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New BWM Mappack

deadline to enter maps: 2007, 06, 18 (Year, month, day)
Ok, this can be changed and whatnot, but ima start it now so there's plenty of time for discussion/submitting.

So this is the 3rd map pack of Let's make it a really nice one.

Rules (can/will be changed as time goes on):
  • Must be made subsequent the the time the second map pack was released. The latest map in that mappack was Gravity, mapid 1191. Any map subsequent to mapid 1191 is fair game, including those made in the last few days.
  • Must be a good solid map, ie if it's experimental, not too radically so.
  • Any map must have a MINIMUM of 3 zvz, zvt, zvp, tvt, tvp, pvp replays. That's a minimum of 18 replays. If the map doesn't have that many when you submit it, you'd better make sure that it does nearing the end of submitting, when we start deciding how many maps will get in.
  • I think we want atleast 10 maps in the mappack, probably no more than 20... idk about that though.

    I set the deadline for the 18th of this month (it certainly can be changed), subsequent to that we'll have big discussions about why or why not each map should be in the mappack. Democracy will definitely be part of this, we do want all of bwm to help the decision making. Of course the final word will be that of the admins collectively. I think that atleast 3 admins must agree on a map for it to be part of the pack.

    We can and will work on the symantecs of this competition as time goes on! Get working on finding great maps, and getting great reps on them!

  • NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
    (4)The Last ConflictLostTamponMelee Obs Picture0
    (4)Antarctic DiarySalazar SlytherinMelee Obs Picture0
    (2)MontsegurAntaresMelee Obs Picture0
    (2)KumbaTkTkVrooMMelee Obs Picture3
    (2)GefrierbrandScoutWBFMelee Obs Picture5
    (2)BattleGrounds2.3NastyMarine and Arden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture1
    (4)Sacred Grounds 2.1MillenniumArmyMelee Obs Picture0
    (2)IncaCosmiMelee Picture0
    (4)Time is running outSummerSkyMelee Picture5
    (4)The Metal AgeAntaresMelee Picture0
    (3)Black Hawk DownHelloMelee Picture0
    (2)WonderSky3Melee Obs Picture0
    (4)NazcaGRC-DeathLinkMelee Obs Picture4
    (4)Azure PastureboongeeMelee Obs Picture1
    (4)AvatarLostTamponMelee Obs Picture0
    (4)SenbonzakuraSalazar SlytherinMelee Obs Picture0
    (2)Undying LandsNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture3
    (2)CorsairHangarNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture0
    (2)Space in HellRaDiX edited by NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture5
    (4)Galaxy Prime 2.0JK)Valkyrion & FryMelee Obs Picture0
    (2)The StandExcaliburMelee Picture0
    (4)IllusionflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
    (2)Eden1.3DeSadeMelee Picture0
    (2)Scope LenslneptMelee Picture0
    (4)Speed-DiallneptMelee Picture0
    (2)In ArmsExcaliburMelee Picture5
    (4)LexingtonNastyMarineMelee Picture13
    (4)RetributionNastyMarineMelee Picture0
    (2)Jungle ArmoryNastyMarineMelee Picture0
    (4)Desert_FlowerGriGMelee Obs Picture15
    (4)EndorphineGriGMelee Obs Picture4
    (2)AdventGriGMelee Obs Picture7
    (2)Seven SinsflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
    (2)LiandriArden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
    (2)Hourglass1.2Arden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
    (2)Lost SoulptarMelee Obs Picture1
    (4)CalypsoRaDiXMelee Picture0
    The competition is closed!

    oh oh Kumba is a Must!! :D
    I think we need an exact amount of maps before we begin to choose any. 10 sounds good to me - it's enough to last a while but it's not overwhelming.

    Must-haves (for me, though I'm sure most will agree):
    - Nazca
    - Avatar
    - Undying Lands
    - CorsairHangar
    - a Salazar map, probably Senbonzakura
    I'm not so sure about Corsair Hangar. I love the map, but given the fact that Nasty is assured Undying Lands in the pack (imo) I think we should leave room for another user's map. I agree with the rest though. How many maps will go into this pack?
    Who added Gefrierbrand? It was made before BWMN Mappack #2, so it is disqualified. ~_~
    there are like 10 maps wich have so much replays :-D
    18 replays? i wont be able to get them on the two maps that is submitted.. (i dont know who did)
    @Antares Maybe I can provide you with some reps - you maps belong to best
    "Any map must have a MINIMUM of 3 zvz, zvt, zvp, tvt, tvp, pvp replays. That's a minimum of 18 replays."

    Great, I don't have to worry about entering this contest!
    Do please make sure that some maps with dwebs and or swarms make the map pack (Avatar is an obvious choice).
    ya i agree with arden. undying is enough for me. maybe if enuff ppl want any other of my maps in the mappack from me then we can discuss a 2nd but im fine with jus Undying.
    Idk, Battlegrounds is a combination of efforts, so I think it would be fair enough to have that + undying, however it never seemed as though that map gained much support. I have a feeling it's not going to be a favorite.
    same. plus the support for that map was split to begin with. half like others hate it.
    lol so? Just because some people don't like it doesn't mean it's a bad map =/

    As for the others up here atm, Senzasomethingorrather is definitely not Salazar's best map. The middle is really annoying for pathing stuff, for me I found it to be so at anyrate...
    Personally I find Galaxy Prime to be really boring. It's nice, but only standard as hell.
    Outpost is really simple, I certainly wouldn't have it represent bwm... but perhaps we could have 1 or 2 small micro like maps like this...
    AzurePasture? lol I don't want that map in our pack. I really didn't like it from the pic, and from playing it I didn't like it at all either.
    Nasty has better maps than Corsair ez =/
    TheStand imo is a bad map, no offense Excaliber. I think you've made more, and will in the future make much better than that.
    SpaceinHell is nice, but idk if it's packworthy.
    Undying is useless to say anything about since it's pretty much guaranteed in, being a moty choice, and in the GG map pack. But I don't think it, Avatar, nor Nazca should count towards the mappack number, obviously we'll include them since they're popular among the rest of the sc world, but let's think of maps other than them.
    Hrm I think I added all the other maps here, so I'm not gonna comment them now lol.
    Corsair Hanger is a safe choice imo. it has simplicity and style. it will certainly be one of the best choices for the pack, because i think hardly anyone would refuse this map.

    well, but before we decide, we should wait for 18 reps
    18 reps... hehe... ugh... :/
    Illusion has now its 18+ replays (24) with 3 of each MU.
    Corsair Hanger is my 1st choice for being thrown out of this competition. It has the worst gameplay I have ever seen on a Map.

    By the way can I replace Gefrierbrand with Round'n Rollin or Wish...? I did not even add it XD
    Scout is my first choice for being thrown out of this competition.
    Gefrierbrand has 5 reps now heh. Unless someone wants to contend it, I am allowing it to be a possible candidate for the pack, since its id is after Gravity, which was the last map. I don't know what id range was considered for the last pack.

    Also, again, unless someone wishes to contend, I don't see a need for a limit on how many maps one author can submit.
    all maps have the worst gameplay you've ever seen scout, so who cares. there isnt even a real issue that could possibly lead to bad gameplay, lol.
    I'm serious! I never hated a map that much! I hate that the map has so ramp, the choke even is unbuildable! I ALWAYS play wall-in (except luna but luna got a ramp!) and I just cannot play this map. It is impossible for me to even play standart!

    Corsair Hangar is my worst nightmare T_T
    so basically you hate it so much and it has the worst gameplay ever (and in general) because you cant wall? -.-
    that's easy to be changed. btw.
    oh, you missed the important part of what we're talking about!
    I made it unwallable b/c I don't like wallable T gameplays. just not realistic :P It makes it too easy for Terran to just sit back and do watever. and i dont think thats fair for the other races. so i choose to make unwallable chokes if i can help it. Plus the nat is min only so i wanted to help out Z and P vs T there.
    luna is actually a semi problem not being wallable but it has a ramp.

    on this map the 2 bases are so far away AND its 2 player map so why the heck you need to wall?
    so what do you think about all the maps here? I've been getting reps for some of them, haven't seen much rep collecting from others =/
    really? sucks :(
    i have done illusion so far, i wanna collect some more on my maps later on...
    So SpoilR, I played Galaxy Prime. And it sucks.
    you suck
    If Nightmar says GP sucks then it sucks.
    Thanks Scout :D
    well I uploaded two replays for it if anyone wants to see =/
    Space In Hell... PLZZZZz
    Well, i added The Stand at like 4am before i went to bed when this was first posted up. I didnt even read what it was for/reqs and all.

    Now i have. And even though i dont have replays, i feel In Arms is solid enough that i can have it up there.

    Its not that i expect to win, but atleast i was in it.
    I am requesting replays for Montsegur and Antarctic Diary. I will try and do my part, but I have other maps I need to get reps for. Please guys, I implore you to put some effort into this. Avatar, Nazca, and Undying get a waiver for the rep need (they all have reps anyway), but no other map will get that. Testing is too important to bypass for our pack. If time is an issue we can extend the deadline no problem.
    for the moment, whenever i test maps, i usually test my own. i have plenty maps made in a bw-inactive time, which now all needs updates, modifikations, new versions, and ofc tests. so i will stick to my maps for a while, until they are all remade. NCF, 7Sins, Illusion are for example about to be finished.
    i will help others test their maps, but i wont do others' maps volunteerly by myself and alone. so dont expect much from me.
    don't worry, I don't
    that's fine. go play with scout and lnept.
    oh, and mosq.
    Can mosq play sc well?
    thats not the point of it.
    thats a hearty bowl of soup. Flo calling other people trolls, lmao the irony is killing me
    Its votin time! To tha polls!
    lol the voting just would show which maps are popular and should be tested. A map getting a high vote still won't get in unless it has the minimum rep requirement.

    flo, for me it is the point of it. I would play with scout and lnept because they are skilled players, I would play with a noob too but it's much less fun.

    Since you compare me to lnept and scout, whom you apparently think is bm by adding mosq to that, who is generally considered bm (lol^^), you call me bm if I understand correctly. I didn't expect you to do anything for anyone else, that's not your style, you even said it yourself that you're entirely only concerned with your own maps, so I don't see why I can't point it out too.
    i am not entirely only concerned with my own maps. for example, ask desade with whom i tested Eden and his new 6player-map. it is just that my maps DO need testing (all of them, most of them are hardly tested). and as i want to improve them, well, they're in first place for me. but i dont deny testing other maps, i've done plenty.

    but yeah, it's not my style to be too altruistic. but at least i'm no BM bitch. not all the time, at least.
    who submitted those maps :/
    @flo lol I know.

    @nasty if you mean the block of nasty maps, I did.
    Guys Dont vote for Nazca, Undying, and Avatar. THey are automatically in. Change your votes please.
    They don't listen -_-
    Why does NastyMarine have 6maps in this competition?!
    cuz he makes good maps and few people are submitting maps
    There was no map limit per author?
    there still isnt ;D
    "Any map must have a MINIMUM of 3 zvz, zvt, zvp, tvt, tvp, pvp replays. That's a minimum of 18 replays."

    Sheez, why are few people submiting maps?
    lol lancet :)
    SevenSins is added, after i uploaded ~30 of the games i played on it
    i think it would be more efficient for the pack if ONLY MAPS WITH THE NEEDED REPLAYS are added to the competition. for the moment, we have mass maps and we cannot really decide anything...
    flo if you want to remove all the non moty maps and maps which don't have the rep requirement then be my guest, that's fine, but I don't feel like doing it myself.
    i would just create a new competition :>
    then i'd add those ~5(?) maps which already have reps/are quite safe. deadline: over. maps can only get added (if sufficient replays) by admins - the author shall just write it in the comment then.
    so we get only those maps to vote which actually are in competition.
    lol oops sorry ><
    I added those two. Very good maps.
    does any1 know why this comp is fucked up?? for some reason the textbox didnt stop joel's Smiles (D) and made it keep going :/

    and if you knew this would happen, thx joel ^^
    lol I didn't know it would happen, I just was making fun of Falcon and his long streams of Ds, and apparently the site would rather make it long than to wrap it >< and I can't edit =/
    this is not the place of making fun of some D's by the way. but whatever..
    Aksinia Chenkova
    modified by For2Motion
    and many more other, btw nasty is NOT even an admin here. welcome to silly statements.
    Um... I'm 99.89230% sure he is actually...
    he resigned as an admin here some months ago due to to the fights with LGI as i know...
    he did resign and deleted his admin powers, but I believe he has since regained as such. I consider him an admin even if he isn't ;)
    i resigned and came back. There were a few weeks where there was no active admin posting so i came back and still admin now.
    Thanks panshck (I assume it was panshck) for fixing this thread and killing my retarded post^^
    nazca is one of the most beautiful maps ive seen
    why is the deadline set on my next birthday? Is it a sign from above and below that I should finally create a map worth including in the pack!?
    Oh.. so many questions, so many puzzles!
    can anyone send in any map, and then its voting?
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    Excalibur voted (2)In Arms as 1. choice
    Excalibur voted (4)Lexington as 2. choice
    Excalibur voted (4)Time is running out as 3. choice
    For2Motion voted (4)Desert_Flower as 1. choice
    For2Motion voted (2)Advent as 2. choice
    For2Motion voted (4)Endorphine as 3. choice
    herb voted (4)Desert_Flower as 1. choice
    herb voted (2)Advent as 2. choice
    herb voted (2)Lost Soul as 3. choice
    LostTampon voted (4)Lexington as 1. choice
    LostTampon voted (4)Time is running out as 2. choice
    LostTampon voted (2)BattleGrounds2.3 as 3. choice
    RaDiX voted (2)Space in Hell as 1. choice
    RaDiX voted (2)Undying Lands as 2. choice
    RaDiX voted (4)Nazca as 3. choice
    SAURUS voted (4)Lexington as 1. choice
    SAURUS voted (4)Nazca as 2. choice
    SAURUS voted (4)Azure Pasture as 3. choice
    ScoutWBF voted (2)Gefrierbrand as 1. choice
    ScoutWBF voted (2)Kumba as 2. choice
    ScoutWBF voted (4)Time is running out as 3. choice
    TSL voted (4)Desert_Flower as 1. choice
    TSL voted (4)Endorphine as 2. choice
    TSL voted (2)Advent as 3. choice
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