing else was interesting)
and so yea I give my map a point because I have nothing else to spend it on.
modified by lnept
GJ Crackie, now everyone is abusing admin powers. Fucking retards.
what? i souldn't understand what psycho templar sayd :S

i already sayd i think (4)Rewaltzz is best 2v2 map,and that Mapghost will have my vote.

i would like to vote for The Great phase since Tuy made a 2v2 concept (and i just pimpt it) so, am i the author? or i can vote for it?

if lnept says it is well executed for 2v2, then that's true :) what lnept says goes to church!

but Odyssey was also made for 2v2 gameplay, and i don't think thunderbolt is 1v1 balanced but amazing 2v2
"i would like to vote for The Great phase since Tuy made a 2v2 concept (and i just pimpt it) so, am i the author? or i can vote for it?"

Considering the original map wasn't even on Ash tile set, I would call it an old idea revamped by you, so sorry, no.

"if lnept says it is well executed for 2v2, then that's true :) what lnept says goes to church!"

To clarify, my post was about him voting for his own map, not about the quality of The Great Phase.

Cracklings number 1 vote is super sketchy, but TBH, I don't even really care that much anymore. If you guys don't wanna be honest, it's just gonna end up with a dishonest result. All this accomplishes is a sour victory.


I'm gonna try to stay out of this from here on out. If I think a vote shouldn't count, I'm not giving anymore warnings. It's just too bad, you should have had a brain. I'll make the news post for the winner, and then I'll take a much needed break from BWMN.
"then I'll take a much needed break from BWMN"

Oh come on man! You already took a break and we need you, your maps and your ideas around here.

Don't leave....................

: ^ (
i can't understand this:

"Faly sie idea here, submit your 2vs2 maps by Feuary ,and then we vote on them. Here are guidelines:

-Any number start tions etc.
-Must be locons will automally be disqufied)
-Map mst be plble on mee (no fd Stt Loions)
-Be as tive or stard as you like... approach though :)"

can some1 translate?
I guess some retard decided to screw with the competition's rules.

All the maps there qualify, so it doesn't really matter anymore.
Oh... Very nice, someone decided they'd remove my map from the competition too.

How about you admit what you've done you fucking pussy. My bet is on Inept :P The motive, the ability, the asshole. Thanks, idiot.
There is a rogue admin who has been causing trouble. In one instance he deleted all the maps of one of the MOTM and I had to upload them back and keep track of the maps and the votes throughout all the competition. I don't know if it is the same here but really, I would not make accusations unless you have solid evidence.

We may disagree with each other, sometimes very strongly, but sabotaging our competitions is the ultimate act of cowardice or childishness or both.

Your map can be uploaded back again although it may affect the voting. We can just record the existing votes before we try it. Do you want me to try? Or alternatively I can PM to you how it is done.
i havent even been on the site, I suggest you calm down
I suggest you don't abuse admin powers (deleting my post) when you don't want to be accused later of uncertain admin abuse (deleting maps, editing rules). Unless we've been giving powers to randoms recently, you're the most likely suspect (which is what you get for being a retard earlier).
I know it's close right now, but I'm closing voting on Saturday, so get your vote in if you haven't already.
I think that at the very least the authors of the maps participating should vote in the competition.
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Crackling voted (4)Odyssey as 1. choice
Crackling voted (4)Thunderbolt as 2. choice
Crackling voted (4)Discoid as 3. choice
Lancet voted (4)DEmainstest as 1. choice
Lancet voted (4)The Great Phase as 2. choice
Lancet voted (4)Silence as 3. choice
lnept voted (4)Rewaltzz as 1. choice
lnept voted (4)The Great Phase as 2. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Megalomania as 1. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Rewaltzz as 2. choice
LostTampon voted (4)The Great Phase as 3. choice
Mapghost voted (4)Odyssey as 1. choice
Mapghost voted (4)DEmainstest as 2. choice
Mapghost voted (4)Rewaltzz as 3. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (4)The Great Phase as 1. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (4)Odyssey as 2. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (4)Thunderbolt as 3. choice
PsychoTemplar voted (4)Rewaltzz as 1. choice
PsychoTemplar voted (4)The Great Phase as 2. choice
PsychoTemplar voted (4)Megalomania as 3. choice
Testbug voted (4)Thunderbolt as 1. choice
Testbug voted (4)Megalomania as 2. choice
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